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to what extent do you think elsword is pay to win/free to play?

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    If they would make bank share obtainable for free and giftable wedding packages it would be much more free to play friendly..


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      I think I'd give it a 5/10, mainly because my thoughts are purely from someone who only PvEs and avoids PvP like the plague.

      All things considered players nowadays are more spoiled than ever. Since we pretty much bathe in sage stones and gold seals from events in the past year, costumes and suits can be obtained by semi-permanent event dungeons, along with pets. Fetch auras and job change items up to transcendence can be bought from ED shop. Every player can get a free permanent +8 heroic weapon, followed by a +9 heroic amulet for it. A lot of really good accessories can be obtained from gameplay, like dimension master accessories, elrianode accessories, and ones that have been around a while like maya and ignia sets. The new magic stones from weekly elrianode quests are a nice boost as well. Heroic dungeons are easier than ever, and Glave nowadays gives unique grade heroic equipment guaranteed. All that makes it easy to access Drabaki and the other Elrianode quests with the El Tear cubes, making el tear farming a bit more feasible. Coupled with the gold seals from events, using them wisely on valuable tears can net a huge profit. And let's not forget we get b-slots and quickslots for free nowadays by default.

      Not too bad considering back in the day a +7 took hours of grinding field bosses and RNG from field boss cubes, when nowadays we can enhance up to +8 without breaking weapons. Drops were shared in dungeons, so back then if you get a drop, it'd roll a dice to determine which party member actually receives it, and the fact b-slots and quickslot expansions used to cost money for every character. And the default inventory size was much smaller compared to nowadays. And so on, and so on.

      However other essentials like magic necklaces, ring of fury, skill rings, and bank share are still gated behind K-ching. The first 3 can be bought from the board via other people who have bought them with k-ching, but since bank share quest no longer exists, that's still a big problem, especially since KR offers bank sharing to be unlocked for a mere 200m ED. And gearing up for Varnimyr raids can sort of be a pain. Granted I have a +10 Perkisas weapon (enhanced using free fluorites from enhancement events) and +8 heroic armor and have 330k combat power with room to improve, so it's not TOO improbable if you socket well and get the best effects you can.

      Overall I don't think it's as bad as some people hype it up to be, although it's definitely far from perfect. There's a lot of things that need adjusting, and a lot of things that need to be made readily available from quests or with ED. But I will give some credit to the fact they've definitely made a lot of things more accessible and more f2p friendly over the past few years. Most of us never thought they'd make b-slots a default thing, but here we are. So there's always the possibility more changes may come further down the line to make things.


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        maybe like 3/10?

        something that was interesting is that in the test server for laby, we only had 15 hours to play and people grinded enough to gear up and get 3rd job within those 15 hours (even before the 3rd day was over they got 3rd job so id say like...11 ~ 12 hours? of grinding)

        it is hard to get into end game once you reach heroic ish territory because then end game because extremely rng
        i think something that makes end game a whole lot easier is having friends to grind with

        i recently picked up a pupil (sadly it was too late for me to use the mentor feature on them since they were 99) but ive been trying to help them reach end game by helping with 3rd job quest / funding edrs/ answering questions they have
        im waiting on 3rd path laby but for now i have a 40% asd red tear im keeping on hold for them ouo

        they've been struggling with elrianode however- not because of the difficulty, but because of how much rng tears are so its hard for them to make money while trying to save up for good elrianode gear

        id say rng is more of a problem in this game than "pay to win"
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          The game can be P2W but only for Enhancement and IB Grinding. other then that, mostly F2P cause RNG hates us all.


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            the game is only pay2win if one wants to "overgear" quickly. [beyond +9 wep/armor and "multiple" IB/costumes]

            ED grinding is kinda easier now, ppl can just pump item drop rate erp then spam sdg[pt/solo] or pump ED erp then spam pepsiman[solo]. [or just do good'ol debby 11-4 grind with item drop rate erp, there's always pt now anyway]. Players with better gear or better contacts can grind ShV with a good pt. 12-2 is also a good spot to grind if one can play it with minimal pots.

            I only had like 220m ED before xmas, because i had to pay ED debts, buy decent gears for my CU and buy other stuff. But now i have 1.5b and still have more than 1b worth of sellables[loots], i haven't spent a single $ to get the ED i have right now, i just did plain grinding and board stalking.

            Gearing up from scratch might be hard but, just know the right things to get and farm and it won't be long till one gets stable.


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              when we come to a point where we can solo raid with any character, then we can call it p2w


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                I would applaud KOG for doing that. In a positiv way.

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                It would, all end game stuff is eventually changed to be easy (SD, heroic, Solace, Elrianode, Henir and so on)

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                the opinion of a whale is unsurprisingly rather skewed
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              Originally posted by zack6607-solace- View Post
              to what extent do you personally think elsword is pay to win/free to play on a scale of 1 through 10 (1 being not very to 10 being very).
              The only pay to win in this game is fighting the RNG to get a +11 and higher weapon enhancement. Nothing else really.
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                As expected, responses vary between the hardcore players who don't mind spending 36 hours of the weekend grinding for items and money to purchase other items, and the people who wouldn't even think about doing that, and see the game's late dungeons as an entry paywall.

                Since my idea of fun is not exactly to run Debrian Lab 400 times for loot to sell, I'd say the game is p2w. Even more so because every item bought in the market with ED earned with time, had to first be paid with real cash by someone else, so money was provided to KoG one way or the other. But for a more accurate representation, you'd require a figure out a kching/time ratio.

