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Strange Dungeon Revamp Update: The Good and The Bad (11-06-2019)

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    Strange Dungeon Revamp Update: The Good and The Bad (11-06-2019)

    The new Dungeon Revamp Update is very weird and unfair. Don't get me wrong, there are some good stuff in it: Like how they improved the set effects of SD Equipment and AEFTD's drop rate on Energy Shards and Apocalypse Weapon. The main problem of the update is the Heroic Dungeons Revamp, I find it unfair and weird.
    In the matter of the Heroic Dungeon in Quests, KOGG removed Heroic Shards and Heroic Equipment Cubes from the Daily and Weekly Heroic Quest. Why the heck would you do that? How the heck is people supposed to get Heroic Fragments and get Heroic Gear? The new heroic dungeon doesn't even drop Heroic Equipments and Fragments anymore, how the hell are people supposed to get those now? I know you can still get them in the Story Quest, but they are just lvl 25 Heroic Ranks. There are people who want it to improve to HR 29 before going into the long road of getting a proper Elrianode Gear so their path while doing it would be nicer, and with the state of Heroic Dungeons now, how the heck are they suppose to do that?
    Another thing that I found really annoying about the update is that they changed the Combat Power Requirement of Heroic Dungeons by 150,000... Why the heck would they do that?????!!! It would be fine if they just changed it to 50k, or 75k or even 100k, but 150k? What the heck is KOGG thinking??? Do they not consider the new players?
    Another really annoying thing in the update is that they changed the rewards of Daily and Weekly Heroic quests into those freakin USELESS CERTIFICATES for USELESS Magic Stones. KOGG, Why would you do that? No one unironically uses those Magic Stones that has Dual Effects because its so useless and even Advanced or Refined Magic Stones are better.
    Yet another stupid and annoying thing about the update is that Heroic Invitations can ONLY now be a drop in Elrianode Dungeons. Why the freak would you do that??!! Heroic nowadays is just getting those stupid and useless magic stones, legit, you can't get Heroic Equipment because of the new stupid update, and you had to just desecrate the corpse of Heroic Dungeon by making Heroic Tickets be found in Elrianode Dungeons??? It would've been fine if it can be dropped in Lanox, Atlas, Elysion areas, but why Elrianode? Seriously what the freak is KOGG thinking?
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    well quite frankly you are wrong on everything. they removed heroic gear because there is no reason for them to exist anymore. since they updated secret dungeon the gear progression has been fixed to SD>Elrianode> rigomor.

    since they buffed secret dungeons and give out a +9 SD amulet there were no reason to keep heroic gear as it was just a worse elrianode set so they removed the heroic quest which gave you the lvl 25 wep and +9 heroic amulet. they left in the trade option for those that still have the fragments and were finishing a heroic set.

    since we have been complaining for a long time about the removal of the good dual stones, instead of removing the heroic dungeon which is still useful they changed it purely for people to get dual stones and wedges (they should add more loot though)

    heroic invitations now drop in all lv 99 dungeons elrianode-varnimyr which makes sense as you wouldn't waste the dual stones on your crappy gear. the dual stones before the update were useless except for boss damage stone, but these new stones are second only to sage stones as they give you 2 stats on 1 stone and the certificates increase the amount. this is what we had before they removed them for the crappier stones.


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      New Secret Dungeon equipment completely replaced Heroic gear in its entirety in the overall gear progression. With the much improved effects, it completely invalidated Heroic gear as a middle ground before working on Elrianode gear.

      That being said, Advanced and Refined actually AREN'T better than the upgraded dual stones. The upgraded dual stones slightly edge out Refined marginally with optimal values overall. For instance highest value you can get from Refined for Crit or Max is 9%, upgraded dual stones cap at 5% Crit and Max, so it technically edges out by 1%. Still not as good as Philosopher Stones for sure though which cap at 12%.
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        these new ones are even slightly better then the old old dual stones since we can now upgrade them. this alone made the changes to heroics worth it. the new secret dungeon gear is now a 4 set effect with the old 6th piece set effect added to the weapon along with the various fixed effects added onto it.

        now all we need is for them to give out some gold stamps for the el tears we get from the daily quests
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      If my main is just barely oneshotting enemies at 900k CP, maybe, just maybe, there's a reason people below 50k shouldn't be allowed in


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        You're wrong on everything.

        As said above, SD gears are now the new mid ground between regular gears and Elrianode armor + Void weapon. And honestly, while a maxed out heroic gear set up will be better in the end, the new SD gears are literally the best thing the game could have done: you get good stats right off the bat without needing to grind hours without being screwed by RNG, and newbies will know which stats to build on Elrianode armors.

        And while some stones are bad, some are actually worth using.


