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cons and the current state of els na v2

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    cons and the current state of els na v2

    lets face it, this game is like a bouncy ball that keeps going up and down.

    This game, around when i started when they were adding 3rd jobs for 3rd paths, it was fun and very alive, and it wasnt even that long ago. Now it feels very, very dead.

    Queues were alive, forums aswell and now its just dead with few people left that are still here playing the game and not even enjoying it.
    I personally play it way less now, for multiple reasons that im going to write down that just need to be fixed / tweaked

    - First of all, the most important thing is the optimization of this game. People say this game is old and bla bla bla and that it just requires a really really good pc to run stable, yet kog can fix this but it would require like, a rework of the game as in ''elsword 2'' but kog doesn't listen to us and does things on their own. This can bring old players back to the game, or motivate other players to play the game more. But we all know kog doesnt do ''big'' stuff like this so this will most likely never happen.

    - Balancing characters, all i can do is laugh to this. I can't tell if kog is actually trying to balance the game or are they making certain characters op till pretty much everyone makes that character and mains it or jc's to it and afterwards nerfing them after months or even years and a new broken character arrives. Also, not even in terms of damage wise, some characters have things such as double jump making gameplay easier esspecially in 12-6 while some don't have any ''specialties''. I can talk all day about other things such as skills but i think you get my point, kog doesn't play their game.

    Remember, as we all know shakti is in her prime rn and is op as hell, when/if she gets nerfed HARD people that bandwagoned to her will either complain or switch to a new op meta character.

    - Queue system is literally queueing for a party and then someone cancels (annoying) then the game forgets about your existence and you will go on and queue forever and not find a party (super annoying) And if you requeue you'll find a party in a few, or maybe you wont at all, this system needs to be fixed, i personally after just queuing for the first 20 seconds get sick of it and stop and try to find to do somethn else.

    - Updates... When they dont have anything to add, they just add some new costumes for laby and make some money off from fashionistas, although to be fair some updates are good(pretty much the qol ones lol), some are bad, some are irrelevant. I think its very obvious that in the future after new region comes out updates will be like: FoJ cube drop rate increased, blazing crystals are tradeable (nah probably not lol), Reduced amount of mats needed to craft rigomor armor...

    - Enhancement system - Why cant they just stop being so money hungry and just make the enh system similiar to the reforge one. Your chances increase per enhancement and when reaching 100% you'll be guarraunted success the next one,alot of people would want this. Rng can be very rigged, its just so unfair and stupid seeing someone get like 5 +11 upgrades in less than 30 tries, but then someone doesnt get a +10 in over 200 tries

    - Activity - Basically, all of the contents in the game are dead. Elrianode is probably slightly alive, Varnimyr is dead, Rigomor is supposed to be very alive, but because elsword went downhill, it's really not as alive. The only alive content is raid,but unlucky for me AND probably you reading because of the games optimization, meaning you will have FPS drops, freezes, the good ol ''not responding'' whenever you teleport, load the game, load a dungeon and such, atleast for me.

    - Contents. Literally nothing to do, the only thing i do is henir (sometimes i even skip normal mode cuz its boring to just wait so long for the next stage or the cutscenes you cant skip) and raids if my pc isnt being fried by els which is very rare.I don't get how do some people not get bored of doing dailies every single day. The same thing all over and over, i mean i guess thats what these games are supposd to be about, grindy and such but itll seriously get annoying at some point.I think its also stupid that we have to wait a whole year all the time for a new region to come out, i mean im not as excited for the new region to come out even if its in like 10 months even if the new raids the way kog is going rn won't be about just standing still and spamming skills but more about ''playing the game'' after seeing how titans grotto works. (this also means that your fps will be x10 worse than it already is in varnimyr raids)

    I hate comparing this game to something like clash royale but just looking at that game everything from it is the opposite in elsword in terms of queuing, balancing...

    These are some of the major things that need to be reworked/fixed, not sure if i missed any but would this all even matter in the end? Would a wave of new and old players still come back?

    Also, i never really wanted to make this post because i enjoyed this game alot, spent alot of time on it and managing to only in a year and a half, fully f2p obtain a +11 half perfect foj and all the other meta stuff with 1,5m cp (if people out there still exist that complain about the cp requirements after all the massive increases from certain things). I always got anxious when people said the game is dying but it finally came to me that it is true that it is already dead, barely standing on its feet waiting until something either finally crushes it or brings it back up
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    Saying that it's a ball that bounces up and down is pretty optimistic. It feels more like it got tossed very high up and then fell down a very deep hole and it's no longer even trying to find the exit.


