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Oct 11th Update Discussion - Happy Halloween!

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    Oct 11th Update Discussion - Happy Halloween!

    Hello, phorumers. You know the usual deal - a new update is here, so let's discuss it!
    [ Extra Information ]
    • All Halloween event items are bankshareable, and each character gets their own board. Complete the entire board to get a Summon Stone: Witch's Broom (and a cute ghost costume suit!)
    • If you do not finish your accepted quests, they will rollover and stay for the next day. You CANNOT progress forward until you complete ALL leftover quests. You can utilize the "skip" button to avoid this.
    • The Witch's Broom mount is permanent, but the mail is NOT. Please take it out of your mailbox.
    • Visit Quacks-solace- post for more in depth information -> Click here!
    • Provided by Treasure-solace- , a spreadsheet of all rewards and quests -> Click here!
    • Visit Mikage-solace- post for some Spot the Difference answers! -> Click here!
    [Mount attacks]




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    That all said, I have a lot of praise for this halloween event. I was sort of disappointed to know there was no special dungeon, so it's arguably not as engaging, but I've been on a bit of a burnout with Elsword and it's constant "level range" things, so the ability to just move forward and not be penalized if you can't do the missions is fantastic. It's basically a free mount for every character, and that's among the other rewards - all bankshareable! Stack up on those sage stones :').

    Support? IM Costume Rotate | ❤ @Aishmael


    • Class: {{esusrinfo_class366229}}
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      The Miho costume suits are a disappoint for me in all honesty, they don't good. Plus they are just recolored and the same costumes suits that we could have gotten for free 2-3 years ago.

      Balance Patch is minor changes.

      Halloween 2018 is another event, based on the tumblr post it sounded like it was going to be an event dungeon, so it was kinda misleading there. But the rewards are nice.

      IM Witch Items, I'm not a big fan of those.
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      • Kristenxchan-solace-
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        tbh, these version of the fox suits, the ears and tails move, unlike the free version.

      • Koide-gaia-
        Koide-gaia- commented
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        Which they shouldn't have ignored it too.

      • Candyyyland-gaia-
        Candyyyland-gaia- commented
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        well that "balance patch" is not minor at all. That was a huge buff quake for some chars.
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      Miho on head: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh yaaaasssss

      Halloween event. RIP That means I I need to play on all my characters just for the sage stones quq;;;; I need to resocket too many things.....

      IM: Dun care

      Balance patch:..... Technically we got it and we know some of us will be nerfed again....................................... SIGH

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      • Class: {{esusrinfo_class366239}}
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        Im just happy more accessories lol


        • Class: {{esusrinfo_class366241}}
          Level: {{esusrinfo_level366241}}
          Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild366241}}

          Feeling kinda drunk on power with Vibe Shot and Wind Slicer buffs.


          • BruhSamra-solace-
            BruhSamra-solace- commented
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            I kinda wanna make a Grand Archer to see how powerful this really is, but i'm afraid KOG will nerf the passive or do something similar to that, considering how wild it is atm. Hopefully I'm wrong

          • Stratagem-solace-
            Stratagem-solace- commented
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            BruhSamra-solace- They already nerfed it in KR. We basically have like a week to enjoy the power fantasy before it's back to being whatever. As for seeing how powerful it is, this was a run I did earlier today to show just how nutty them procs are
        • Class: {{esusrinfo_class366246}}
          Level: {{esusrinfo_level366246}}
          Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild366246}}

          If I accept a quest and do not complete it today, will I be able to accept 3 more tomorrow? Anyone know?


          • Allensiah-solace-
            Allensiah-solace- commented
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            Not 100% sure, but I am assuming, since you move forward just by accepting the quest, you'll be able to move forward three more times tomorrow. The game says you cannot move backwards.

            Although, that said, then I wonder what the point of the skip button is if you can just theoretically accept a quest and move forward even if you don't complete it.

