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Let's all sacrifice Ara on the prayer altar for a sage stone event.

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    Let's all sacrifice Ara on the prayer altar for a sage stone event.

    I guess you'd all agree with me here that we need more sage stones as there is a drought of them since forever.

    My take on this is that we send our prayers to GM Rush by sacrificing the clumsy girl for it !

    Other than my stupid idea, does anyone would have any ideas to make for an interesting event relating to the sage stones else than "stay logged for 30min" ?
    Maybe putting them as incentive to run 12-1/2/3 to make more people willing to run early Varnimyr ?

    "Let justice be done, though the Heavens fall."
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    I say Elesis makes a better sacrifice. Especially Bloody Queen is already accustomed in spilling her own blood.

    As for sage stone events... Just make them droppable by the dungeon bosses. The higher the CP requirement, the higher the chance and/or amount.
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    • Niwatari-solace-
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      As much as I like Elesis and dislike Ara, BQ blood is not pure, it is darkly soiled, while Ara is. So she'd be the better sacrifice.

    • CrimsomRayko-solace-
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      "Remember the last time we sacrifice a bad touch to the grail?"

    • Tsugumari-solace-
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      Nah, I am pretty sure whatever evil god get's this is preferring quantity over quality.
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    Make them craftable/drops from Heroics or when a revamped SD comes (As if it will ever happen.).


    • CrimsomRayko-solace-
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      Not everyone wants to just do Elrianode.

      Making other content more endgame-relevant is nicer than most of the niche SD stones; it doesn't even have to be sages, have those stones you're talking about in SDs/HDs is an okay thing too.

    • Niwatari-solace-
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      That'd be the alternative yes, swap the less powerful stone for SD/Heroic, and get the Sage quests for Elrianode onwards. The opposite would just be weird all around.

    • CrimsomRayko-solace-
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      Who's to say there won't be a SD/HD rework.
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    What we need is to make the Sage Stones craftable. 1 Sage Stone will need 2 Refined Magic Stones, 5 Advanced Magic Stones, 10 Magic Stones, 2 El Rewards, 10 Barrier Fragments, 3 Time and Space Fragments, 20 Heroic Weapon Fragments, 50 AP, 1 Warrior's Medal, 30 Demon Realm Energy, 10 Energy Shards, 3 Relics of Sinister Intent, 200 Magic Crystals, and a Ruve Herb.



    • Niwatari-solace-
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      Might as well add a Flame Mark on top of all that.

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      That's in Varnimyr. I'm specifically targeting all content outside of Varnimyr and raids.
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    I offer myself as tribute
    *Mwahahahaha* - I love saying that


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      Sacrifice EtW instead, the gods don't want energy with a clumsy essence. They can take her broken energy and become stronger with it! We do need more sage stones though, Last time I saw a sage stone was during Nisha's event and that was like... 4-5 months ago?


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        Leave my Ara alone!
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          I feel like something they could do is move down the weekly pvp sages from an SS quest to an S or A quest. This would make sages more accessible for more players (given how necessary sages are, I feel this is a fine idea) as well as inspire more people to play pvp, thus increasing the queue'ing pool which leads to better match ups, as opposed to an S rank fighting a star rank due to no other good options. Having a larger player pool is directly proportional to better match making due to the system's increased freedom of selection. To add to this, having better matchmaking makes for better matches, which would inspire people to play pvp due to better balanced experiences. A win-win situation that continually builds upon each other like positive feedback.

          Not too low of a rank requirement that people would afk for it, but also not too high of a rank to make it inaccessible to many. Increasing accessibility while also not giving any large amounts of sages would be achieved this way. It really is not that many per week but would provide a stable source over time for someone dedicated to slow farming (similar to henir). A free bonus (that requires some effort) if you will.

          In addition, people who are vehemently opposed to pvp could still just ignore it like usual (this is completely fine and it is their choice). No it is not unfair for people who hate pvp to "miss out on rewards" because this quest already exists in game so people who don't pvp are already missing out on it by choice. Also, pvp is a part of the game so complaining about rewarding someone for playing part of the game is not valid.


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            Just make a weekly questline trials of the el masters (although I would like to use that name for something else that I’m probably too lazy to make atm):
            1-Gaia:Run a dungeon in your lvl range 5 times
            reward:3 Sage stones
            2-Denif:Trade for an el tear
            reward:3 sage stones
            3-Ventus:Speed run certain dungeon types in x amount of time
            Reward:3 Sage Stones
            4-Solace:Run one of the last two Elysion dungeons (don’t remember their names of the top of my head)
            Reward:3 sage stones
            5-Rosso:Run either Add dungeon or Rosso Raid 3 times
            reward:3 sage stones
            6-Glave or Darkmoon (Cause Ebalon isn’t here atm):Clear Henir on normal
            reward:Sage Stone Cube (3-5)


            • Niwatari-solace-
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              That sounds really neat, I'd like that ~

            • RazorPump-solace-
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              Might as well just make Henir Fragments exchangeable for Sage stones at this point.

            • xEclipsa-solace-
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              switch 5 to just a varnimyr dungeon and 6 to something other than henir cause henir is hard now for most people than before, maybe to sinister intent 2 times. 20 stones a week seems to be good but make the rewards selective between sage and twisted.

              number 1 should be reduced since to 2 and have the common exclusions (event/add/DoSI/etc.)
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            Astoundingly, we actually did get a temporary Sage Stone opportunity with the reboot pre-vent. No fox sacrifice required.
            As far as I know.

            Personally, I wouldn't mind it if the sages just kept scaling down on the "Champion Worthy of X Rank" quests. We currently have 7 at SSS and 5 at SS, so following that pattern it could drop down to 3 at S, 1 at A.

            This might provide a reasonable amount of incentive for players who don't normally PvP to at least participate in the mode, since they wouldn't have to have high-end, SS+ gear and/or skills to collect Sages they way we do right now.
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            • Niwatari-solace-
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              You missed the altar by an hair ! ` -´
              Tbh I don't think having a quest for 1 sage stone even worse at all, it more looks like a kick in the nut to ask you to get higher rank that anything else haha.

            • XlVA-solace-
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              My thinking goes something like...

              At SS+ you effectively need to have Saged gear to keep up, so you're spending Sages to earn Sages, which doesn't get you a net positive until way later. However, you pretty much get automatically sorted into A rank as long as you're level 99, and that rank's not very difficult to maintain even without a full kit (a Transcended character with SD gear, for example).

              So the same way someone who can't clear Henir can still collect shards at a slower pace, someone who can't rank up in Arena could still float around A rank and hoard Sages until their gear and experience are good enough for them to progress. Something like that.
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