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Guardian title gone

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    Guardian title gone

    after equipping 7 day trial new raid title's guardian title disappear ♥♥♥? bug or what? its gone on my title list
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    Same.. after equipping a different title, I can no longer see it even on my "Favorite" list of titles.

    They had another patch when I re-logged, and I got mine back. Issue solved, for me I guess.
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      Same... cant find no where.


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        Can attest to this. GoSCS is missing from my title list as well.
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          It's the same for INT, and I just managed to acquire it a few weeks ago.



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            I'm having the same issue. I thought I was the only one. Ever since this update the title is gone. It's not even unlocked on Special Tabs.


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              Disabled due to a bug for now.

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                I keep wearing Guardian of Secret Closed Space title all the time before I log off. After update, my title seem to be fine.
                Maybe it's remain safe for those who keep equip it.

                Edit : Correcting the title name
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                • Hitotsuoboe-solace-
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                  Ah, sorry if I wasn't clear. It was just an idea for other people worried about this issue when obtaining the temporary titles. If something causes them to lose Closed Space, a screenshot proving they own the title might end up being invaluable if they need to go through Support or such to get it back. I really hope it doesn't come to that for anyone, but it's a possibility.

                • Lenisha-gaia-
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                  Maybe you logged in a little later? Anyway, they had another patch after I re-logged and I got mine back, so I guess this issue is fixed, for me at least.

                • Chung1e-gaia-
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                  It's okay and I understand. For those who lost it coz bugged, not need to be worry since we still can contact CS for help.

                  If you guys afraid facing another title lost bug in future, I suggest everyone take screenshot all important titles you have now include your IGN (back up in a file) and easier for you to file a ticket to CS with attachment.
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