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100 days of ticket not resolved

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    100 days of ticket not resolved

    As in the title, also 1 month since last response, and tried starting new tickets, in case old one got burried somehow. But nobody cares to respond or even close the extra tickets i opened. Some people got trade ban removed in 1 day, my +12 friend got his lifted after 50 days, another friend got lifted after 3 months, but didn't even get a notice about it. Is that 'investigation team', along with all gms able to do anything, literally all on vacation? Should i just get my account deleted instead if trade ban stops me from progressing it anyway? Will that get a response?
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    Yeah one of my good friends is still trade banned too and I really want his ban lifted as well since he never seemed like the type of guy to do the wrong thing. It sucks there are still people out there neglected despite being well known in the community and contribute positively to it. I seriously don't understand why it is taking so long, but I wish action was taken right now because I'm mostly playing this game for friends now.


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      you can see my thread there and GMs dont even care , thread been going on for more than 3 months already


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        Judging by the information given they are actively working on it whenever they have the time. I would also assume that currently quite a few are on vacation and maybe the rest is doing sometime else.

        If you really want to know what is going on I would recommend trying to reach someone "higher up" and explain the situation. That should be done after Christmas and New Year holidays however. Just just won't reach someone reliably this time of the year. As to how to contact a "higher up". I would either ask a GM in the forum or make try a ticket asking to get in touch with one.

        If all else fails you could try to send a letter? That probably get's their attention.


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          The CS has been letting people down for ages now, it's really a shame that those people who make the community shine and are quite well known get this kind of treatment.

          I must completely disagree with Tsugumari however, not a single self respecting company should take over 3-4 months to sort out these types of issues, treating the playerbase like this makes people quit and in terms of people quitting the playerbase dwindles which is quite horrible.

          Really hope the CS starts improving or we might as well start putting the coffin in the hole the GMs already dug with this kind of treatment lol.


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            They're not sorting out the issue because these people are referring to having gotten a tradeban for farming a timed event reward in large quantities like they're some kind of bot using multiple alt accounts, and they're being treated like they were running bots because the end result was the same and the game and KoG themselves don't benefit at all from people sitting around in their guild base/ruben doing nothing, so even the fact that they were sitting at the computer doesn't really change things from a logical standpoint(after all this isn't a mobile game so it doesn't make you watch an ad every 30 seconds).

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            Taken into consideration that neither Kesh nor a lot of people did that during the event and are actually somewhat big spenders in the game, you'd think they'd work on their cases, no?
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          it's impossible they gave up on entire case, since some people did get unbanned. but it's either CS playing favourites, rolling a roulette to see who and when gets out, or just slacking big time. If it's supposed to be permanent, jsut tell me, instead of some copy pasted `it's complicated`, so i know to get my account deleted and just quit.
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            will all of you complaining just shut up already. there is a backlog of tickets that need to be resolved which takes actual investigation, during the busiest time of the year. it also doesn't help with you remaking a ticket after a few days of no response.

            close out every ticket you have created since then so it will get removed from the list and just create 1 ticket now and wait, they will get to it eventually now that it wont be buried in months of tickets.


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              Yea because obviously people that got months on their tickets were in the "busiest" time of the year. The complains are completely valid as it is insane how underwhelming their support is. And if you're so angry, just don't open the threads.

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              Truly dogmatic.

              If 100 days of waiting isn't worth complaining about -- especially something that halts your progress in the game, idk what is..

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              What's wrong with complaining with their service?
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            From the comments above.

            What's wrong with complaining with their service?
            Complaining is okay, but this is not the feedback section. It also does not help to open multiple threads about the same thing. You are just going to annoy people. I mentioned things one can do above. Making a feedback thread and constantly bumping it another possibility.

            We got it, they are slow. What else is there to say? What do we need another "general discussion" about this? Players can't help you with this. If you want to anny someone to get things moving, this is the wrong place and the wrong people.

            What we can discuss is ideas how to to improve the process that may be implemented in the future. But, does that this help you?
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              Originally posted by Tsugumari-solace- View Post
              We got it, they are slow. What else is there to say?
              No, they are very slow.

              Originally posted by Tsugumari-solace- View Post
              Making a feedback thread and constantly bumping it another possibility


              What we can discuss is ideas how to to improve the process that may be implemented in the future. But, does that this help you?
              When was the last time I saw anything addressed in that section being realized?

              It might as well be a uni lecture with a zero attendance rate.

              People probably saw Rush cherry-pick a ticket in:, a good enough motive tbh.

              If anyone wants them to shut it, just ask them to quit, that'll do the job.


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