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Scam Prevention Tactics

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    Scam Prevention Tactics

    Here is a list of tactics to Prevent scam for buyers. Feel free to add more.

    1. Record the agreement for the trade as well as the trade itself
    By recording both; you have the upper hand cause the seller would less likely to scam you due to the fear of being banned as well as you are less likely to be banned cause you have the proof of the trade as well as the agreement to trade.

    2. Have the seller show the item/items to you as you trade ED.
    The seller should not be afraid to show off the items they have that is going to be sold. It's not like they are going to click agree then trade. The seller shouldn't have the item on another account as well. If the item is on another account; have the seller trade you via that account only. Although bank share is now something you have to pay for, most players should have access to this feature. If the seller does not have this feature, ask to see if the seller has a friend that can hold ed during the trade. If said items are not sealed yet, have the seller show you them via wearing them. Again, no seller should be afraid to show the items. Lazy yes, but not afraid.

    3. When trading for a full set of item; start the trade with the lowest priced items and go up. [only if the items are 700m or less each]
    Example: 4/4 Glacial for Eve. Trade for the gloves and Shoes first; then the bottom, then the top.

    4. When trading a large amount of ed for a item, start with the lowest amount required in the least amount of trades.
    Example: 2b for one item can be split in to 3 trades; 2 700m trades and 1 600m trade. Start with the 600m trade; then the 2 700m trade

    5. If the seller doesn't trust you; don't trust the seller.
    Some scammers are very cunning. They play the role of the poor person that has been scammed multiple times.

    6. Stick to people that use the forums and or use megaphones constantly.
    Forums is for the better because scamming from forums leads to a lot of trouble since there is many viewers that sees it happening; but people that constantly use Megaphones are also trustworthy. By constantly, I mean you see them daily or 5 times a week megaphoning something [selling, buying, trading, or some kind of talk]

    7. Sticking to mainly Item trade.
    This is the best scam prevention tactic. Reason being is that it's pretty much 1 for 1 trades. and you need to have it in your inventory already to actually trade.

    8. Know the Price range of what you want.
    This is a tactic. By knowing, you can tell who is selling it for too cheap. Scammers can again very cunning. Pretending to give you the best deal in the world. Do not fall for it! Cheap is nice, but it is not worth the lost! If you are aiming to buy at cheap, most items at cheapest would be 5~10% less than average price. Any lower this possibility is high that it is a scam. Of course, friends do sometime do this so it is not always one.

    The tactics above also work for sellers.

    Reporting a scammer I am lazy so here is a link
    Click the link for how to report scammers. It is at the bottom of the linked post. Written by Ezeldan.

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    Thank you Mikage for this insightful & helpful post. This will help "Us" as in the Community as a whole!! Whales F2P'ers and New Members Especially should all follow these rules and guide lines "stringently", because at the end of the day, we all want to relax and have fun after a long day of work! You have my thanks and my Upvote!! Salutes You!


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