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      Originally posted by SeraphZX-gaia- View Post
      Saying that it's a ball that bounces up and down is pretty optimistic. It feels more like it got tossed very high up and then fell down a very deep hole and it's no longer even trying to find the exit.
      We must also consider its vectors while bouncing.

      Offers handshake

      Welcome to the party.

      And this time, we have no Pep counting up the "dead game" logs.

      Returns to Elsword -----

      ----- mundane; made for human drones, -----

      ----- quitting from Elsword.

      So I pray, Unlimited Haiku Works!

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        game died years ago. Its time to move on, but many of us cant let go.


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          Elsword is a ded game: the thread 2019 edition


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            People who are most attached to this game are in it for the characters, so KOG keeps releasing new costumes to dress them up in. This provides quick cash to develop new content for the game, whether it's an inconsequential El☆Star event, or a new region with not affordable armour attached to it. I am people.

            The OP is spot on, though queues and unskippable cutscenes are small inconveniences I no longer pay attention to. KOG listening only to the loudest and best-paying KR players will continue the trend of giving certain classes unfair advantages (while Herrscher mains will continue screaming into the Void to fix him).

            I am fond of the new Secret, Heroic and Elrianode Dungeon revamp, as it lets people progress smoothly up to about Varnimyr, where players should be invested enough to start grinding on their own. I only wish KOG didn't flip between giving everyone things for free (Heroic weapons in the past, now Secret weapons and Elrianode gear), and making us having to deal with terrible RNG and drop rates, along with Reforge requirements for Rigomor armour. You don't need to give us freebies, KOG, just let us farm for things without feeling like we're wasting our time with non-profitable dungeon runs.
            "Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player
            That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
            And then is heard no more. It is a tale
            Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
            Signifying nothing."


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              Yeah the first part i knew about already, thats their way of making quick cash

              2nd part is also true, after there was some drama in KR a few months ago where alot of people dismantled their stuff, quit etc. because kog was listening to the top pvp players and they buffed their classes, leaked future updates to them...

              The dungeon revamps... meh, letting people get smoothly to varnimyr tho? I mean i don't think ANY new players are coming to the game, and even if they do they will get lost in the game quick and disappear, we need players that are willing to make it to end game and stay. The reason why rng sucks is because they want more money, but they don't know more ppl will spend more money if they fix it and make better chances cause then people will be confident in themselves, it's bs especially the reforge system
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            I think we have to just endure it because they're working on revamping early game content at the moment, which means that later game content is receiving less attention.
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              This sounds familiar.

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              revamping early game content when there's really no point in playing it, atleast for the players that already got to end game, its not like youre gonna say oh im gonna go ahead and do some sds rq for barriers to get my goscs title/heroics for dual stones since sages are still better, but you can make some builds with some of them to be fair. I see it as a good thing if there were new players so they get to endgame easier but are there? I dont think so
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            I am a player from Sander's release. I can tell you, without any doubt, right when they released Add, before diabolic esper, and crimson avenger, game was flawless to a point you could call it the perfect game. There were enhancement events, but not as recurrent/often to happen, and it was like nearly impossible to get a +11. Being +8 was putting you into the high rankeds. +9 and +10 meant that you were really lucky and rich. Having a +11 was like being a legend, literally, there was barely people with +11. No stupid star ranks existed, SSS being the max, and you could get to SSS with sparring gear literally. Weapon elements were balanced, not so really critical as nowadays I believe. Dungeons at the beginning were longer, but fun, and queus were 24/7 full. Boss fielding was active in nearly all fields, but the most active and best field ever created was Behemoth's crater. It had different active servers, it was so active, that you could farm boss cubes all a day and having fun there. Secret dungeons were really hard and challanging. Specially alterasia type H. There was no such thing as a broken gear, either you could pick the path of having the highest overall stats defense and small bonuses (henir) or you could pick offensive builds through secret dungeon gears, which, everyone used to vary ALL GEARS, literally, you could use ANY SD or henir gear and all of them were good for something each was valuable and useful. Having a +6-+7 weapons was enough for you to have a team and help cleaning dungeons if you were skilled enough, even at high gear it was hard at many points. Events were much better, Sander was overcrowded to the point it could explode out of players, sparring menu had over 20 pages. We had 2 raids happening all the time which both had a veeery low chance to drop the best ingame weapons which before, they weren't broken, let's say best weapon was henirs with raw damage being 3000, then at +9 you could have it at like 9000, SD weapon at like 8.5k, and the raid weapon at like 10k. It was eltrion ant daribaki and happened after you killed many field bosses, and the portal appeared almost anywhere in any boss field temporary.
            On 2016 many players left, I am sorry to tell you this but, you joined in the 3rd jobs, which was, when the game was already doomed. I wish you could have played back in 2014.
            I quit elsword since Elysion update. I haven't installed or played it and I don't even feel like doing it. This game is doomed. It's a graveyard, nothing even close to what it used to be. And people who wants to open a private server will be banned, server closed, since they now are forbidding opening pservers. They are dumb. Managing elsword. And it deserves to die as a game and just be forgotten. Because a game which has devs that don't care for you, it's a game that isn't worth your time.
            other huge BAD updates:
            All new gears
            and I read everywhere that now combos are useless and all is about 100% potion and spam over and over, such a shame.

