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Giveaway Rules and Guidelines

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    Giveaway Rules and Guidelines

    Taken and modified from the old forums.


    1. You are only allowed to create a thread if you are hosting a giveaway. This section is for generous players to giveaway items and other rewards, not for asking for freebies.

    2. You are not allowed to have a monetary requirement for your giveaway. This rule is subjective meaning you cannot ask for something from participants to enter your giveaway such as ED or items, but a requirement such as "tell me a joke and my favorite will get a prize" is acceptable. Art contests should be held in the Fan Art section.

    3. The host is responsible for the distribution of all rewards. KC and the moderators are not responsible for enforcing a giveaway, however, hosting fraudulent giveaways or failing to distribute rewards may result in being banned entirely from the forums.

    4. Similar to the marketplace section, you are only allowed one giveaway thread at a time. Multiple active giveaway threads are not allowed and will be subject to lock.

    5. These rules may be updated at any time. Please check this thread regularly.

    While not required, here are some guidelines for a successful giveaway.

    1. Post screenshots of what you're giving away. Not only does this prove that you have the items in question, but it makes visualizing the rewards easier.

    2. Clearly state the start and end date of your giveaway. Refrain from giveaways over excessively long periods of time.

    3. If you have any requirements (must follow the rule about entry requirements), state them clearly in the post.

    That's everything for now. Happy giving everyone!
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