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obligatory thread of questions from someones whos been gone for a while

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    obligatory thread of questions from someones whos been gone for a while

    So i more or less started to quit elsword last summer, and had no intention of coming back. (Narrator voice) that didn't happen, so I have a few questions
    1. Hows esencia? I was always in this love/hate relationship with her where i wanted a new main but i loved her too much as a character. now that im coming back, it would probably be for the best to just stick with her, but I'm curious about any changes she's had with master class and anything else.
    2. How difficult is master class to get? 3rd job(class? I dont remember) was annoying but do-able even with weak characters, so I'm wondering if it's the same.
    3. How is the RNG nowadays. I remember having an old friend who had like 20+ vine crowns and I've only been able to get.... 1? 0? I don't even know. I used to complain a lot about how there should be safety nets haha,,
    4. How is the current gear meta. I remember there being demon armor, but I never got enough materials to grab it before i quit. And I only raided a few times because of super laggy laptop. I vaguely remember hearing that the raid weapon could be dropped through story mode now- is that true? Do people still carry weak freshies because that was the only way I could ever get into raid with my potato laptop.
    5. How are cp requirements??? I had about... 700k~ before I quit (i think). I really only care for being able to enter new dungeons and read the story. Is the new region going to be super high on cp or am I safe for now. I was able to solo the rigomor regions dungeons (besides the last 2 since I never got to them). It was pretty easy/ok, just took a bit of time. It was easier solo than with a party because parties just made me L a g and i couldn't see my screen ever.
    6. How is the economy. I remember ed:kc being like 30~40:100. Is there still no way to reseal old clothes with 0 stamp counts. Do stamps still exist??? I know yellow was completely removed from the kc shop and ibs no longer required seals except for one specific event ib. Are prices better, the same, or worse?
    7. general question: what has happened in the past year? I know theres currently a new region coming, and master class became a thing, but other than that im more or less clueless

    This is all I can think of for now, but I'll probably have more questions to ask once I get more context of how the game has changed.
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    "OTOQFSWBGFAW" thread

    1. Not sure, i don't see many eve's apart those that are on a support alt. Master class didn't really change any characters themselves, it's just providing you with extra stats and a pseudo-Hyper active on a shorter cooldown. So if you felt like CE was good before she should be in the same position.

    2. The most difficult part about getting master class is trying to obtain the CP to enter the dungeon. From there you can just use that party finder to ask for help if you barely make the requirements. I can say that the master road dungeon for eve is pretty annoying though.

    3. As bad as always and will probably never be fixed. Next question.

    4. Rigomor (demon realm) armor is still the current meta. The parts are quicker to obtain than before but it may still take a while for a full set. You can get the raid weapon as a drop from the story mode but accessories are still excluded. People will carry freshies, especially if you have buffs but you still need to be alive to get the drops. The one-shots hit hard if you're too laggy to move.

    5. You can enter all of the current dungeons with 700k CP. However, a new region is being released within a few weeks which has dungeons up to 1mil cp so far.

    6. I think k-ching prices are like 25~30:100 for now. Stamps are still here... Unfortunately
    Excluding the current IB the other IBs are a bit lower than before. But you are playing eve, so players put her costumes at ridiculous prices for no reason. just saying...

    7. I think it's just been the master class and mostly filler event dungeons much like the ELstar dungeons since then. A few quality of life changes like tears becoming cheaper since they drop sealed, others I've mentioned above, and ED dumpsites such as having personal houses and the recent El collection + Synergy. The El collection gives small account-wide stat bonus for alts that you register for 60mil per character, in short.
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      Originally posted by CodEsencia-solace- View Post
      [*]How is the economy. I remember ed:kc being like 30~40:100. Is there still no way to reseal old clothes with 0 stamp counts. Do stamps still exist??? I know yellow was completely removed from the kc shop and ibs no longer required seals except for one specific event ib.
      u mean that old RM/RS set 0or were there more? 0.o


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        To add on what MyShinyTeeth-solace- said:

        You 300 CP to do the Master Class quest. Difficultly depends on class, but as long as you are not Aisha or Chung it's doable, just time and by potion consuming. For Esencia it just comes down to learning where to position yourself. The boss means a lot unfortunately which means it takes longer to kill it. There is however noting that oen shoots you from full health far as I remember. With 700K you should be fine even soloing.

        Current CP benchmark is 600K. The new dungeons we will get in a few weeks will be 600K, 800K and one million, however. You basically are expected to get Raid gear now. The weapon, and only the weapon, can also drop from story mode now. You can do both normal and story mode per week.

        As mentioned, the El collection system is worth looking into. It "free" stats to increase CP. Well, it does cost 60 millions and you should go to stage 2 (3rd job) of 3 (master class). If you make a new character for it, the 60 millions can be gotten form the the Elrionode or other story quests alone. Being Esencia helps as this is already 1.5% ATK when reaching Master class. I would advice making use of the current event to get some of the useful characters to 99 and a free void weapon. You can do the 3rd Job quest and buying the book later.

        Oh yeah, you will soon be able to share Elrianode Armor via Bank.
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          Thank you for the responses! So now I do have one last question (probably)

          I know ed making depends on the person but what are the typical ways to get ed nowadays? I used to grind add dungeon to sell the material (im too laggy for parties/too slow on normal dungeons)

          Hmm... the current character event seems nice. Maybe I'll make one or two for the +9 voids
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          • MyShinyTeeth-solace-
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            Add dungeon is still a viable option. Since you have enough CP for rigomor, selling the glaciem that you get while doing your dailies or unlocking titles is also an easy option.

