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State of Elsword NA

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    Basically the games is dying and there are not really any hopes of improvement if nothing happens this summer??

    Would moving to KR be worth it? I dont speak korean... at all... is there an English player base there? Ff and the lag.... I really like the game but as said before I'm the lvl 99 that can run elididoren (cant spell) so I'm kinda
    stuck... maybe I should just start over or something... honestly the game is getting stale... waiting for an enchantment event so I wont get crushed in Add's dungeon ;v; (this thread isnt about the God tier kr server but husshhh)


    • CrimsomRayko-solace-
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      They IP block regions outside of SKorea and getting an account requires a Citizenship ID I believe.

      If you are struggling on Add's Fusion Theory dungeon, do you have the free Heroic sets with the free +9 Heroic amulets?
      These are from the one-time quests for clearing Heroics, it used to be +8 but they changed it to +9 quite awhile ago.

      Then again, before you go deeper into the progression, look ahead to think if you actually want to be there.
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    Well it will get better (if you're asking me the in game content). The problem is how they see the meta in game which not only walled by paying real money but also requires lots of RNG.

    However it seems that's the meta even in KR games now. Strong gear only come in loot boxes that requires lots of upgrading which the rate and materials are also RNG.

    Long story short it all depends on the KR community itself


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      I dont know if the KR server is better, because a ban wave on important player, they leaked the new updates (new demonic armor), the new enchat limit will be +14, but also A SELECTED GROUP OF TOP PLAYER WAS "HIRED" (PAYMENT MADE VIA IN GAME) TO DO THE GAME BALANCES, so the balances were done by a players group, no by the dev team, and they made a plan to keep them in the position and nerf and buff the chars as they like, so some chars as they play or like never get touch like Ain and others got heavy nerf.


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      Hi Guys,

      Please stay on topic And keep the conversation in General Discussions on Elsword NA. If you do wish to discuss any future content (or potential future content) -- please go to the Off-Topic Discussions and also keep in mind that spreading misinformation can be penalized
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        Ok, well at least that explain a lot of the horrible balance of the characters, and the lack of the promised char focussed revamp, only we can wait if at least now they do it to fix the "parcial balace" of the chars and now is realy done right.

        Offical statement of the suspicions
        change of Director of KR
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          Due to this thread now discussing state of Elsword KR instead of NA and going off topic I'm locking this thread
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