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What to do after hitting level 99?

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    What to do after hitting level 99?

    Returning player here, last time I played the game was 3 years ago and the level cap was 80. Came back to try the game again but I'm confused as to what to do after reaching level 99. I've already done all my passive quest, gonna start doing my 3rd job quest next but my gear is way too under powered. I only have 71k CP atm. My weapon is still my old +10 level 70 SD weapon which for some reason has a higher CP than the new +8 level 80 SD weapon when I checked the shop.

    Any suggestion on what I should do or focus on doing? TIA
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    -Improve your elrianode gear and accessory set up (Dimension of Sinister Intent + Elrianode accessories + Velder Necklace)
    -Grind your void weapon and enough shards for the good disks and the quest that gives you a +9 amulet for it
    -Grind some more ERP
    -Hunt the Varnimyr accessories(Demonic Vine Crown, Agate Fragment) once you have enough CP or buy them with EDs

    Please call me Abeyll ~


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      I assume you want tog et advise on gear. This guide seems to be up to date for the most part:

      For a new weapon try Add's Energy Fusion Theory under Special. You can get a +9 scroll for it once per account. It might beat your +10 level 70 weapon. A +8 level 80 will never beat a +10 level 70. That's just how much power higher enchantments give you. A.k.a P2W.
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        it might be a better investment to lvl jump and remake your character. i just did this to my twilight just so i could get +9 elrianode gear. with the +9 armor you unlock an additional slot each for 3% more critical damage.

        a base 3rd job character with jump gear ends up with almost 200k CP which gives you plenty of time to grind for elrianode accessories and dimension of sinister intent accessories. you will lose any pet/mounts you have and it takes 50 million to unlock your transcendence slot but you can easily get a new pet from the event dungeons/board and a fetch aura for ED shop or from the job quest cubes (i had 4 months of free fetch aura just from these alone)

        2x drop is tomorrow so everything would be even easier


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