          • Scrumptious-solace-
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            Yea I figured we could pick up 3 quests again tomorrow. Maybe the accepted quest just disappears tomorrow.
        • Class: {{esusrinfo_class366254}}
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          balance patch barely changed anything for me so whatever

          i wish the halloween event was a dungeon
          though it's still nice that we're getting a free costume and a free mount


          • Class: {{esusrinfo_class366262}}
            Level: {{esusrinfo_level366262}}
            Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild366262}}

            Too busy getting carried by sliceknights getsuga tenshoing vymire bosses and raid to ch3ck the event items but they sound nice

            on another note twilight can now pew pew bosses to death with fattal~zxx ~egage repeat and now glide strike does more damage with useful trait on boss than call of ruin ? Was that always a thing?

            Abuse it while it last kids chou
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            • Class: {{esusrinfo_class366265}}
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              I just noticed there is an important question to ask: is the stuff from the event Bank Shareable...... (i only care about the sages being bank shareable)

              though I do understand why it wouldn't....

              Base Rena Guide| Varnimy Raid 101 [Discord Server] | Discord: Shirayuki #1456 | GFX Credits Here


              • Beeble-solace-
                Beeble-solace- commented
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                It says on the event's main page that everything is bank shareable.
            • Class: {{esusrinfo_class366299}}
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              Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild366299}}

              Halloween 2018 - "Adventure! Haunted Velder Academy!"
              Duration: 21 Days (10/11/18 - 10/31/18 Ends 23:59 PDT)
              Per Character; each character has their own separate board.
              Tiles: 45
              Missions Allowed Per Day:
              • Weekdays (Monday ~ Friday): 3
              • Weekends (Saturday ~ Sunday): 5
              • Halloween (10/31/18): 5
              Earliest Completion: Tuesday (10/23/18)
              Ending Tile (if you do it every day): Round 2, Tile 32

              Full board with mission objectives and rewards can be found in my other post here, which is more useful for quick reference. The below will be more in-depth (and honestly messy, like these are my personal notes).

              Board: SPOILER

              • Larger circles have unique rewards, however the mission clear requirements are harder than normal.
              • Missions that can be skipped are done so in exchange for receiving no reward.
              • Tiles 8, 18, 27, 36, and 45 cannot be skipped (and will have no skip button).
              • Tiles 8, 18, 27, and 36 contain a two-part mission.
              • Skipping causes the mission count to go down.
              • Accepting the mission causes the mission count to go down, rather than completion. So, you don’t need to complete the quest to move on in the board for that day; you can accept all 3 or 5 missions at once.
              • Once you accept the mission, you cannot abandon it.
              • If you do not finish the quest provided by the mission by the end of the day, it will not disappear. However, you need to complete yesterday’s quest(s) that you have accepted in order to do today’s set. Otherwise you'll get:

              • However, that does mean you get two days to do the missions before you get behind.

              Rewards Information: SPOILER

              Note: Unless stated, items do not expire. All items are bankshareable (or so it seems), however they cannot be traded.

              Selective Reward:

              Note: Reward totals are for a single round. 30 panels have selective rewards, so I decided to write the 15 exceptions instead.
              Item Tiles Item Details
              [Cobo] Pumpkin Flavored Candy
              All tiles EXCEPT: 3, 6, 11, 14, 21, 22, 32, 33, 41, 42, 45
              Common Rewards at: 8, 18, 27, 36
              Potential Selective Reward Total: 600
              Common Reward Total: 40

              <Group: Event Recovery>
              Recovers: 100% HP/100% MP
              Cooldown: 30 Seconds
              [Cobo] Dungeon Entrance Ticket Selective Cube
              All tiles EXCEPT: 3, 6, 8, 11, 14, 18, 21, 22, 27, 32, 33, 36, 41, 42, 45 Potential Selective Reward Total: 30
              (Will be deleted 2018-11-1 0:00)

