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Mystic Stone or Void Disk?

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    Mystic Stone or Void Disk?

    So I want to get my Void Wep on Laby but I don't know if I should save all my Void Shards and make Disks or get Mystic Stones and RNG it? Or is a mix of both better?
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    Best case would be a mix of both. Certain disk stages provide buffs or stats which are well above anything you'd get from mystic stones while others provide stats which are less so important.

    For instance YOU WANT Yellow Stage 5 without a doubt. But you probably won't care as much about Blue Stage 2. So in that case, just use a mystic stone for Blue Stage 2 and RNG something you might want.
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      in that case, which Void Disk would be the best to get? like as you said, Yellow 5 is one but any others?


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        The most important Void disks are Red Stage 5, Blue Stage 3, and Yellow Stages 3, 4 and 5.
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      Just compare the possible stats.

      Void Disks (scroll down):

      Mystic Stones:


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