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    TinnyLaby - SPOILER My name + Laby Also because Laby is Tinny legit small
    Nynti - Anagram of my name
    Kwabopples - A nickname a close friend gave me. Also it sounds like crab and apples or a crab dressed like an apple
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      banned word rights!


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        I tend to take my character names from different languages. For my Laby I ended up going with Aglaja, a German variant of a Greek name, meaning beauty, splendor.

        Youtube: Stratagem


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          I named mine CuteFullCowl. She even has a move called "Smash" so at least 1st path is definitely a little pink punching Midoriya.


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            The repetition of a letter in my character names is a stylistic choice made to find free IGNs easier.

            Lacriimosa - The name of my main Laby. Currently Rumble Pumn, but will be changed to Daydreamer and advanced to Nisha Labyrinth once that path of hers comes out. Lacrimosa means "weeping" in Latin, and her mirror was formed out of her tears. Her third path has been confirmed to be dark, and therefore I figured it's appropriate to emphasise on this part of her lore. Interestingly, lacri alone means "laughter", and in this context, it alludes to Laby's cheerfulness caused by her initial inability to experience sadness and grief.

            Lumiinosa - The name of my future Radiant Soul. Luminosa means "lustrous" in Latin. Thanks to understanding and sharing feelings with Nisha, her mirror and skills illuminate as many colours as there are emotions.
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                Well my IGN for the Laby I main won't be said due to recent events on the forums and to save the mods from a major headache. Soooo I guess I will probably have to say the IGN I'm planning for the 2nd path Laby.

                Cocoron - Translated from Japanese means warm heart which is fitting for Radiant Soul considering her portrait and skills seem to embody the name.

                As for the 3rd job time will have to tell what she gets named since I reserved a good amount of IGNs a year or two ago.
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                  Im jealous of a mate that got ‘Loli’ for his Laby :<


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                    Although I’m the opposite of rich. c:


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                      I'm making my Laby based off Rin from the Shelter animation video. The two are strikingly similar in concept, although they have noticeably different personalities.

                      Rin was already taken and the character has no official last name... so I invented one.

                      Since I always imagined Rin to be a very selfless young girl, I gave my Laby the name "Ritashugi", which is Japanese for altruism.


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                        VeIvetine, with an i instead of L. I was listening to "The Great Divide" by "Velvetine" at the time, but the actual name was taken, and I'd been sitting at the character creation page for far too long and got sick of overthinking what name to pick, so I just went with that.


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                          I have 3.
                          Aelle - technically a male name, but I always thought it was pretty
                          Helleborus - a pink flower with magic connotation
                          both use is instead of ls
                          MirrorMinuet - to match my group with music themed names (HeartHymn, SunSonata, NightMarch, BrightSong)


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                            I make her name "AvrilWolf" because of she did her best to fight for a way at begin of story. Also standby for her 3rd path ( summoning )

                            Avril is a char name from Wild ARMS 5 as she is a ruler with Ice Queen heart who later forgotten herself who she is, and then she join a team to help for whole way,
                            and Wolf because she's seem good to be an Omega Wolf


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                              I named her MistyDays.

                              What? I like Rainy drizzling days and wet flowers


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                                Wants to scream bc my friend has the IGN RumblePumn

                                Here for the PvE and dress up. Mostly dress up.


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