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The Unofficial "Looking for Couple/Marriage" Thread

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    You guys should probably delete your bumps to avoid cluttering the thread for future applicants or responders lol
    Elsword Fan Art Discord:
    [CoffeeHouse] Discord:


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      didnt evne know you could do that

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      There's a check mark on the very top of the thread
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    b22cfb9e20ae99710efcbd676e1a9911.jpg So I'm looking for an Aisha Character for my Infinity Sword it doesn't matter which class it is as long as she's around my level to do some Secret Dungeons and hopefully get them married that would be great and also it would be great if you have discord so that I can dm you if you can't go online and so ship is elsword x aisha btw if u can't notice and also it must be an active Aisha Character
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      When can u play?

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      Later tonight ahaha, probably way late though around 11 ish onwards

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      Ill propably tomorrow tbh
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    Bumping thread.


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      What's going on?
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    Welp...uhh...still no Aisha preferably Metamorphy with the same level as me IM is still available as long as there's an Aisha for my IM that also has discord then it'll be great maybe getting married as well would be nice


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      Well might as well, right?
      IGN: Effrontery
      Character/Class: Eve, Sariel
      Level: 99

      I'm mainly looking for someone to talk to and for the skill. Atm, I'm pretty bored with the game so it would be nice to have someone else to do stuff with. I'm okay with any class, it's bonus if you're a raven lol


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        Ok, let's do this.

        IGN: SaberPadoru (Yes, Hashire sori yo, kaze no you ni...)
        Class: Flame Lord (No, not trolling...)
        Level: Erp (111) (yes, I'm not a fan of extreme exp farming, lol)

        About me:
        PVE player ONLY. And... in the last (?) event, I got a couple ring. It is not that I am anxious to get into a couple, but I would like to enjoy the benefits, you know....

        So, without further delay, here are my few requirements:
        1- Someone who speaks Spanish (Very important: I'm too lazy to write, especially if I have to also translate).
        2- Someone who is quite antisocial, as me (So we will be the perfect loving couple... har har har)
        3- Someone in the East coast, or Central America, because I login from the -5 gmt time zone and mostly at night (I mean ... if you want us to do dungeons together, if not.. well, nevermind...)
        4- I do not ask you to be rich, but I expect you to have your own stuffs and to expect NOTHING from me (my things are mine, I will not ask for anything either). Maybe in the future this can change, but I can't recall myself being that friendly...
        5- Please, don't expect me to be friendly, but I can be quite cooperative, even supportive... but not friendly (I'm not Spiderman, sorry).
        That's all, folks! (TM)
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        "They see me rollin, they hatin" - Chamillionaire


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