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Marketplace Guidelines

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    Marketplace Guidelines

    Taken and modified from the previous forums.

    The purpose of the Marketplace of the forums is to provide a section where players can list items for selling, trading and buying.

    Any posts in the Marketplace section must comply with the rules from the CoC of the forums as well as the Elsword Online Terms of Use.

    KoG Games has no influence on the setting of these prices as they are set by the players. Posting a thread in the Marketplace means you agree that KoG Games assumes no liability for items lost or mismanaged during trading, buying or selling. KoG Games will also NOT replace or otherwise compensate mismanaged transactions between players. Should there be an incident where you got scammed, send in a ticket to Customer Service along with evidence so they can take action against the scammer.

    You may not engage in any trade other than in-game items. Sales of characters and accounts are not permitted. Anyone in violation of these rules is subject to ban on the forums and possibly in-game depending on severity.

    K-Ching offers are also prohibited. However, trading giftable K-Ching for ED is acceptable.

    Selling, Trading or Buying threads may only be posted in the Marketplace section.
    All other posts will be removed.

    Trade at your own risk!!

    Correct Method of Using the Marketplace

    Please follow these Instructions:

    If you are BUYING an item please do the following:

    [Thread Title]: B> ___________ [The Item you are buying]

    Thread Body:

    Your IGN:
    The Item(s) you are buying. [Should also be posted in the title]
    The Quantity you are buying if applicable:
    The Price you are buying for:
    __________________________________________________ _____________________________________

    If you are SELLING an item please do the following:

    [Thread Title]: S>; ___________ [The Item you are selling]

    Thread Body:

    Your IGN:
    The Item(s) you are selling. [Should also be posted in the title]
    The Quantity you have if applicable.
    The Price you are selling for.
    A starting/ending price if you are auctioning an item.
    __________________________________________________ _____________________________________

    If you are TRADING an item please do the following:

    [Thread Title]: T> ___________ [The Items you are trading]

    Thread Body:

    Your IGN:
    The Item(s) you are selling. [Should also be posted in the title]
    The Item(s) you are buying.
    The Quantity You Have if applicable.
    The Quantity You Want if applicable.
    __________________________________________________ _____________________________________

    Lastly, please remember to please only have one active market thread at a time! If there are multiple things you want to buy or sell, you should condense them into one general buying/selling/trading thread.

    If you need assistance with your market thread, whether it be locking, changing the title, or moving the thread to the right section, please either PM a MOD or use the flag button at the bottom-right corner of your post and state what assistance you need with your thread in the report.

    Please only bump your market thread at most once every hour, frequently bumping market threads can be considered spam. Be sure to delete your bumps too.

    Thank you for your time and good luck in the market!
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