            PS: I read forums once a while to keep myself updated in the activity of this game, because everytime I have a peek on the forums, they're less and less active, I never comment but I see you care, so here you go an answer from an old player.
            Even if I got offered with the best whatever gear is +20 with the max ED value and max everything in WHATEVER currency there is I would NEVER reinstall this thing agian unless it was a old 2012-2014 version of this game
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              Man I remember back then, that was around when I caved and spent real money to unlock the other half of my skill slots. Such a perfect time, so much quality of life.

              Between that and the RNG enemy spawns in Sander dungeons making even just passing some story quests a chore it's no wonder I quit for multiple years around then and had to be convinced to start playing again.
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              Ah yeah Sander. The part where they thought to make thinks annoying. Dozent of shield mobs, annoying fliers. Ridiculous title requirements. It was also at that time when PvP become completely gear depended. Once you hit level cap there was nothing to do beside the SDs you probably were running since level 50 cap.

              I still remember all the "game to easy" complains. It was basically starting with sander were everything went downhill and people celebrated it, lol. Oh and Lunatic Psyker was quire ridiculous in PvP at the beginning.

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              >Base Add was quire ridiculous in PvP at the beginning.
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            Originally posted by ThePlayBunny-solace- View Post
            other huge BAD updates:
            Any unbiased argument about why Rose is a bad update?


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              I'm curious about that as well.

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              Her addition came at a time where people wanted the game fixed with how LuCiel performed, the unfair treatment of certain classes (that continues), rather than a whole new character. KoG had even stated they had no plans for a new character prior to then surprise announcing Rose to the delight of little to no one. It wasn't Rose's fault, it was everything around her, but since it had her as the figurehead, people targeted her. The ridiculous jiggle physics on her reveal trailer certainly didn't help either.

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              Frame Drops that came with the skill tree revamp. She is the worst offender still. Also most didn't want that collab character in the game and KR players still do not want her. She is basically a symbol for KOG not listening and doing stupid stuff to gain attention rather then doing what's currently necessary.
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            People saying game back then was worse, sure.
            But hollow words are meant to just remain forgotten
            Don't you remember, before, we had things, such as dragon scales, and the ooooooooold coins from SD dungeons.
            I clearly remember, the ''p2w B slot'' that was ''super expensive'' and ''unbalanced'' only unlocked ''through paying'' wasn't even needed unless you were into hard pvp back then.

            1.-SD materials were valuable to sell in market, easy to trade, you could get your B slot in some days out of farming SD, specially Bethma SD.
            2.- We had only 4/8 skills slots. Skills were MUCH different before, we didn't have this ''balance class skills, combo, damage, defenses'' every week literally. Which broke the game further

            3.- How, you even dare, to argue over the fact, of getting a B slot, for what, $10, which could be WAY enough for endgaming back then, compared to NOW, which you literally, need to pay hundreds, HUNDREDS, THOUSANDS to get best gears, which are irrelevant, because sparring is pretty much dead, they ruined sparring modes, there's just what, your mostly 80% solo grinds, your raids which sometimes you LACK of people, and your PVP which I believe is where your gear matters the most, since, before you had an use for everysingle armor, now, you literally farm a single dungeon, for an expected weapon, and remain with your tears gear, which is pretty much bad physically designed, it's base stats are high, it's bonuses with tears are a totally paywall based system, or you can say ''we all get it for free just matter of grinding''
            sure, tell me do you even realize how many thousands of dollars prior to this ghost town game and still counting, has been INVESTED, just in tears, and even worse, UPGRADES, and recurrent ENHNACEMENT events?