        • MyShinyTeeth-solace-
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          Optometrist-solace- The SD sets are providing stats that give more CP. The set up is a build some players use to give their alts as much CP as possible to enter higher level dungeons, even if it's not the most efficient damage wise. The most common complaint is that gears were not giving enough CP for players to progress.

        • Optometrist-solace-
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          MyShinyTeeth-solace- while i do think its good that the SD set is giving more CP now, players should realize it will never give as much CP as a decent heroic set. Think of it like this, a new player with SD set reaching 300k CP maybe. Unable to enter raid so they make Elrianode gear on 1 alt to enter raid. Now an older player just bankshares a heroic set that lets them reach 380k CP on 45 alts. What do you think is more advantageous? Assuming 9 mystic stones per character. Obviously 45 is an exaggeration but it's technically doable, like making 45 aishas so they can all use the same heroic weapon and accessories and whatnot.

        • MyShinyTeeth-solace-
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          Optometrist-solace- I'm not doubting the efficiency of having a heroic set. It's great for us older players. But in terms of new players, they're usually going to gather up a heroic set with unnecessary effects. This had many of them in a position where they could not enter some of the elrianode dungeon.
          The update now has a story quest that provides new characters with a free Elrianode set, including tears for each slot, making it obsolete for a "new player" to build a heroic set. Most of the older players already have heroic gear for their banksharing needs so it shouldn't effect us.
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        If you're wondering why heroics require more CP, its because they reverted the difficulty to what it was when they were first released. The mobs are more tanky and the purple mobs can once again one-shot players with low fire/water resists. If you're having difficulty completing elrianode dungeons, Heroics currently make that region look a push over.

        They've also updated the Elrianode story quests to provide all of the tears for your character that you need to get started on your elrianode set, almost similar to the recent character jump event. By doing a few quests you're guaranteed to have an elrianode set as good as any heroic set you may have wanted.
        Sure you can't get the maximum value out of the SD gear as you did with heroics but let's all be honest, most of us never had a fully optimized heroic set. It just takes too much time to grinding through the RNG to maximize a heroic set when you can just buy the exact tears you needed for Elrianode if you're familiar with the set.
        Heros come and go but legends live forever


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          The major advantage of choosing Heroic gear over Elrainode is that it's bank sharable. Find what you need is not as hard as you think if you use the board. Sure you might have to sacrifice lvl 29 tear for a 10% value (and vice versa) and you won't get the skill specific damage you want and a 44% ASD Gloves is near impossible to obtain (but not 36%), but you save sooooo much ED when playing with alts. And unless you optimize it and get +9 or above for all of your alts, there's not going to be a difference.

          If we take that into perspective, SD gear is actually a DOWNGRADE for alt-gear because the values are guaranteed 6%. Elrainode gear is now a guaranteed upgrade from the alternative, rather than recommended-if-optimized.

        • MyShinyTeeth-solace-
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          I agree it is a disadvantage that Elrianode isn't bank shareable. But my point is that if you were starting out fresh, Elrianode gear with tears are basically hand delivered to you for free by doing the story now. So a new character can go from SD at level 80 straight into free Elrianode gear with tears at level 99, without having to spend a dime on the board. The only thing a new character would need to focus on at level 99 would be getting a higher level ASD tear than free ASD tear provided.
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        They removed the Shadow Room in Hamel's SD!

        I mean I get why, but the shadows were a pretty cool part of the dungeon. I hope they implement a future update where the shadows will replace the regular mobs in the room just after the mage miniboss.



        • Niwatari-solace-
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          Thank god they removed it. Utter waste of time for a boring room to be honest.

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          Wished they just shortened it instead of remove it like they did for the mob spawners in Sander SD. It was a very unique set piece.
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          Fun fact: Out of Besma, Sander and Hamel, Hamel gave me the most amount of Barrier Fragments.

          Oh and the shadows still appears in the Sander boss fight. I also rather have an entire dungeon dedicated to them. Man, it's almost like you could make a SD based of Hall of El with that concept...
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        The whole CP requirement thing is a big mistake especially for newcomers or even old players like me who struggle getting that big chunk of CP without the help of cash
        Every friend i had who have played elsword listed a few reasons why they quit but every one of them had one same exact reason, the "CP requirement"


        • ElvenEleven-solace-
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          CP is the least of your worries, even if characters with less than 150000 CP can enter Heroic Dungeons, the new dificulty, would eat away their res stones and slow down the other players.

        • st0rmbreaK-solace-
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          If you're struggling to gear up as an old player your understanding of the game is likely lacking.

