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    Main Character

    I want to discuss a concept that's been quite common in most MMORPGs/MOBAs/Fighting Games... wow... uhm Games, in general, I guess haha!!

    Main Characters
    The Main Character refers to that character that you've (usually):
    • Played the most
    • Enjoy the most
    • Mastered higher/more than the other characters
    My question is... With the large range of playstyles/characters in Elsword -- Are you more inclined to play your Main Character due to the comfort of the playstyle as opposed to alternate characters with different playstyles?

    This means that swapping characters (For instance: Laby to Raven) could lead to feeling a huge difference in mobility. Alternatively, you could be a player that adapts to playstyles quickly and on-the-fly and thus enjoy and do utilize a larger cast of characters -- Thus like GM Pie not having a "Main" per say.
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    I choose my mains by simple feelings I get when playing.
    If the character is fun to play and has some nice sprites itll be my go-to.
    As such my mains are Flame Lord and Eternity Winner. With a side dish of AeS/HR/Dom

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      I choose mains by how fun they are, imo, and their story (a lesser factor). I'm a huge fan of Knight Emperor and Rage Hearts, but it's hard to catch up to other classes with a higher mobility/utility. I also have Innocent since they're a jack of all trades and I love their path (as opposed to Diangelion's story). Right now, my two mains are C:Es and Eternity Winner. I like how with C:Es, you're basically in your own party. I've always been interested in Laby whenever she came out in KR, but I love Sparky Child's personality. She's just so bored lol, as opposed to Twinkle Child who is... way too peppy. Idk if this made sense lol I tend to ramble.


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        If I stick with something it's because it feels good to use. I can accomplish something with it. I suffered tough playing underwhelming classes in other games. Never again.


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          At the moment, I spend so much time on my main that it's a little difficult to spend time on the vast majority of my other characters. I'll probably spend 90% on my NI, 9% on my FB (because he's my EXP mule, but I don't dump my stamina like I should be doing every day...) and then 1% everyone else, usually because I have to pick them up to play for GC.
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            TB is more fun than your main.

            In all honesty though I've played most of the characters in this game a ton, I've been here forever so why wouldn't I? Will say I didn't give everyone the biggest chance, can't get behind Eve at all, and I don't want to. The rest just didn't make the cut though. Probably played WS the second most, before 3rd shenanigans happened. Just parted from her in time. Laby has my interest though, not Eternity Winner, the other one.

            Having functional commands sounds fun, and in all honesty the character in general has that 'new character stupidity' tied in.


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              Generally in most games I tend to be the person that plays multiple characters. I will have a main but often use alts because I tend to be bored if i'm stuck with one play style.
              But since we started getting end game gear that we can't bankshare, like we could in the past, I've stopped playing most of my alts. Now i would probably play them until 99 then forget them when lack of gear becomes an issue.

              My main on a game would usually be a hybrid character. One that can use both melee and range or a healer/support that's also capable of dishing out damage. Those characters are less likely to become boring after playing them for too long. For that reason my main and secondary is Flame Lord and Bluhen. I've also started working on gearing my Twilight after the buffs that allowed her sword to be useful, so she fits the first category pretty nicely.
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                I play my main[CEs] most of the time cause it has the best grinding stuff out of all of my charas [has better gear and an erp page dedicated to just exp,idr, and ed], i like using CEs the most because it's a "summoner" class and it's the most unused eve on INT, but i can't say it's more convenient to use than my alts if it's just for grinding. I also play my CU and my CSa whenever i have time since i'm grinding EXP/ED.

                So to answer the question, "Are you more inclined to play your Main Character due to the comfort of the playstyle as opposed to alternate characters with different playstyles?"
                ye, i'm playing my CEs because i like her playstyle and there's less ppl using it, i really hate it when ppl choose to play a class because it's OP, i always grin at my monitor when those OP classes that ppl bandwagon gets nerfed.


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                  I want to play several characters, but simply having little time and fund I could spend on this game so I have no choice but sticking to my Nova Imperator 90% of the times. It’s my strongest character which I made first when joining the game and played the most compared to all other characters and classes, and the class path which I enjoy the most in all aspects.
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                    I like to believe I main Furious Blade, but in reality, it's whoever I feel like getting the void weapon on
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                      Main Fatal Phantom because of his personality, calm and polite, also gun as weapon. I prefer strong and fast speed in battle.

                      his playstyle make me feel the most comfortable to play and using gun as weapon (long range because I'm really bad in short range gameplay in any game). Most favorite skills are Burning Punisher and Shooting Stars (No Mod used)

                      I had spend more time on FP and just a little on other chars. It's fun to upgrade him and he's only good scores I can get in any dungeon compares to Eve

                      2nd choice is Sariel/Esencia, because I love summoning and slashing skills. I use Fatal Phantom to farm item to craft more pots (Elrianode/Varnimyr) or collect at event and keep for Sariel use if I have more than enough pots for Sariel since she is mana hungry. Still can't let go my ex-main Character, Sariel even I decided to fixed only my main to FP.


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                        I play multiple classes and have a good mastery of what I consider my mains and I generally enjoy them

                        In order of mastery:
                        1. Dab
                        2. AeS
                        3. CS
                        4. EW
                        5. Shakti [LF> tears so I can play agian]

                        Generally, I'm more inclined to play a class that I'm attracted to aesthetically then mechanically. Swapping between each of my classes are difficult to an extent but I get bored of playing the same class all day ono;
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                          for me is
                          Innoncent with fast cooldown and high hit rate , its really easy to clear ADD's Dungeon because the high hit rate that makes enemy stay away from me.
                          after i get void wp cube and Fortunately i successfully enchanted to + 10 , its become the best one
                          the last things i do is farming some stone and powder


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                            I picked FP as a main before because I basically wanna use an op char that can give me tons of ed who can grind alone and not rely on anyone else. Although that was the first reason I found myself being attached to him, over the long run I've noticed that I never get tired of him for some unknown reason. (Even tho I've been playing FP for many years now). Overall you just need to find and feel the character that will give u the most fun and will relate to u the most. *cheers to those deleted deleted guinea chars

                            Tldr I suggest finding a character that is the most comfortable for you, and will be beneficial to your account(all ur alts). Then once that main is really strong you can use that main to fund for the other chars that you find interesting.


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                              My main is just the first character I made and has the most gear and ED as a result.

                              And when I make different characters I have either grinded them to 99 and Transcendence and stopped somewhere in the middle of gearing them, or dropped them before I get to 2nd job.

                              The exceptions are my Optimus (who I found kind of not-fun so I dropped her around 80) and my Elemental Master (who I don't really dislike, but don't super-like either. Planning to get her to 99 but who knows?)


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