            So you're literally saying, before you were having hard times, because dungeons were actually making sense with quest storyline, and were more challanging, making you need to use BOTH skills that didn't 1 hit all, comboing and chaining skills, wisely sometimes, with friends and endless hyper-active queus, to get rewarded with stuff you could sell on board on and on along with henir's old system, rather than your 1 hit = dead mechanics, your ''adaptation'' and the ROUGH need of full hp/mp potions, that I bet, made you spend MORE real money than with the single $10 slot, you're really telling me those were ROUGH times?

            ps: rose was the worst idea because they added her right in the moment the game was pretty much starting to lose a lot of people, they didn't even, it's like.. Oh, let's continue nerfing this class, and buff this to the top it can almost 1 hit you, so we make it a META so people starts cashing on this class, then we nerf it to ground, and buff other and on and on, let's ignore the issues with LuCiel, and the current dungeon status and henir system, alright, instead of fixing it here you go, easy (initially back then) easy damage class to break sparring and pvp in easy mode, let's give it 4 jobs, and add her to the main storyline much later after her release to the game, with a plot that doesn't even make sense at all, with pretty much the ability to shot infinite bullets that, come from a yet unexplained source that doesn't require recharging it, while chung does have it well explained to perform.
            At that point, sparring rooms went to downhill from 24 pages to like 15-10 averagely

            When 3rd jobs released, it went down to like 8, along with.. I can't remember very well, but..
            Last time I logged, which was right in the release of that, and the... I.. don't even really know, city after Elysion, that didn't even came with a field and map geography doesnt REALLY make sense at all neither storyline, there were barely 5-6 pages, and at nights barely 1-2

            A friend screnshoted me like 3 months ago the current status of sparring rooms, and It made me want to just pretend I saw nothing. Shame.

            You must be missing something. And the playerbase pretty much decreased by 95% doesn't help your argument.
            But if you, really want to just whiteknight this I will just no further respond. I respect your opinion.
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              "How dare you suggest that having to pay for half of your skill slots was a problem."
              I wish I had access to the old forums to show you dearie, but free B-Slot was pretty much the only thing everyone agreed should be a thing back then because it was extremely impactful to the overall feel of the game. Whine and ♥♥♥♥♥ about enhancements all you want but that's just tacking numbers onto your character and has very little impact on how the game feels to play(unless you live for big ♥♥♥♥ numbers). I knew a lot of people back then who quit specifically because they thought it was ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ to have to pay for it, a lot, in fact I mentioned Elsword in a discord server I'm in last night and the main response I got was old players who quit because of it shouting at me to get that ♥♥♥♥ the hell away from their server.

              Oh one last thing "hundreds of dollars" meanwhile I have a friend who doesn't have a job to pay money for ♥♥♥♥, who is sitting on a +11 and almost 1 Million CP through playing the market to make boatloads of dough to get stuff.

              As for Rose coming out at the worst possible time, yeah that's pretty much true, and is entirely a result of the way they were trying to draw players new and old back into the game, which was essentially by popping out a new character and making them OP to begin with so people who chased the meta would have to make one and pay to gear them up, which is a model I largely believe to have been what started killing off this game because they were essentially just trying to dangle keys in front of their playerbase's faces to keep them interested. This is why Ara, Elesis, Add, LuCiel and Rose all came out quite close to eachother by comparison to say the gap between say Ain and Laby.
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              There are a few things you're refusing to acknowledge here.

              First off, B-slots have become free, and the only thing you have to pay for now that's "absolutely essential" that directly impacts gameplay is the T-slot. I also don't know how you can argue that $10 is enough for endgame when there were 8 types of SD coins + 8 types of SD gear materials while we only had 3 rows of inventory. We have gotten 5 base rows of inventory and even the event right now is giving out FREE INVENTORY SLOTS that you would normally have to PAY FOR.

              With regards to Elrianode gear, allow me to show you some numbers. I'm not taking into account Destruction tears for obvious reasons.


              So what's all these mean?

              If your goal is to stop at +9 for armour, you have absolutely no reason to go for ENH tears as you'll be paying through the nose for a mere 2.53% damage increase. Not worth it.