              Content (Select 1):
              - 3 [Cobo] Secret Dungeon Entry Permit
              - 3 [Cobo] Heroic Invitation
              - 3 [Cobo] Elrianode Defense Request

              Note: Contents are permanent.
              [Cobo] Blessed Alchemist Elixir Cube

              All tiles EXCEPT: 3, 6, 8, 11, 14, 18, 21, 22, 27, 32, 33, 36, 41, 42, 45 Potential Selective Reward Total: 30

              - 1 of each [Cobo] Blessed Elixir
              [Cobo] EXP, Drop Rate Medal (1 Day) Selection Cube

              3, 11, 21, 32, 41 Common Reward Total: 5
              (Will be deleted 2018-11-1 0:00)

              Content (Select 1):
              - [Cobo] EXP 100% Boost Medal (Duration: 1 day)
              - [Cobo] Drop Rate Bonus 25% Medal (Duration: 1 day)

              [Cobo] Every Flavor Candy

              6 Common Reward Total: 100
              (Will be deleted 2018-11-1 0:00)

              <Group: Every Flavor Candy>
              Recovers: 100% HP/100% MP
              Cooldown: 60 Seconds
              Effect: 2 to 4 of the following will occur:
              - Twister Apple (135 Seconds)
              "Increase Movement Speed"
              - Giant Apple (110 Seconds)
              "Increase Size + Increase Jump Power"
              - Andromeda Apple (45 Seconds)
              "Increase Mana Recovery per sec." (+10 MP)
              - Stone Apple (10 Seconds):
              "Super Armor + Increase Defense"
              [Cobo] Sage's Magic Stone

              8 (Part 2) Common Reward Total: 20
              [Cobo] Packaged Candy

              14 Common Reward Total: 15
              (Will be deleted on 2018-11-1 0:00)

              Candies inside change a pet's personality type by one point. Personality type changed corresponds to the name of the candy. Sociable and Shy share the Y-axis, while Sensible and Impulsive share the X-axis. Ideally, you would want a sensible and shy pet (at least in my opinion).

              Content (1 at random):
              - [Cobo] Sociable Candy x1
              - [Cobo] Sensible Candy x1
              - [Cobo] Shy Candy x1
              - [Cobo] Impulsive Candy x1

              Note: Content will also be deleted.
              [Cobo] Twisted Sage's Magic Stone
              18 (Part 2) Common Reward Total: 20
              [Cobo] El Tree Fruit

              22 Common Reward Total: 10
              [Cobo] Phoru Foot Stamp (Gold)

              27 (Part 2) Common Reward Total: 2
              [Cobo] El Resonance Point Reset Coin

              33 Common Reward Total: 20
              Halloween Trickster (Costume Suit)

              36 (Part 2) Common Reward Total: 1
              Note: It does not appear to be a cube. The costume is specific to the character using the board.
              [Cobo] Blessed Time and Space Scroll

              42 Common Reward Total: 10
              [Cobo] Summon Stone: Witch's Broom

              45 Common Reward Total: 1

              Total Rewards (if you don’t skip anything during the event period): SPOILER
              Note: Remember this is per character. Totals are for 21 days' worth (and assumes the board does reset). Single round totals can be found in the table above.

              Potential Selective Rewards:
              Note: This will differ based on selection, but still can be used as reference.
              - 1,040 [Cobo] Pumpkin Flavored Candies
              - 52 [Cobo] Dungeon Entrance Ticket Selective Cubes
              - OR 52 [Cobo] Blessed Alchemist Elixir Cubes
              (20:1:1 for each item respectively when given the choice, which is 52 times.)

