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help with rank in DG

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    help with rank in DG

    could someone explain to me a little bit about the combo rank and type technique so i got high rank with combo have to do what and technique for either the first damage i know is the damage i cause the last one and what i get

    alguém poderia me explica um pouco sobre o rank combo e técnica tipo pra consegui alto rank com combo tem quer fazer oque e com técnica por quer o primeiro dano sei que e o dano que causo o ultimo e o que recebo hth.jpg
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    I have moved this thread to the General Discussion as the Game Guides section is for posting guides, not for asking questions.

    Combo score is directly related to the amount of hits that you deal. If you are in a low-level dungeon and are killing everything extremely quickly, you can take off your weapon for a section of the dungeon and just deal damage until you think you've gotten a good amount of hits in.

    I'm not particular sure as to how to get a high technical score so I'll let someone else answer that.
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      Technical score is a number you gain per action you perform. This was shown in the UI in the past (see below). It is currently impossibel to determine this.

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        In IN's case, try using more actives and commands to help increase your score for the combo portion. The technique part is coming from the skills you're using, like the above mention, not sure how that is calculated but from what I gather it's how much of that skill actually hits your enemies. EX: there's 10 monsters in the room, you flick shot and kill all of them, technique rank boost. There's 10 monsters in the room, you didn't kill/finish them off but since you used Magdonic Cannon and touch every enemy, that too contributes to your technique score.

        So basically how much your skills continuously hits on your enemies for technique and how many consecutive hits you perform on your enemy = combo.
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          From my experience, technique score usually improves if you're placing your moves effectively. I believe you'll get more technique score from hitting three enemies with a single skill than hitting them separately with three different skill uses. Try to find opportunities when many enemies are together.

          Combo score is much simpler, but does rely on you hitting enemies multiple times in a row in order to get a rank. Hit count is a big factor here, which is why some classes like Code Sariel reach high combo scores with ease. If you keep killing enemies in one hit, expect your combo score to suffer.

          It's also worth noting that both technique score and combo score increase by hitting enemies in general. As Skyress brought up, you can unequip your weapon and purposely weaken yourself to forcibly get more technique and combo score. This was a common technique used to get SS combo and technical score ranks when trying to obtain Shadow's Descent - the person aiming for the title would get to the final core before Solace, unequip his or her weapon, and then single-handedly kill the core over a couple hundred hits or so.

          Lastly, the thresholds for these ranks don't just depend on the dungeon you're playing, but also how many people are in the group with you, so keep that in mind as a potential factor.
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