              If you're using 10/10/10/10 as a baseline of what's required for endgame (which is a reasonable assumption) and want to stop at 9/9/10/9 (orange row, very common goal for gear), you'd be losing out on a mere 3.3% damage. 9/9/10/9 is very, very achievable due to the sheer amount of +9s we've been receiving and becoming very much affordable during events.

              From this, if you want to upgrade from 9/9/10/9 to 10/10/10/10 and assume 3b average for a +10 amulet during events, you'd be paying 9b for 8.9% damage, which is around 1.01b per percentage increase. If we assume 2.5b each, it's 7.5b instead which comes to about 842m per percentage increase. Whether it's worth it or not is up to the individual. I could do Rigomor perfectly fine with just 9/9/10/9 before I tried getting a +10 top.

              I can't believe that there are people who just look at solely endgame gear and not have the thought of the cost of alternatives even cross their minds. I'm sure you can make that decision for yourself. Also, sparring isn't the main focus of the game.
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              I'm a former PvP player, been doing this **** since 2012. Hated PvE, only ever played PvP. Threw a lot of money at the game back then, a lot, always at useless ****. Item mall costumes, things like that.
              Get off your high horse, your experience was lacking and you weren't involved in the community. The "competitive raiding" was a terrible system that enabled people like me, who would score terribly, to get a legendary raid weapon anyway because of my connections and guild. I could've done close to nothing and gotten it, what kind of dumb**** system enables that? If you think the game was better back then, look at PvP. Iwin Paladin, Yama Suppression loops, Stoic Strong mirrors, as well as a bunch of other nonsense. Rose wasn't exactly meta either, Ara and IP remained on their throne for ages. IP is arguably still sitting on it. Your pipe dream of old SD gears being better enabled game breaking bull**** like Zombie Sneaker, a literally unkillable Wind Sneaker build that just tanked you for 5 million years. Do you think ROF on game start into +50 or some **** mana was good? Do you think hitting your enemy to have them drain your hp was good? Of course you do, you'll praise old Elsword to high heaven. When it comes to the game's PvE, it's only improved. KOG's made a lot of effort to make it more fun, and the reboot is one of the biggest reasons I'm still playing it. It made a class I've always wanted to play, that being Void Princess, able to function in PvE at all. It gave everyone more unique skills that behave differently from their old ones. An example being Infinity Sword's Harsh Chaser. It used to be something like "throw sword, get over here" except it didn't work in lag. Now it's a 200 MP clearing skill that makes you feel like you're an Archer. What else can I say about old Elsword? Oh yeah, the free bead from Ring of Fury. Surely that was a good thing, right? Or how about the only consistent tournament winners being IP, YR, and GrM. The game back then was also never challenging. The bosses had patterns even more simple than they do now, the enemies weren't a threat either. Oh by the way you had to spend way more than 10$ on this game back then, there were no f2p costumes back then because KOG didn't know how to monetize their ****ing game. If you wanted to stand any chance in high SSS you had to pay up for those extra sockets. Or use promo gear which also healed you when you got hit with no cooldown, which by the way, people would stock up on by whaling job changes so that they could have them as an advantage for their PvP. Oh by the way old henir title gave you 10 MP when you get hit a 10% rate with no cooldown.
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            I wish people would take more time writing and formatting post. Please respect the reader by making it more pleasant to read, thank you. It benefits the topic as a whole.

            • Optimization: Laby is more optimized then Rose. It certainly is possible, but does not generate Hype or Money. It's technical dept a and a manager is probably not allowing the developers to work on that. KOG is aware of the problem, they just choose to ignore to fix old problems.
            • Balance: As always, it's about fun, not balance. In PvE it works for the most part and PvP needs to be rebuilt from the scratch anyways.
            • Queue System: KR just got a party finder.
            • Updates: Everything stated is correct and I see no problem with it. Only thing I want here is more dungeons.
            • Enhancement System: It's terrible, nothing to add here.
            • Activity: Luckily the game even works with low activity for the most part. The Massiv Multiplayer part just makes things worse anyways.
            • Content: Again I want more dungeons as well then one region per year. And this year was especially lazy with just three real dungeons and two that hardly count as a single one together.


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              Always remember, quality of life means nothing when you don't live for quality of life in a game. You can't play QoL as content.

              The game felt more approachable before even without a lot of QoL.