                Originally posted by JuniSeven-solace- View Post

                The only pay to win in this game is fighting the RNG to get a +11 and higher weapon enhancement. Nothing else really.
                That's actually a pretty big money sink, even closer to the actual definition of gambling than the Ice Burners. Specially since, as said before, the stronger the weapon, the less time you need for looting dungeons, which in turn improves your kching/time ratio.
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                  @Abeyll "MMO, RPG". And that's where some people may have a different perspective of the game. Some people don't play too much for the grinding but for the actual combat gameplay and stuff.

                  If the devs are steering the game towards an even-more grindy RPG and whatnot, they can't satisfy more of these players if they only stick with one element of the game.
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                  @CrimsomRayko you do realize this game is classified as a MMORPG, right? By its own definition the game is supposed to take a long time to get what you want.

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                  Effrontery-solace- I've said "perspective" for a reason, I'm not arguing that this game isn't MMORPG to begin with. Yes, you may role-play and fight with people online, but do you just assume that RPGs have the same gameplay genre?

                  Do I expect grinding? Yes, have done these things for a long time but for how much this game's grind is worth to me rn, it's usually unsatisfying tbh. Which is a shame because I like its gameplay and art.
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                4/10 - if you pay, you can be strongest character in Elsword faster, but it isn't necessary


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                  7/10 because previously we had good events which back in 2014 and beforehand that actually allowed you to make profit. I remember the October 2014 event I made 3b off of those dope looking Halloween costumes but now, events don't allow you to make profit like that. Now it's all grinding and rng in hopes you get lucky.
                  Paying makes things way easier and quicker, pvp is pay2win hardly anyone is good, pve is p2w unless someone grinded their arses off in the beginning or knew how to the market, came during a good event or plays an OP class.
                  I'm a super tryhard, fancy, "let's get this shdasdkasd done as fast as possible" kinda guy but I won't pay out the ♥♥♥♥ because I know where this game is going. Hopefully it lasts a couple more years.
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                    6/10 I'm only speaking for PVE wise. Getting stronger takes quite a time yeah but it's not required to use cash for that. You just need to know what you need to do. You can spend money to get strong faster but you can also do that by just grinding yourself to death. Only problem is bank share tbh if you dont have bank share well...


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                      The game stops being heavily p4c after bankshare so I'd give it a 3.6 out of 10, only issue is trying to establish a +9 without breaking weapons
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                        The reason people find the game difficult to advance through is because of the lack of knowledge on the most efficient things to farm. Right now the best place to farm is 12-8, and even geared people aren't willing to run it unless it's in a duo or more people because it's just that obnoxious. If unable to, farm 11-4. Grind. SAVE. SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE. Make friends to play and grind with. You can't advance far in life without having friends and other people helping you. Same applies for games.

                        F2P? I haven't actually been around for that long myself and I'm doing pretty well. I'd give Elsword an 8.5-9 out of 10. The remainder is for Time and Space scrolls. RAAAAAAAAAGE.
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                          12-8 really? how is it the best place? i have ran it around 10+ times but it doesn't really seem like the best place to farm. it is similar to a dungeon like elrian sanctum so i have ignored it outside of story quest.

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                          @xEclipsa 12-8 drops mystic stones (and other pricey items) every run if you have idr. On average you make a ton more from doing 12-8 compared to 11-4 or whatever else substitute.

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                          12-8 drops lots of mystic stones. It's just super obnoxious.
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                        i have always thought that this game was free to have fun and get a good baseline of gear to basically do any content without paying but i had yet to ever encounter a pay to win scenario until today.

                        some may know this person but i wont mention names.

                        i just encountered a sariel with +12 judgement raid wep with all mystic slots 1% magic damage giant slots 5% ASD etc. +10/+11 elrianode gear with 5*enhance skill stacking on each piece all circle slots filled.

                        basically the best tears as well as each item was ID'd with godly stats which ended up with 700k+ CP.

                        it was at that point i asked myself why do i even play this game. i know you can cash and get good stuff but some people had to have been lucky to get the in order for this person to buy it from them.

                        so i have concluded that this game isn't really hard to play and have fun in normally for free without paying but if you want it to be pay to win then you better go all out


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                          To what extent I think Elsword is free to play? That's a hard question, cause at the time I played a ton is when the game PvE wise, and PvP surprisingly was pretty free to play friendly, like you could go pure F2P and be perfectly fine though that's time consuming, the P2W was suggestive if you could even say that, but it was more Pay for Convenience. In terms of basic mechanics/necessities(B-Slots opened for everyone, removal of skill notes, along with every other QoL adjustment) it's pretty F2P friendly.

                          Now? 8/10 Pay 2 Win. Though Elrianode onward is more Pay 2 Play, PvP undoubtedly Pay 2 Win. F2Ps can get pretty far, up to I'd say about Elrianode, early game to early end, even mid end game, is pay for convenience, though mid to end all be all is definitely going to require some cash unless you've had some ballin' connections with people, and what not. The void weapon is pretty much the best weapon a free to play can get a hold of, especially since the raid weapon is out of reach for many people, now, unlocking all the 15 stages is of course gonna cost time, not a problem, but getting the extra benefits from enhancing the weapon on the other hand, is going to require some cash. Though getting to a high CP at least in my case, not sure how high is 379k considered, did require some spending not from my own end but also with the help of others, and that still is an aspect of pay no matter how you look at it. My biggest issue is how inaccessible Varnimyr is, story content should not be gated behind a paywall what so ever, especially a giant one at that. I'm a 5 year old veteran, and I'm in a pretty good spot, but there's stuff I want to do but can't because of the stupid paywalls and I refuse to pay just to play.
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