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Xeng's Black Mass Giveaway

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    Less than 24Hrs left~ 1st and last bump before winners are announce! c:


    • Ashleyrose45-solace-
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      Good luck to everyone participating xD
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    5/5 BM SET Application Form:
    IGN: Kawaiikon
    Are you capped?: Yes
    How will you use the set?: Fashion because black on Ara looks nice. Even better if the set can boost my CP :3
    Pick a number from 1-500: 307

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway!


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      5/5 BM SET Application Form:
      IGN: Mestrix
      Are you capped?: Yep~
      How will you use the set?: Mostly fashion but also the stats are just very helpful. I'm a sucker for nice white hairs.
      Pick a number from 1-500: 425

      Thank you very much for this giveaway and welcome back!
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        The op didn't specify timezone in the original post so I hope I'm still in time

        5/5 BM SET Application Form:
        IGN: Aishmael
        Are you capped?: Yes, all my characters are! (even a base)
        How will you use the set?: I've accepted that my Apsara is my second main so now I'm in the process of gearing her up... and I really need an IB to bump her stats a little bit! I don't have enough money for 5/5 and accessories so this would help a lot with the costs;;
        Pick a number from 1-500: 138

        Thank you for doing this giveaway!


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          Entries concluded! Expect a winner announcement within the next 72 hours! o/


          • TeraLayne-gaia-
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            i hope i win >.< sucks to be the new kid on the server.

          • Erzylette-solace-
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            Ohhh, Goodluck to everyone!

          • Rabui-solace-
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            Oof, may RNGsus smile upon this noob. ;;
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          Our Lucky Winners:
          Krebskulm-solace- 336 --- BM 5/5
          Celila-solace- 117 --- BM Hat
          Profiling-solace- 200 --- Chung LW
          WaifuYamrai-solace- 333 --- 200 MARKS

          Our Raffle Winners:
          lRiseAgainst-solace- 236 --- BM Hat
          Tyrannicide-solace- 88 --- 4/5
          Creepypasta-solace- 363 --- 100m

          Rolled on 2/20/2019

          Congratulations! It took me a while to start rolling due to the snow circumstances but here are our winners! Please contact me within 3 days in game to receive your prize or it will be revoked! My IGNs: Xeng (Raven) & MinesAlways (LuCiel)

          Edit: Raffling was perform by taking everyone's IGN and pulling out of a hat.
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          • RLM2-solace-
            RLM2-solace- commented
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            Congrats on the winner.
            Curiosity what is the name of the song?
            I know which band it is from, but I don't remember if I'd listen to this song. ;;

          • YoursAlways-solace-
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            @RLM2 It's from their song: Sober / 맨정신 c:

          • Profiling-solace-
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            Woo thank you RNGesus and thank you for hosting the giveaway ♡
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          Looks like I have won a prize, thank you very much for your generosity.

          However I'm not quite understand what prize did I managed to win, "4/5" means the Top/Bottom/Pants/Shoes of the Black Mass set right? If so then I can't see that in the list of prizes in #1. Are these the spares you mentioned that we can buy from you, but you decided to giveaway them instead?

          Anyway, thanks again and best wishes for you.
          "I hereby declare:...the remnants of the high nobility who plan to reverse the flow of history and steal by force the rights that the people have established will receive a suitable repayment for this atrocity." - Reinhard von Lohengramm.


          • YoursAlways-solace-
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            Hello! Yes, the raffle was intended just in case winners don't claim their rewards, but since I still have some spare cubes from unsuccessful sales I decided to raffle a few pieces.
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          BM 5/5 was not claim, a raffle will be conducted. A new winner will be announce tomorrow.


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            New Winner announce!

            Winner: Kawaiikon-solace- - BM 5/5
            Runner ups: (in case winner does not claim award)
            1st: XVUnknownXVI
            2nd: EroSapp
            3rd: SavageRiku
            4th: Resta11

            Re-raffled on 2/25/2019

            You have 72 hours to reach out to me in game to claim your prize (IGN: Xeng or MineAlways) If I do not receive any reply by then your prize will be revoked and handed to the next runner up and the process will repeat. In the event where no one claims the prize I'll keep the item and save it for another raffle or gift it to whom I wish to. Thank you for understanding.


            UPDATE: Kawaiikon claimed their 5/5! Thus, the BM 5/5 Event shall now conclude! Thank you all for participating! See you next time!
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            • Kawaiikon-solace-
              Kawaiikon-solace- commented
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              Ahhh wow I was not expecting this ; thank you so much! I will send you a message in-game momentarily c':

              Edit: I sent you a whisper but you seem to be AFK. I also tried to mailbox you a message but it seems that your mailbox is full ;
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            • YoursAlways-solace-
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              @kawaiikon Hi~ sorry I was AFK. If you're on later I'll still be on sorry about that!
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            Locking upon request


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