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    Henir Challenge mode questions

    Hi guys, im using CEs now, and still struggle with Henir challenge mode. I always got OHKO from El Aspiration or Dekal, can i put any resistance attribute to my armor to prevent this? Thanks
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    Defense is useless in this endgame I believe, the devs want to raise difficulty through enemies dishing out huge numbers whilst having huge numbers on their HP.

    DP isn't used and there are no new and worthwhile defensive support from these things. If you want to tank a little more, it will probably sacrifice a lot of CP and dps, proportionally speaking.


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      CrimsomRayko is correct, buffing your DP to any noticable degree is a handicap in current end-game.

      It functions more on being able to reliably dodge and read attacks rather than tanking, or permanently I-framing if you have the resources. This applies to Henir just the same.

      Dekal is much easier to read as most of his attacks have a large animation or windup, especially compared to Aspiration summons that are often instant.

      Try watching videos of people clearing her (not the whale rapid clear ones, someone who took time) to learn the pattern of summons and what you can do to avoid them. Try to survive more than clear, get/use Forginary in case you get stuck in a bad spot with no options.
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        Thanks guys, huhu, i will try to watch some videos and practice more then. Really appreciated with your helps!


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          Oberon guard mod gives you 50% damage reduction for 7 seconds. I often take this when dekal or other hard hitting bosses are in rotation
          162/200 erp, lazy grind |s>et3 eve 4/4


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            Thanks bro, i havent got the mod version yet. Ill try to get it then. Cheers!


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              You either kill El Aspiration fast, dodge perfectly or die. That's just what it is. Yes, you can dodge her perfectly. I still think her attack power is glitched, however.

              For Dekal, I assume it's either the black hole, the screen wide attack or his projectile cubes. For the first two, they are on a timer, get used to the timing and predict it. Black Hole can be mana broken, the screen wide attack just requires you standing next to him. As for the projectile cubes, just don't stand next to him, so he does't hit you with multiple at once.

              For the most part Oberon guard mod won't save you most of the time. If you can use it at the right moment, you could iFrame as well. You may just prolong the fight and as such have higher risk of getting hit.
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                do you know exactly how to time the black hole?

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                It's intuition for me. After fighting him enough you know when to be careful. It's the very same concept as Dark Recluses thorn pillar in 12-7-3.
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              As CE, I just try to avoid distance from the 2nd version of dekal == one tht suck u close to him.
              Spam as much as long range skills as CE got mny long range skill (sweeper, spce wrench etc.) Lets the summon do the stuffs and ya just keep spammin those mega electron Bxxll.
              Kill him first then go to 1st version dekal.

              El aspiration, yeh learn her pattern first then ya can be ready to fite her.

              sadly I change to Cbs and mana resource is quite a trouble here compared to CE


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