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[Removed] lost on this server

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    [Removed] lost on this server


    I have no idea how to get the ERP book outside of item mall. No idea how to make ED on this server. I also haven't played until this jump event or kept up with the game [Removed] I know nothing about master class or anything since after varnimyr.

    I know a lot of it I can look up on the wiki but at this point i'm 99 and doing the (annoying) 3rd job quest atm. I only have about 30M ED which obvs isn't enough to do anything (can't even trade yet for some reason that's a feature) The item mall's selection on here is SO vastly inferior [Removed] that IB sets seem like a must. Which from what I did see on my really old char that can trade is like 200M+ per piece. Not sure how to get that on here. I was thinking of buying KC but other than skipping annoying tedious progression quest I don't really see a point
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