            Edit: Useful El tears are also selling more frequently again since Elrianode armor is becoming transferable as Tsugumari-solace- mentioned
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            Glaciem farming in Rigomor. You need full drop rate for that however and be able tor each 500K-550K CP to get into dungeon three and four. Also make sure you do Titan's Grotto. Droprate doesn't work in the Grotto, so you can go full damage. The dungeon is easy enough that you can just get carried.

            Other then that, same as before. Add Dungeons and SDs (Barrier Fragments). Elrianode is possible put prices dropped a lot there.
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          1. there aren't too many esencia players but the ones i know told me that she's size dependant. i think she got a couple of buffs within the last couple of months. her summons became stronger and her space wrench was changed just recently. from my personal experiences i guess shes's average for both clearing and bossing, but that's most characters in the game. just stick to her if you like her, there's really no wrong choice when picking a character in this game. unless youre specifically aiming to deal highest damage in raid.

          2. since you're a returning player i assume that you already have some erp and costumes/accessories. plus the current event gives a lot of free stuff including +9 SD weapons that you could bankshare to other characters so you shouldn't have any issues to do normal adrian at least on your main character. if you care about the synergy system you might want to consider jumping one of the luciels. another great thing about luciel is that his master is rosso. which enables you to cheese quest materials that you can transfer to other characters through the shared bank. i'm not sure if you wanna bother doing ventus on characters that need it. you can do the same with the 35 rigomor dungeons but eve/add and ain have separate materials for this part. just make sure to not finish the quest.

          3. still the same

          4. FoJ + elrianode/rigomor, FoJ became easier to obtain. a lot of carries available so if you look in raid discords you have a good chance of finding a party that's going to clear within 15 minutes. not to say that party list parties are always a bad choice but vast majority of people there have no clue how to form a party so you should prepare for the worst. if you want to get rigomor as soon as possible then do dailies on 4 characters because unless they fix anything you will take a very long time to get the most of your rigomor gear. it's pretty handy for collecting master quest materials aswell.

          5. they're ok, cp is easier to obtain so hitting 1m with rigomor isn't going to be difficult especially if you have +10/+11 void. rigomor gear inflates cp hella lot. just don't listen to people who complain about cp requirements because it's really not as difficult as it used to be. and again, find people in the discord to run dungeons with. because yes, laggers are worse than if you were to solo the dungeon yourself.

          6. yellow stamps are still available in the item mall and the only thing you can seal with it that comes to my mind is EOvD 5/5+weapon, possibly also star academy ver. SE which has the same rarity as IBs but isn't an IB. as for the economy, i personally think it changes quite fast. amulet prices have increased even though event is coming very soon. item prices depend on what are you looking for. certain items still have the same expensive value as they used to and some cost less. HL went from 20b cuffs to 10b for full set including cuffs (and that's eve). also as stated above, as stated above, some costumes for eve might be more expensive than others but this often depends on the item. there are items that are more expensive on different characters because they just look nicer on them. some people might be like "hey but its eve so pay up", just ignore and find some other seller. costumes such as sailor hair for eve which is probably 500m+ just because people love it. it doesn't look good on every single character so it's much cheaper on let's say elsword or ciel. for IBs/costumes that come in cubes prices for all characters are around the same so if you don't care too much about fashion but stats you'll be fine.

          7. way too many things, better to check babel or just scroll through the updates.

          also cp benchmark would probably be 570k not 600k because you only need 95% of the cp to actually enter the dungeon. you don't really need to do master road hell to get the accessories either way. for ED: void if you prefer playing on multiple characters or want to burn stamina fast, 11-4 for raw ED, 13-3 if you have a good party since it's much faster than 13-4 if done correctly so you get a lot of exp and drops on the side, 13-4 if you want SoTC or can't find a proper 13-3 party but nowdays it'll probably be harder to find 13-4 party because a lot of endgame players already have SoTC also queuing means you have to requeue every time or you get to encounter a lot of laggers and that in 13-4 is rather annoying, grinding master road or other dungeon with good accessories (rng drops).


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            Welcome back Cod!
            I hope everything went alright for you.
            1. Well she hasn't changed much from the time you left and I don't see many Eves in general running dungeons. She got Space Wrench changed in the latest patch, with lower damage but with 3 "shockwaves" now hitting up, down and middle of the area your char is facing. This will be good against big bosses, like the heads in 12-5. Furthermore just like with all chars, the artifact you get can boost your CP a little at the start and later on if you continue running dungeons you can be able to unlock more effects.
            2. Master Class quest requires 50 Rigomor dungeons in total and then some runs in Master Dungeon (in your Eve's case, the Adrian one). You need at least 300k CP to be able to enter Master Dungeon and with the CP that you currently have you'll be able to have more variety in Rigomor runs. If you notice, many people spam 13-1 because they don't have high enough CP to run the other Rigo dungeons and 13-2 can be quite obnoxious. Now this quest is the hardest to complete so far since the 3rd job one got easier to get.
            3. Same as when you left, not much have changed.
            4. Current meta dictates that you make Crimson Rigomor set for the Polarize effect and massive CP and power boost or Sage Rigo gear if you play a support char. However it's quite grindy and needs a lot of resources so even though you may be able to make rigo gear faster than before, it takes a lot of time to optimize it through the reforge system.
            5. Not much has changed for the current dungeons however the new region will demand higher CP. For the 3rd dungeon the 1m CP threshold is reached.
            6. Even though we got a very popular IB now here, the KC ratio is stable around 25:100 - 30:100, it's quite good actually. I can't answer for seals since I don't buy/trade IM costumes and haven't got into it yet.
            7. We've got quite a few changes over the last year so I suggest you should check them out through Elwiki.


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