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    Unexpected Faves?

    You ever have an experience where there's a class(es) you initially dislike, but over time you've come to like them?

    Right now I'm feeling that way towards Crimson Rose. I've made her other paths, but I got bored and deleted them pretty quickly. Maybe I'll get bored again after a while, but for right now, I really like CR's playstyle. So, has anyone else had that experience?
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    I didn't dislike Immortal from the start, but it took a while before he clicked.



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      For me it was the opposite. I really liked Rose in general. And now I can't touch her with a 10m pole.

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        Can't really say I have. Usually do a fair bit of homework on a character's gameplay before I tend to jump into them at this point.

        The ones I think will be clunky, are.

        If anything, it's usually the opposite for me. With a decent number of characters I tried getting into turning out not being my jazz. IS being one of the characters I really wanted to play back in the day, but only finding him good when I did play him (liking LK more in terms of Elswords). Turned out not liking LP as much as I thought, especially after his DMP combos got gutted.

        I'd say characters that I actually did find myself liking more than I expected. DiE and ShR. Diabolic Esper I actually found myself enjoying his dual resource mechanic more than I thought and using Moonlight Rhapsody. ShR actually liked her a lot more once I got Sunshower, that really is the one thing that makes playing her without chugging pots enjoyable. Neither of them necessarily being favorites, but did enjoy them enough.


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          Eternity Winner.
          I tried her and, at first, resented her mechanics. I thought they were absurd and needlessly clunky.
          I dropped EW for a while, then went back to cap her and ended up enjoying her style so much that I consider her a sub-main now.

          I almost want to even add my current main, Bluhen, to the topic, but he was more "extremely difficult to pick up" rather than I didn't like him.


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            My first impressions of Ara were really bad... And then I tried her out and she's one of my favourite characters to play now. I can say the same to Radiant Soul.


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              RaS, at first I thought shes boring but I created one again and I found kinda have fun with her
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                TT.... I thought he was boring because all his combos went into siege mode. I deleted the first TT I made. About 4-5 months later I remade him and now look at me. I main him.

                I think the same goes for AeS. I've made about 4 Aishas and deleted them. Yesterday I made one and got to level 80 in a few hours. This time I'm actually enjoying her.


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                  I do a fair amount of research into each class before I play them so nothing is usually unexpected, but does it count if I ended up unexpectedly liking something (without the dislike at the start)? If so then I guess it's NI for me as I initially started with him for reasons outside of gameplay (and then he turned out to be fun gameplay-wise).
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                    Noblesse / Innocent. Noblesse is ♥♥♥♥, Innocent is great. But I still rarely touch them (or even the game for that matter) now a days because I don't have time and they're not very invested in.

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                      It took me 6 Chungs to finally make it to Fatal Phantom.
                      I could've tried Cent or CC but I just really liked FP's concept w/ two guns. I was just garbage at playing his early game (still have Shooting Guardian trauma) and kept getting one point I started naming each Chung FourthAttempt, FifthAttempt. SixthAttempt was spared the deletion.

                      I actually enjoy him a lot now, and plan to +11 him soon! I'm excited to play him endgame. He's probably going to become my secondary main if not new main.

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                        At first, I didn't like the apostasia cause he was too mp hungry for me, and the damage seems quite 'meh'. I only chose him because of his looks lol.. Because he was my first character and I was still new to this game, it was hard just to level him up and do dungeons(he's quite soft). But I loved him after finally changing to Herrscher and gearing him up.

                        Also Bluhen. Since he was my second char, he was too complicated for me as a newbie. I tried to delete him for several times but didn't perma delete because I felt like I wasn't trying hard enough to understand him.

                        I'm glad that I gave him a chance lol.


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