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Help with guild expedition stage 2

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    Help with guild expedition stage 2

    wow do i feel low class to be asking for help with stage 2

    But when me and my friend (Eternity Winner) get to the first mini boss, they seem to regenerate back to 14 after every. single. attack. we were in their for a good half hour trying to figure it out with nothing to show for it. Should we bother our 2 inactive friends to get back online to run it with us? should we get master class first or something? idk it was just frustrating and we have no idea what to do.
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    Okay I'm gonna try to say this in the nicest way I can...
    Have you or your friend ever actually played your characters?

    Sorry sorry that was mean, it seems your issue is that mobs have HP regen. All guild expeditions have some kind of debuff to them and you got unlucky with an HP regen one. All mobs (except boss) will regen HP indefinitely. The best way to handle this is to use your burst damage skills.
    That said, guild expeditions were designed in a way where you can enter alone up to stage 30, after that you require at least one other party member to enter.
    I mention this because the stages progress to be harder and harder up until stage... wait for it... 200! So the fact that you're struggling on stage 2 (which should be much easier than heroics were before most recent change), is a bit odd.

    What's your gear like? Even if you just have a +6 SD weapon you should NOT be struggling for 1/2 hr+. Was your Eternity Winner friend even attacking? She's one of the strongest DPS characters, unless you two were trying a commands only run, again there shouldn't be a reason for struggle.

    Also guild expeditions are just glorified heroic dungeons with the only reward being guild coins (which is a low amount until the later stages anyway) and achievements if you care about that. I wouldn't worry too much about getting it done and should focus on other content the game has to offer.
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      Your gear is very, very bad if both of you are unable to outdamage the healing from stage 2. Just ran on a +7 void weapon with +5 SD armor EW (not master class) and was able to solo; video in spoiler. Can't do anything about my high ERP, but I don't have costumes, wedges, heroic/elrianode armors, disks on void weapon, etc. so I'm hoping it evens it out especially since its a solo.


      sorry for no ingame sounds, i was in a discord call while recording this

      The only advice I can give is to simply actually follow gear progression. Shameless advertisement, but take a look at my progression roadmap if you're unsure on how to progress. Since you're struggling to outdamage the heal as 2 players, I'm going to assume that you're roughly between end of early game and beginning of mid game.

      Also reiterating what above poster said, expedition sux. Just do minigames if you want guild coins since it's both faster and more rewarding.
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