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Guide to Spirit Sanctum??

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    Guide to Spirit Sanctum??

    This dungeon seems totally broken.

    There's no hints to help you through, at random times you can't hit Ventus for no reason at all, at other times you suddenly can only to then be restricted for no reason, there's a choice of attacking Ventus or the Spirit and it's unclear which you're supposed to hit. The whole level is just a mess of confusion; what are we actually supposed to do here?? For the majoirty of my runs through here I've literally sat down and done nothing because I can't hit anything for some reason?
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    It's...really not that hard to figure out, I don't think?
    Just pay attention to your buff/debuff bar, that should honestly tell you enough.

    There's nothing random about it. If you have the Spirit buff, you can hit Lincy. If you have the Wind buff, you can hit Ventus. When Ventus and Lincy aren't split up, he'll sometimes get Lincy's protection instead, so you'll need the Spirit buff to hit him.

    Spirit = blue, Wind = green. You get the buffs from entering the shockwaves left behind by Ventus's arrows, or by being hit by some of Lincy's attacks.


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      "For the majoirty of my runs through here I've literally sat down and done nothing because I can't hit anything for some reason?"

      I see here the major flaw of the community, thank you for pointing it up. Instead of wondering what's happening, or heck, what's that sign over your head or the stuff that is written on screen, people better give up until we force feed you everything.

      Ventus is easy to figure out, he is just plain boring, especially if you get the wrong color and he decides to just do nothing and you're up there waiting.

      Please call me Abeyll ~


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        It's called

        "Learn the mechanics of the dungeon"

        Just because you can't wail on the boss like Gaia or Rosso's dungeon doesn't make it broken.


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          Its okay, just jump around like a headless chicken and let the other guy do all the damage like I did xD
          Also don't forget to heap some praises on the other guy before you exit and que up another one~


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            JustFreezer-solace- That's why when you get people like that you leave, queue debuff is not that long and you deny them the clear. Bonus point if they tag in another leecher. After that people wonder why some people just only play with their friends, geez I wonder why :^)

          • JustFreezer-solace-
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            Tbh I don't mind carrying, but when they just decide to do nothing I do everything in my power to have them killed, then kicked. You can mess with the Arrow homing, making it target the other player. Just gotta have good positionning to kill the duo.

            Not to sound elitist or anything, but if you manage to get 600k CP you should be able to learn simple mechanics like these after 2 or 3 runs, even if I find them annoying here. Staying idle is just not acceptable.

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            wow you two went tense xD That's the first few runs I did and yes running around like a headless chicken and leeched was apt after description but if I must say not what I intended to do. As for being elitist or not its always part of the job description if you go random que. Who knows you might be genuinely qued up with some person who's yet to figure out the system or someone whos looking for wholesale carry.

            Also yes 600k cp is not hard for new jump chars nowadays due to free +9 set but depend on class/adaptation/other variables how much the person can contribute to the run is not always equal [edit] so cp really isn't a good indicator of a player's ability.
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          If you don’t know something there’s probably someone else that’s already posted content regarding the dungeon on YouTube like 2nafish, probably better spending a couple minutes watching someone else play it to at least get a vague idea of how to play it.


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            This is basically what DreamKR said, but in simpler words.
            There's always a symbol on top of you, unless you die. If the symbol is blue, attack lincy and if it's green, go for ventus.
            ​​​When they fuse, notice the color of the shield around Ventus. Your symbol's color and ventus' color should be the same to be able to attack.
            To change color, wait for a few seconds until you see domes appearing on the screen, then get in there. Do this before they change color. The rest is pretty straightforward.
            It's not necessarily broken, take a few mins to understand his attacks and dungeon mechanics. Same goes for every master road dungeon.
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