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Brag about your creative and interesting Laby name

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    Brag about your creative and interesting Laby name

    Title says it all, I think Ain's first release had a contest for this, but none this time it seems. I got the name LoversLaby, which only the most degenerate will get.
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    Labyya - her song that she created this is what she calls herself


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      SummonLoli, because I like summoner classes and I plan to go for the third path which is supposed to be one.


      • Peper0chan
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        Originally posted by Peper0chan View Post
        Hi, as much as it upsets many people for "loli" being officially used I will have to ask everyone to refrain from discussing the term of using "loli" as from previous experiences this community is not capable of discussing the usage of that word.

        Please understand this action is not because we endorse such behavior, but because of the responses that were made by users from both sides that blow the discussion out of proportion and results in a lot of infractions that has to be handed out by the mods. We would like forumers to avoid getting any further trouble from that discussion.

        Thank you for your cooperation and understand and I apologize for the inconvenience. If you have any further questions or concerns you're free to PM me (or any other mods if you think I'm too slow I'm typing this on a train with unstable wifi hahargh)

        Hope you guys are still able to enjoy playing as Laby.
        guys pls this applies to the rest of this forums. I mean you can talk about if she's a child or not but don't talk about the meaning of "loli" k?

      • DreamerVG-solace-
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        She's absolutely a child. Both in mind and body. Being an ageless being doesn't invalidate one from being a child. Even in canon everyone refers to her as such, and her first job advancements are even called "[ClassName] Child".
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      • xEclipsa-solace-
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        Dreamer what are u on? aby is clearly a foot taller than lu bringer her more in hieght to eve. and i am not talking about in game models you can clearly get a grasp of her hieght comparison by using her videos and the elsword anime(Lu,eve)
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      My laby name name is YukiYunaHero because laby first job path reminds me of Yuki from Yuki Yuna is a hero anime lol same color theme and both are punch punch girl xD


      • ErillePurrle-solace-
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        Don't watch it if you know how Madoka turned out and don't like it...if not then go ahead. I still watch it though.

      • Kristenxchan-solace-
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        tbf, it didn't fully went madoka at the end...maybe s2 but s1 lol

      • ErillePurrle-solace-
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        Tbh, I really like YYY. I just don't want to watch Madoka for some reasons, but I plan to watch all of YYY when I got the time (already watched S1, the other two will be for later).

        But yeah, at least the ending of S1 isn't that bad.
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      MajinRose because she reminds me of what Amy Rose would be like if she was taken over by babidi and became a Majin buu spinoff


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        lnnerAurora (the I's a lowercase L)
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        • ErillePurrle-solace-
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          I thought that would be a lower case L or a capital i...Am I dumb here?

        • Bawangbieji-solace-
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          Oh snap, yeah I'm trippin lol
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        Hadouken224 - Eternity Winner - Hadouken, that is all

        Castitas224 - Radiant Soul - One of the seven virtues, chastity for purity

        Tristitia224 - undecided, maybe change depending how 3rd path is - One of the old seven deadly sins when it was actually eight, means sorrow


        • Solatic-solace-
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          Eh I don't see how chastity relates to her though, I think kindness works better. Also, humanitas is a more interesting name, given the human part of the word and Laby being something of a demon from what I can understand. That said tristitia is a cool name, since her mirror is supposed to absorb her sadness and what not.
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        AevirPuella - In the mindset of calling her Aevir's Little Girl. Aevir is someone from my Elsword AU so yeah don't ask about that. Puella means a young girl because Loli will trigger some nerds.


        • Solatic-solace-
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          Meanwhile I didn't plan on calling her a loli until I realized it was offending some people. Now my EW's name is going to be LoliFighterZ
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        No time to be creative.
        *Mixes the names of two alts*
        Heros come and go but legends live forever


        • Solatic-solace-
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          Fair enough

        • Kristenxchan-solace-
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          No time to be creative
          green isn't creative
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        tfw you got BoomBamPunch but they change the skill name to Kapow Punch :pensive: :call_me:
        229/250 ERP


        • Allumiere-solace-
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          Whoever got the IGN KapowPunch, show yourself and we'll battle it out to see who the real one is.

        • KapowPunch-solace-
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          Hey. What's up.

        • Allumiere-solace-
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          you've stolen my identity for the last time
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        LabysLazuli .

        "Let justice be done, though the Heavens fall."


        • ErillePurrle-solace-
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          Ishtar is that you?

        • Abeyll-solace-
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          ErillePurrle-solace- Ishtar ? o.o
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        at first i thougt of using labrys (from persona) + something else cause their names are pretty similar
        but i just ended up going for Neptune + numbers


        • ErillePurrle-solace-
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          I can totally see her saying Neppu Neppu lol

        • GreenGreens-gaia-
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          I was going to go for Labrys but that was already taken so I went with a transliteration of Labrys XD
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        I went with.... ShoryukenWin


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          MayGreenfeld...aka May Greenfield, the most genki pilot in the Armored Core series.

          ...and then I realized that wasn't the kinda name I wanted for Laby. Welp.
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            Cause I don't know which path I'm gonna take for her, and the idea of a round object floating around her that can summon stuff (eventually) reminded me of Lana's Summoning Gate weapon from Hyrule Warriors..but you know WhiteScorceressLana wouldn't fit the character limit.


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