              Common Rewards:
              - 70 [Cobo] Pumpkin Flavored Candies
              - 9 [Cobo] EXP, Drop Rate Medal (1 Day Selection Cube)
              - 200 [Cobo] Every Flavor Candies
              - 40 [Cobo] Sage's Magic Stones
              - 30 [Cobo] Packaged Candies
              - 40 [Cobo] Twisted Sage's Magic Stones
              - 20 [Cobo] El Tree Fruit
              - 4 [Cobo] Phoru Foot Stamps (Gold)
              - 20 [Cobo] El Resonance Point Reset Coins
              - 1 Halloween Trickster (Costume Suit)
              - 10 [Cobo] Blessed Time and Space Scrolls
              - 1 [Cobo] Summon Stone: Witch's Broom

              Schedule: SPOILER
              Note: Referring to the last completed tile for that day.
              Day Week 1 (10/11 - 10/17) Week 2 (10/18 - 10/24) Week 3 (10/25 - 10/31)
              Thursday Round 1, Tile 3 Round 1, Tile 28 Round 2, Tile 8
              Friday Round 1, Tile 6 Round 1, Tile 31 Round 2, Tile 11
              Saturday Round 1, Tile 11 Round 1, Tile 36 Round 2, Tile 16
              Sunday Round 1, Tile 16 Round 1, Tile 41 Round 2, Tile 21
              Monday Round 1, Tile 19 Round 1, Tile 44 Round 2, Tile 24
              Tuesday Round 1, Tile 22 Round 2, Tile 2 Round 2, Tile 27
              Wednesday Round 1, Tile 25 Round 2, Tile 5 Round 2, Tile 32

              Mission Names (with tile number): SPOILER
              Note: Tiles 8, 18, 27, 36 (the ones with the portraits) have 2 separate missions; the first mission rewards you with 10 [Cobo] Pumpkin Flavored Candies, while the second rewards you with their respective items found on the board. I am not listing the rewards/objectives here, since it's already been done in the post below.

              Purple Text: Selective Reward Mission (30)
              Black Text: Common Reward Mission (15)
              Bold Text: Tile Cannot Be Skipped (5)
              * : Reward is Unique to that Tile (10)

              1: [EVENT] Academy Entrance (1)
              2: [EVENT] Academy Entrance (2)

              3: [EVENT] Academy Entrance (3)
              4: [EVENT] Garden (1)
              5: [EVENT] Garden (2)

              6: [EVENT] Garden (3)*
              7: [EVENT] Stairs to the Athletic Field
              8: [EVENT] Athletic Field (1-1), [EVENT] Athletic Field (1-2)*
              9: [EVENT] Garden (4)
              10: [EVENT] 1st Floor Entrance (1)

              11: [EVENT] 1st Floor Entrance (2)
              12: [EVENT] 1st Floor Corridor (1)
              13: [EVENT] 1st Floor Corridor (2)

              14: [EVENT] Teacher's Lounge*
              15: [EVENT] 1st Floor Stairs (1)
              16: [EVENT] 1st / 2nd Floor Stairs
              17: [EVENT] 2nd Floor Stairs

              18: [EVENT] Science Lab (1), [EVENT] Science Lab (2)*
              19: [EVENT] 2nd Floor Corridor (1)
              20: [EVENT] 2nd Floor Corridor (2)

              21: [EVENT] 2nd Floor Corridor (3)
              22: [EVENT] Student Government Room*
              23: [EVENT] 2nd Floor Stairs (2)
              24: [EVENT] 2nd / 3rd Floor Stairs
              25: [EVENT] 3rd Floor Stairs
              26: [EVENT] 3rd Floor Corridor (1)

              27: [EVENT] Library (1), [EVENT] Library (2)*
              28: [EVENT] 3rd Floor Corridor (2)
              29: [EVENT] 3rd Floor Corridor (3)
              30: [EVENT] Campus Center Corridor (1)
              31: [EVENT] Campus Center Corridor (2)

              32: [EVENT] Campus Center 1st Floor (1)
              33: [EVENT] Gym*
              34: [EVENT] Campus Center 1st Floor (2)
              35: [EVENT] Concert Entrance