        • Regias56-gaia-
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          with how easy is to get CP right now on this game, there's no other to blame but yourself
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        You should be able to get 150K CP just by buying the proper elite El Tears. We also got as mssiv bost in CP. I jump from like 560K to 640K. That's about 14%~15%. You have a lot of option to raise that now. For I actually agree with the CP requirement for a dungeon. It's not hard to reach with some knowledge.

        Originally posted by MyShinyTeeth-solace- View Post
        They've also updated the Elrianode story quests to provide all of the tears for your character that you need to get started on your elrianode set,[...]
        Does that man you don't even need to buy the elite El Tears? If so, that makes things even easier.

        I still see only the Boss DMG stone as useful and maybe the Speed one. You either be on par with Sage Stones or you don't matter. Luckily, Duals Stones are much easier to obtain now. Also, is it just me or do SDs consume ridicules amounts of stamina now?


        • MyShinyTeeth-solace-
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          The elite tears are now provided by completing the story quests. You now receive the armor and a cube that provides enough tears to get the set effects. Blue or red depending on the character opening the cube.

        • Tsugumari-solace-
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          So you still need to buy the specific effects. Got it.

        • FinalPrelude-solace-
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          it feels like dungeons in general consumes more stamina.
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        By removing the room the entire Dungeon lose half of the ED and Drops (already tested it with my ED/Drop mule) and now the entire dungeon is worthless than Bethma for farming.

        Before this update was posible to get 1100000 ED + (Barrier Fragments and Mistery Elshards drops) with a proper mule, but now only gives 600000 (less than Add Dungeon) + (A dismished amount of Barrier fragments and Mistery Elshards) , A minute saved was just not worth for this loss.


        • Tsugumari-solace-
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          Less inflation. Great!

        • ElvenEleven-solace-
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          Only Fragment and Energy Shards cost less now, everything else is the same
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        The rooms with the constantly spawning mobs in Sander SD now only spawns in one wave instead of several. And spawn a lot less mobs.

        I wondered why they couldn't do the same thing with the shadows in Hamel SD, but I realized it's because the Trocks spawn in less numbers, making it less likely for new players to get overwhelmed. The shadows number like forty and deal a good chunk of damage to players who can't one-shot them.



        • Tsugumari-solace-
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          Honestly, they could have just cut the spawn stages from Sander SD. The dungeon is long enough as it is.

          Also, I found that Hamel SD room extremely boring. Wait a minute and kill everything with one skill. Even a new player can do that if he or she has the knowledge. However, that one extra minute was the reason I never did the dungeon. Even if they reduce the numbers, what is the point? It just becomes a pointless room like the Sander SD one.

          Come to think of it, didn't the shadows give a buff?

        • Coronax-gaia-
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          About the shadow room, to a new player who doesn't know the mechanics of that room, it's pretty hard.

          But more importantly, pretty fun for the veterans to watch and laugh as the newbie dies over and over to the shadows. Me and three other players TOLD that Ain to wait before entering but did he listen? Noooooo.
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        Originally posted by Coronax-gaia- View Post
        ... but I realized it's because the Trocks spawn in fewer numbers, making it less likely for new players to get overwhelmed. The shadows number like forty and deal a good chunk of damage to players who can't one-shot them.
        Oh boy, it would've been nice if someone taught them what MBing means.

        For me, getting the gear is a first-world problem, if the dungeon itself is just the same but cut (again), there are zero reasons to be hyped.

        Btw, might as well cut Rigormortis dungeon maps by half and double the IDR so people won't say it's annoying.

        Keep farming guys, it's the only thing this game's proud of


        • CrimsomRayko-solace-
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          Something during the days:
          FGO, Princess Connect ReDive, Azur Lane, none of which I play hardcore.

          When I have time:
          Slay The Spires, Noita, and sometimes Gensokyo Wanderer Reloaded and Valkyria Chronicles 4.

        • Tsugumari-solace-
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          You might as well just say that Elsword does not respect your time. Which is true as 5 dungeons daily, with one of them only open at specific times, is quite harsh. The biggest problem while is just the time it takes to do all five dungeons(30~60 minutes) and how long you have to do it (~4 month) not counting actually reforging the stuff. Everything else is fine.

          To put is simply, it lacks the the free will and tries to force you into playing it. All the mobile games are guilty of that too, however. Just easier to access and often faster to complete. Which is one reason why they are more popular than MMOs nowadays.
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        • CrimsomRayko-solace-
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          Tsugumari-solace- That is a good part of it, though the other things that make me begin to hate the game is another story.
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        At +5 SD gear and less accessories and costume parts my CC has a higher CP than my Dominator in a full +7 Heroic set, so I'm pretty stoked that I don't need to rely on RNGesus to get strong enough to do Fusion Theory.


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