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So what will you be doing during event since you cant enter the new dungeons?

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    So what will you be doing during event since you cant enter the new dungeons?

    im 263k CP right now and got lucky with enhance event for a +10 on my void wep but even with the reboots i wont reach 350k unless the asd changes increase cp as well.

    anyway with the drop rate increase for the void wep i'm going to farm for my eve and possibly others while not being able to participate since kog thinks we are as powerful as KR regarding CP
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    Heros come and go but legends live forever


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      While I have the required amount of CP to be able to access the new dungeons, I'm blocked due to the fact that I haven't completed any of the Varnimyr quests past Dark Elves Outpost. So that's a RIP for me.


      • SUlCUNE-solace-
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        Pretty sure you could just do Shadow Vein once and go to the new region (someone correct me if I’m wrong)

      • DrBluhen-solace-
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        you can go directly. My RT did not complete 12-4 but yesterday, I just did 12-8 and unlocked 13-x.
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      made it to 306k with reboot 320k with reboot title. this is sad


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        While you're waiting for the next enhancement event.

        Just play something else 4Head.

        Or just prepare for said enhancement event.



        • Coronax-gaia-
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          Great idea. I think I'll play my other account.

        • XxNaruto-solace-
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          Bruh they complain because they want to play Elsword. New content comes out I'd be pretty upset if I couldn't play it at all.

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        Flood the Suggestion and Feedback section with negativity. I am dead serious. Might as write a email to KOG in KR directly.


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          what? only 263k with +10? o.O

          I recently got my weapon to be +9 and now I sit at 310k.

          Can you post your equipement stats, mystic stones weapon state and accesories you're wearing?
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          • xEclipsa-solace-
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            +10 void on my NL

          • xRimy-solace-
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            My friend get 332k using his heroic

          • XxPlaz2xX-solace-
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            It's probably because they play a class with weaker passives. I maxed 290k CP on my DB with 100% crit and Maxi, and 60-80% ASD, with a +10 Void, while others were weaker and had 350k+ CP. With Add getting nerfed and nerfed (especially with this "reboot"), playing him is like begging to not be able to play the game. I changed my elrianode gear to be PVP based, as I gave up on grinding and am one of the veterans who only come back for a really big event (that isn't story related), only to leave and play less and less. I don't think I'll be coming back after this, and once my little brother quits this game, I will for good. It's a money scheme, not a game.
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          The same thing I do every day, do only the daily quests and go back to my mobile games. If I remember to open Elsword at all.


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            Whatever they did to the stat calculation helped a bit. my FP jumped from the 270~280k CP range up to just barely over 300k CP range. Wonder how much the REBOOT is gonna boost him.

            As far what I'm pretty much doing. Dailies, taking videos of all the REBOOT skills on other characters to put up on ElWiki. Hedgehog event.

            Got myself another Void Weapon on my daily Add Dungeon run, so that's cool. Sent it to my CC (who strangely has the same CP as my Cen despite his Void being a +8 and my Cen's being a +9...)

            Should probably try and work on some of my non capped characters. Good portion of them are in Trans Skill Quest limbo. At least drop rates are 100% now and REBOOT is giving me some motivation to get back into some of them.


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              350,000 combat power now from the reboot. Enough to enter the first dungeon, not enough to actually do anything significant.

              I think I'll just farm Ignia and Chrysalis for their accessories.



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                with a +10, you can easily hit 500k CP now. just optimize your acc slots and save up for an IB costume set.

                ignias/solaces set, bravery or strength skill ring, ring of fury, velder necklace, dimension set. CL 2 or 3 piece and ST 3 piece if you an manage it are my main recommendations, double check your armor is set up for CP specifically - pick up phy/mag ignore and increase your ASD gloves and ERP.

                save up energy shards for the ASD and crit/maxiadd dmg pieces for your void wep(? i assume that's what your using) if you don't have them already

                agate fragment or whatever the 12-8 boss drop is called also works for upgrading your CP if you don't want to use slots on your elrianode armor


                • Coronax-gaia-
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                  What's CL and ST?

                • Krystalchu-solace-
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                  Crescent Lullaby and Shiavana Truffles, CL just ended, ST is the current IB set.

                • SpecterHime-solace-
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                  -> OP specifically said they'd gotten their wep to +10 during the ongoing enhancement event. My comment was mostly meant for them. I agree that +10 isn't easy, but having a high enhancement level doesn't mean you can just eschew putting effort into your other equipment.
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                Try to get Pierce to Heaven title and Unique Head Hunter, these both might help you out to boost more CP.
                At least you got something to upgrade in order to enter this Rigomor Region dungeons


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                  I'm not really cares with new dungeon, cuz can't enter it. I just grind disks and ED for my main using alt.


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                    The idea of waiting for enhancement event to get a chance for CP increase is so sad basically RNG to enter new dungeon? I never ever got +9 +10 on those events anyway, also for solo player who never tried venimyr raids, how difficult would those be for me? i suppose im gonna need to spend days learning youtube videos and practise raids just so i can complete the quest to unlock new region? i hope im wrong


                    • xEclipsa-solace-
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                      nah you unlock new region by running shadow vein once
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                    but... I can enter the new dungeons


                    • Alorous-solace-
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                      master of flexxing on the normies
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