              36: [EVENT] Concert (1), [EVENT] Concert (2)*
              37: [EVENT] Concert Exit
              38: [EVENT] Campus Center 1st Floor Stairs
              39: [EVENT] Campus Center 1st / 2nd Floor Stairs
              40: [EVENT] Campus Center 2nd Floor Stairs

              41: [EVENT] Campus Center 2nd Floor Corridor (1)
              42: [EVENT] Campus Center Student Lounge*
              43: [EVENT] Campus Center 2nd Floor Corridor (2)
              44: [EVENT] Campus Center 2nd Floor Corridor (3)

              45: Art Studio*

              Mission Types: SPOILER
              Missions can be organized into 8 different objective types:
              Note: Bold will require an increased amount of effort due to a unique reward.
              1. Dungeon Clear (Tile 1, 6, 12, 17, 20, 23, 26, 29, 34, 39, 43)
              2. Arena Match (Tile 2, 11, 14, 19, 30, 40)
              3. Dismantle (Tile 3, 10, 24, 32, 44)
              4. Feed Pet (Tile 4, 9, 21, 38, 42)
              5. Win at Rock-Paper-Scissors (Tile 5, 15, 22, 31, 41)
              6. Acquire the Hot Springs Buff (Tile 7, 13, 25, 35)
              7. Use Quick Slot Items (Tile 16, 28, 33, 37)
              8. Special (Tile 8, 18, 27, 36, 45)
              Objective Requirements:
              Note: Clear conditions are how it’s stated in game.

              ​Dungeon Clear (11 Tiles):
              Clear Conditions: Clear a dungeon within your level range 1 time (Ruben/Henir/Ereda/Sinister Intent excluded) (Note: 3 times at Tile 6.)
              Rewards (non-unique): 10 Choices of Selective Reward
              Unique Reward: 100 [Cobo] Every Flavor Candies (Tile 6)

              ​Arena Match (6 Tiles):
              Clear Conditions: Play Arena 1 time (Note: 3 times at Tile 14.)
              Rewards (non-unique): 4 Choices of Selective Reward, 1 [Cobo] EXP, Drop Rate Medal (1 Day Selection Cube)
              Unique Reward: 15 [Cobo] Packaged Candies (Tile 14)

              ​Dismantle (5 Tiles):
              Clear Condition: Dismantle Item 1 time
              Rewards (non-unique): 3 Choices of Selective Reward, 2 [Cobo] EXP, Drop Rate Medal (1 Day) Selection Cubes
              Unique Reward: None

              ​Feed Pet (5 Tiles):
              Clear Conditions: Feed Pet 1 time (Exclude Auto-Feed) (Note: 3 times at Tile 42.)
              Rewards (non-unique): 3 Choices of Selective Reward, 1 [Cobo] EXP, Drop Rate Medal (1 Day) Selection Cube
              Unique Reward: 10 [Cobo] Blessed Time and Space Scrolls (Tile 42)

              ​Win at Rock-Paper-Scissors (5 Tiles):
              Clear Conditions: Win Rock Paper Scissors 1 time (Note: 3 times at Tile 22)
              Rewards (non-unique): 3 Choices of Selective Reward, 1 [Cobo] EXP, Drop Rate Medal (1 Day) Selection Cube
              Unique Reward: 10 [Cobo] El Tree Fruit (Tile 22)

              ​Acquire the Hot Springs Buff (4 Tiles):
              Clear Conditions: Get buffed by visiting the Hot Springs of Ruben and Lanox (Acquire the buff by staying inside the Hot Springs for 6 minutes)
              Rewards (non-unique): 4 Choices of Selective Reward
              Unique Reward: None

              ​Use Quick Slot Items (4 Tiles):
              Clear Conditions: Use Quick Slot Items 30 times (Note: 50 times at Tile 33)
              Rewards (non-unique): 4 Choices of Selective Reward
              Unique Reward: 20 [Cobo] El Resonance Point Reset Coins (Tile 33)

              Clear Condition: Differs by tile. This will be covered in the section below.
              Rewards: Refer to section below.