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                As such, we share very similar complaints and I used to (and currently continue) suggest many great changes to fix this game.
                The reason Elsword is dead is because the Developers don't care nor even play their own game.
                The management team also make very poor decisions in how to properly cater to the players.
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                  I generally try to be optimistic and encouraging to players, but being a veteran player of close to 8 years now, so much has changed for the better and for the worse in my time here, and sometimes I wonder what keeps me hanging on. And as tired as everyone gets of these threads popping up every few weeks, it does go to show how commonplace these frustrations are becoming as more people begin to realize something's not right.

                  Some things are definitely a rose-tinted glasses ordeal, as having to buy b-slots, quick slots, magic necklaces, ring of fury, even costumes all being pretty much 60 dollars per character to get them going was frustrating, since back then bank share worked differently and would reduce seal count. Or even further back having to deal with dice rolls to get drops. A lot of QoL has made the game a bit more comfortable to play in that regard. However despite all the QoL, the core problems continue to get worse and worse. There's generally some things I've stated in the past that I miss though, as I feel the game tends to take one step forward and two steps back, if not more.

                  My thoughts (below the spoiler):

                  SPOILEREarly Game: One of the biggest issues I have with the game is first impressions and progression rate. Because of how quickly the game progresses nowadays, you only have to go to most dungeons only once before you move onto the next story quest, if not flatout skipping to the next region. In the past, aside from a larger playerbase, dungeon queues were more active because players had reasons to keep playing them more than once. Nowadays, the odds of encountering someone in the early queues is virtually nonexistent. This gives an impression that the game is devoid of players despite there being hundreds of people on at any given time. And although the game can be played solo for the most part, it doesn't give a very motivating first impression when you literally don't see anyone while playing in am mmorpg.

                  Progression: The game is insanely fast, capping to 99 takes a day or two, or just a few hours if playing Laby. Sure that's fine if you wanna quickly train up an alt, but the exp rate is just too fast. The problem here is also the same reason many people in the past vented about level jumping events. You reach the endgame so quickly that you suddenly are flooded carrying people through difficult dungeons who have NO idea how to even play their class yet. The rate of progression in the past was beneficial at least in the sense you had plenty of time to master your character by the time you had to start doing SDs and such. It also gave value to various content, like earlier dungeons being more active, to boss weapons and accessories being useful (seriously, does anyone use boss drop weapons anymore? the new regular equipment outclass them completely). You had the chance to learn about enhancing your gear, play in the fields in grind parties, fight field bosses and such. It made the whole experience feel rewarding.

                  Dungeons & Fields: To be honest Rigomor dungeons are pretty fun, even some Varnimyr dungeons I feel are very nice. But a small nitpick I miss is when dungeons had branching paths. It felt exciting to have multiple methods of clearing a dungeon, you pretty much had the option to skip a section, or go for the section with more enemies or minibosses, plus it added a sense of exploration. Same case with the fields, they really tied areas together, and there was pretty much always people in the Ruben field practicing how to play. Now you don't see fields until Feita aside from the one Elder field, and new areas don't even have fields. Also a side effect of progression being so fast it caused the removal of content. The difficulty system I also miss, because it was a nice way of easing into a dungeon without locking you out of rewards like story mode dungeons do. Some dungeons even had varied layouts depending on the difficulty setting. Though most people played on Very Hard, nowadays I feel like difficulty settings would solve a lot of discouragement issues people face in later regions.

                  Level Cap: Because of stopping at level 99, we're eternally stuck now with each new region being dependent on your gear, with the requirements getting steeper each time. If I had to guess, we'd probably have a 120-130 cap by now otherwise, which sounds daunting, but at the very least would give some more gear options, and even room for new skills on the skill tree. It'd also give a goal to work towards each time that isn't a huge RNG gear grind. Leveling up in a game is an exciting feeling, and while ERP can be leveled obviously, it doesn't really pave the way for new content like a level cap does. I'm probably alone in that thought about having a higher level cap, but it's not uncommon for MMORPGs to have high level caps beyond 99.

                  Endgame: I mean, it's endgame so it's supposed to be challenging. But raids nowadays with Rosso really are so alienating towards any class that isn't a +12 meta class. Think back to Perkisas raid, everyone had a fair chance, and while some of the higher geared players obviously got ranks easier in that, even with my SD set-wearing Void Princess (who at that point I believe was still a laughing stock of a class to most people) was enough to get a legendary weapon. It was competitive without being alienating, as everyone had their chance. Even earlier the original Eltrion and Drabaki field raids were put into instances with a random party, so there wasn't any cherry-picking classes, just everyone coming to do their part to beat the boss. I understand the Rosso raids are very difficult, but I guess it's a common frustration with MMORPGs where you get to endgame and it's like "Oh sorry you're not a meta class so you can't play with us", which wasn't the case at all with the older raid systems.

