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Droprates for the Laby IB's?

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    Droprates for the Laby IB's?

    Okay so I've recently tried my luck at the IB and in 80 pulls, I didn't receive a single thing. Have had friends who've gone hundreds of pulls with only 1 or so piece. Are the droprates significantly lower than the usual ones for laby??
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    No. Same thing.

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      Ice burners in general can have pretty weird drop rates. It's all up to RNG. But if you're still pulling, I wish you good luck.


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        ice burners have about a 7.7% chance of getting an ib piece

        gloves and shoes are about 1.1% each so like... if you get a costume piece, its about 30% chance its going to be a shoe or glove

        weapons are around .3% accessories are both .35% each iirc
        i think top/bot/hair are both .6% each as well

        its very possible to open 100 and get nothing tbh,,

        tho these rates are for all ibs- just thought it would be interesting to point them out @ @ however keep in mind this is kr info and not NA- unless NA messed with the rates, these should be pretty similar to what we have

        edit: my bad. its around 5% to get an ib piece. the 7.7% chance includes other S grade items (ib titles/ amulets)
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          Arent accessories like AA legwings way rarer than weapon ??

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          im not too sure on that specific accessory - was it added after the set was released as an additional piece?

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          Yes, it was added later on.
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