              Minimal Effort Rewards and Schedule: SPOILER

              If only do the things you have to do, by the time you finish the board once, you'll get:
              - 40 [Cobo] Pumpkin Flavored Candies (10 Candies at Tile 8, 18, 27, 36)
              - 20 [Cobo] Sage's Magic Stones (Tile 8)
              - 20 [Cobo] Twisted Sage's Magic Stones (Tile 18)
              - 2 [Cobo] Phoru Foot Stamps (Gold) (Tile 27)
              - 1 Halloween Trickster (Costume Suit) (Tile 36)
              - 1 [Cobo] Summon Stone: Witch's Broom (Tile 41)

              If the board does reset and you do it every day, skipping what you can, add an additional:
              - 30 [Cobo] Pumpkin Flavored Candies (10 Candies at Tile 8, 18, 27)
              - 20 [Cobo] Sage Stones (Tile 8)
              - 20 [Cobo] Twisted Sage Stones (Tile 18)
              - 2 [Cobo] Phoru Foot Stamps (Gold) (Tile 27)

              Schedule (10/11/18 to 10/22/18):
              Note: This only includes the days and tiles you can’t skip.

              Day 3 (Saturday 10/13/18):
              Tile 8 cannot be skipped.
              - Part 1: "Use Quick Slot Items 50 times" and "Use Skills 100 times".
              - Part 2: "Clear Velder Academy Athletic Meet 1 time".
              Note: You can fail this event dungeon; you must clear all 3 stages in the time limit in order to finish the mission

              Day 5 (Monday 10/15/18):
              Tile 18 cannot be skipped.
              - Part 1: Acquire 5 Phoru Cookies, 5 El Fire Smoothies.
              - Part 2: Acquire 2 Giant Elixirs.

              Day 8 (Thursday 10/18/18):
              Tile 27 cannot be skipped.
              - Part 1: Clear a dungeon within your level range 5 times (Ruben/Henir/Ereda/Sinister Intent excluded) and Magic Stone Enchant 3 Times.
              - Part 2: Clear Velder Academy Library 1 time.

              Day 10 (Saturday 10/20/18):
              Tile 36 cannot be skipped.
              - Part 1: Clear a dungeon within your level range 5 times (Ruben/Henir/Ereda/Sinister Intent excluded) and Play Arena 3 times.
              - Part 2: Clear Velder Academy Concert 1 time.

              Day 13 (Tuesday 10/23/18):
              - Tile 45 cannot be skipped.
              - Clear "Spot the Difference" (Find 5 differences in each of the 3 stages.)
              - If the board really does reset. Repeat.

              Google Translated "Spot the Difference" Notes from KR Site (Make what you will of it, I don't guarantee to be right at all.):
              - Look for the wrong part in the picture on the left and the picture on the right.
              - The wrong part can be picked from the picture on the right.
              - Failing to find the wrong part will fail 5 times, or 60 seconds for each picture. (Guessing you can be "wrong" 5 times? Either that or just you have 60 seconds to find the 5 differences for each of the 3 images).
              - If it fails, start again from the first level. (Assuming from the first picture.)
              - If you give up in the middle, you can try again by clicking on the art room