                  Enhancements: The biggest critical issue with the game, as OP said I can also vouch for the fact a +7 was pretty much the meta, and if you had a +8 you were pretty much a god. Funny story, when I was a beginner I came back after a hiatus and somehow forgot about enhancing equipment. So I had been soloing Spiral Corridor with a +0 staff for a good while until I realized my error. But the fact it was doable at a reasonable pace was fascinating. I used to not care much, since a +10 or +11 was pretty much reserved for those who just wanted to make the game absurdly effortless. But as it stands now, a +9 or +10 is definitely a requirement at least for newer content. Misleading combat power requirements are also a thing, sure Henir and Heroic has a 150k CP entry requirement, but you're gonna need about 4 times that amount to be efficient. For Heroics the requirement is basically just the amount of power you need to get carried by others. And while the CP system has made it easier to get higher CP values in recent times, a lot of players struggle with it unless they're given guidance by experienced players.

                  Meaningful Updates: I feel like outside of dungeon releases, the last meaningful update was Fishing since it was actually useful in both creating an item/ed sink whilst offering rewards that are always desirable (ERP potions). I swear we have so much recycled content as updates. I could give Heroic a pass initially because it's just hard versions of ordinary dungeons. Unfortunately not only did they remove like half of the dungeons from the roster, but along comes Guild Expedition which is basically the same exact thing but even harder. I'm sure it's hard to come up with something meaningful every two weeks, I'm not asking for that, but maybe at least something decent every month or two to look forward to.

                  PvP: I don't PvP so I don't have much to say here, other than the PvP community largely dying off was a huge blow. Most people shrug it off as "Meh it's a pve game mainly, who cares about pvp", but think about it. Not only was the playerbase larger when it had its big pvp base, but it worked well in that pve players could help supply pvp players with gear, while pvp players could help supply pve players with rewards like apples and such you could get. And overall they were an important part of this game's community that has all but faded away. I'll count Ereda in this too as there's NO point in playing it anymore unless you just want to go full whale on your CP numbers with the accessory upgrades. There's NO replay value, since in the past there was the random amulet and temporary mount rewards and so forth. Overall though, the dismissive attitude a lot of players have towards PvP isn't healthy. I don't like to pvp either, but I never wanted that aspect of the game to diminish at all.

                  Balance: Lol. I mean, there's no getting past the fact the balance is so off that some classes are considered privileged with how easy they have it currently. Even after all those hyped up reboots which were basically glorified balance patches. I understand this is a difficult thing to grasp in any game, but the gaps shouldn't be as massive as they are. I also hate that there's pretty much only one way to play any class or else you miss out on efficiency. In a perfect world, every skill should be viable in terms of player preference. Obviously some skills will be better than others, but what's the point in having most of them when literally nobody has a reason to use them. And in terms of balance patches, I'll use Anemos as an example. I played her for a while enjoying the 30% patk boost from Airelinna, but then it got nerfed by 10%. The problem here is, ANY progress I made for a while would simply just make me as strong as I was before, so it feels like empty progress and just an issue of playing catch up. It makes you feel like what's the point in getting stronger if you're just gonna have to struggle to stay on the same level you were before. I'm sure Richter players probably relate to that notion for sure.

                  Optimization: This game runs so poorly now. Same exact specs as when I began, but most content now is practically unplayable. I played the first raids, the Perkisas/Eltrion MK-2 raids, Ereda, and so forth all with no issues at all. Now even just playing Abandoned Icerite Plant in a party of 3 is pretty much unplayable, and don't even get me started on the current drabaki. This game is in severe need of optimization. For a game this old and visually minimalistic, it shouldn't be this taxing to play.

                  RNG: Elrianode tears shouldn't come in the opposite color they're associated with. Getting a +10% Physical Attack party buff on a blue tear is just heartbreaking. Rigomor gear's grind should be nerf at least a little bit. I like the reforge system, but the required materials is absurd. I also feel like a Reforge-like system could work for Enhancements, even having success rate increase items like Reforge does, so people can still pay to win if they want, but at least free/budget players have an option to work towards. There's more I can go into here but I feel I'm dragging this all on too long as it is.