              Change Log (Updated 10/18/18): SPOILER
              - Updated the board to make it look at least slightly better than trash?
              - Removing quest line content.
              - Replaced schedule with a simple table, for now. I forgot a Thursday the first time *headdesks*.
              - Replaced item list with more detailed table listing the tile numbers too.
              - Added Reward totals for event.
              - Mission list names are provided if it helps, also colored to show whether it provides the 3 selective rewards or common rewards.
              - Typos corrected.
              - Confirmed special tiles don't require using 2 mission counts, so nothing had to be changed with the schedule.
              - Changed the table to take note of what items are given on the second part of the tile's mission.
              - Added description for Every Flavor Candy since I finally messed with it.
              - Edited mission list to reflect missions that have unique rewards and those that cannot be skipped.
              - Added information about the different types of objectives each missions have and what tiles they are found on. Included total rewards for each type.
              - Included "Minimal Effort" section, for those who prefer to skip, which lists out the reward totals and initial schedule of the first round.
              - Confirmed Packaged Candy content give one point per corresponding personality type.
              - Added Images
              - Fixed typos.
              - Linked to full board (sorry, not making it higher res.)
              - Added note that the Vleder Academy Athletic Meet can be failed and thus not count towards the mission requirements.
              - Posted Google Translated KR notes about "Spot the Difference" at the bottom of the "Minimal Effort Rewards and Schedule" section.

              I swear is a line added after each indented paragraph/bullets, every time you hit edit?
              Last edited by Quacks-solace-; 10-18-2018, 01:54 AM. Reason: Posted Google Translated KR notes about "Spot the Difference" at the bottom of the "Minimal Effort Rewards and Schedule" section.


              • Allensiah-solace-
                Allensiah-solace- commented
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                You can wait the next day to retry, but I'm pretty sure you only need to clear the event dungeon regardless of score , so I'm a bit confused. Either way, you get a free entry every day ^^.

              • Quacks-solace-
                Quacks-solace- commented
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                ToastNews-solace- I'm going to assume by "messed up" you failed to finish the 3 stages. If it's any comfort, you do have two days to finish it, before you get behind, as you can still take the next set on the second day. So, that's two free tries. Otherwise, you could try see if there's any on the Board.

                Allensiah-solace- That's incorrect; you can fail the Velder Athletic Meet event dungeon. With that said it will not count as a clear for the quest. You have to finish all 3 stages in the given duration of time. (And now I regret testing it.)
                Last edited by Quacks-solace-; 10-15-2018, 04:28 PM.

              • Allensiah-solace-
                Allensiah-solace- commented
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                Really? I assumed it would have just cleared upon clear - weird. Definitely a bit harder then if you're playing on lower level characters, as they suffer the most in event dungeons x_x.
            • Class: {{esusrinfo_class366329}}
              Level: {{esusrinfo_level366329}}
              Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild366329}}


              balans patch nerfed my char while buffing a lot of chars that did not deserve it so w/e
              Aerin #0001 | PvP Discord | PvE Discord | /QTDDTOTT/


              • ArtHikari-solace-
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                minerva got hard nerf at this patch 2
            • Class: {{esusrinfo_class366343}}
              Level: {{esusrinfo_level366343}}
              Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild366343}}

              Vibe Shot buff is super nutty. It's honestly not ok and is going to be nerfed, but I already talked about how I feel like they went way overboard with nerfing it in the balance thread in off-topic.

              Playing my NI all the minor changes feel really good. Max MP increase, flat mp gain increase, all the heavy trait changes, cdr upon using one of the birbs, it all adds up to feel really really good. NI feels like a sleeper atm; this guy has been ridiculously strong for a long while now and the balance patch, while not exactly giving him direct power, gave him just that much more.

              other than that not much to really say in regards to the balance patch. the proc passives are busted atm and are going to get nerfed hard, most of the patch basically consisted of heavy trait changes, and that's about it. I know for the ara's the change in how their secret art passives work seems to be overall well received, but I haven't played my ara in forever so can't really comment much on that.

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                Time to get the broom mount for my Dimension Witch.
                "I hereby declare:...the remnants of the high nobility who plan to reverse the flow of history and steal by force the rights that the people have established will receive a suitable repayment for this atrocity." - Reinhard von Lohengramm.


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                  Ha, fitting. I wish you the best of luck, though it should be pretty easy anyway.
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                skipping on 90%-100% on my characters for the broom cause I'm lazy
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                  Skipping on all my characters for the special items/costume/broom. I especially need the sages.
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