                  TL;DR: Game's too fast to where players get overwhelmed with endgame too quickly with no ideas what to do in a game that doesn't explain itself well. Stop removing content and stop adding useless fluff, enhancement system needs a massive rework, balance is awful, RNG needs adjusting, PvP shouldn't be ignored, level cap stagnating at 99 was a bad idea, optimization is awful, and endgame shouldn't be so alienating and restrictive to only certain classes.

                  This took a while and I've said much of this in previous threads like this, but I just felt like putting my thoughts out once and for all. There's probably a lot I missed and I don't claim to have the best outlook on these things, so keep in mind this is simply my point of view on the game as a whole. This game means a lot to me, I've devoted a lot of time and passion both as a player of nearly 8 years, and a proud Eleditor rank on Elwiki with nearly 10k edits. I want this game to get better, and for the devs to actually PLAY it themselves and understand what the issues are, and try to at least make a difference.


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                    I definitely agree that the exp rates from quests are a big part of the problem, so I do like that as a potential fix, especially since every character can already get a free one-time ERP reset scroll after capping. That way those players can still tweak their builds after capping if they need to.

                    On a side note, something else I'd like to see is for side-quests to make a comeback. Small but useful exp, ED, and item rewards to help players along their journey to lv.99. Nothing too broken, but enough to be worth completing. That includes field quests as well to breathe more life back into those, along with reinstating the removed fields. A reduced exp rate as you mentioned would give purpose to such quests and field grinding just like in the old days where every little bit counts.

                    After all, if KoG really wants to keep pushing people to party more, grind parties in fields were a big part of the experience back then, I met soooo many people that way, and it's one of those experiences I'd love for newer players to get to enjoy too. It's why I feel they should really work with the field concept rather than keep removing them.

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                    >does anyone uses boss drops anymore?
                    I tried. I made a Rena alt, but not only I wasn't getting those boss weapon drops, I leveled up so fast that even if I did, it wouldn't matter and it would be quickly replaced. Then they updated SD/Hero a week ago and gave a free SD weapon so there's absolutely no reason to use boss weapons after level 80.

                    And that's just for weapons, if your accessory isn't Ignia/Elianod/Sinister Intent then it's worthless. I really wish they reworked the accessories of old dungeons to give interesting or useful effects.

                  • MezoMitsuShi-solace-
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                    Yes. I don't commet often , but yes to all of this. And i do believe a drop in the excess use of RNG and some reduction in the rigomor grind(EVEN IF IT'S SUPPPOSED TO BE HARD- IT MUST BE BALANCED WITH A SNAP OF THE GAUNTLET).

                    As for pvp. ♥♥♥♥ right i feel that sense or view from PVP being mentioned.
                    as much as i'd love to see the goats back in els so i can fight more people, im positive that people weren't feeling arena after S5 rolled around. Gear is somewhat one of the factors that struck it ( somewhat "balanced" out with some damage nerfing for equipment in PVE. . . somewhat, along with the buffing of Sparring equipment.)

                    And i think another thing (Might be subjective) but the impact that characters got (Imo might be everyone at the moment but "Laby, Ain, and Rose at release) Makes people question whether or not it's worth doing pvp. Add in the way a character's kit is looking and it's almost a recipie for disaster for most.

                    Also Latency and lag. Those can still mess up a game for people.

                    ... and i guess the "recent exploits" that's happened in the past few weeks. or month as of now?
                    This is what i assume might be the gripes with most PVPers at the time.
                    And with the community saying that "PVP is dead, why give a ♥♥♥♥ for PVP?" Ye, arena just dies down bit by bit, same with the spar rooms
                    ( Explains why i don't often get people fighting me. though *Cough* I AM A RAVEN THO.)

                    I think step 1 would be to find methods towards attracting players back. Tourneys were one thing. Same was the money matches(Though rip to that)

                    Another thing would be an increase in PVP incentives be it more Rewards, Medal drops that can give Accessories around the tier of ereda( well at MOST about 2/3rd's it's potential. or something that can work with PVE like a upgradable set that can give Phys/Mag attack with some other changable factors such as Speeds, Adaptation or Other effects as a example.)

                    I can't think of anything else for now, but it's some small things that i got.

                    I am thankful that you mentioned these issues especially this one. I really would love to see more people coming back to arena (or at least sparring). As much as im cynical that it won't happen, i keep some bit of hope.

                    At least i can let out some suggestion.
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