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The Unofficial "Looking for Couple/Marriage" Thread

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    The Unofficial "Looking for Couple/Marriage" Thread

    For information on the couple/marriage system, refer to this helpful guide: here!

    I decided to make this thread originally for myself but kinda thought maybe others would eventually make "Looking for..." threads. So to keep General Discussion from being flooded with posts that can just be in one thread, I made this. I'm aware some people just want the benefits whether it be the skills or getting dailies done. But maybe we can have some fun with it?

    I'm not sure how well this'll work, if it even does at all. But no harm in trying, I suppose.

    Using the Thread

    There's a specific way I'd like to carry out this procedure so you can get the most out of your to-be bae. Follow the steps below! Every step is a step closer to a happy ever after.

    1. Tell us about your character. You can have fun with this but ultimately, this just means your IGN, character/class, and level. If you'd like, you may include your interests and anything else you feel is important to share.

    2. What are you looking for? This question means what it means. You can be as picky as you want. List any specific character(s) you'd wanna be cuffed by or level. You can even go so far as to mention how you're only interested in the veteran players. Feel free to include any other info.

    3. Commenting and liking posts. If there's someone you're "interested" in, simply comment on or like their post. This way, they know there's hope someone out there who meets their standards.

    Example Post:

    SPOILERIGN: Lexxeh
    Character/Class: Eve, Code: Nemesis
    Level: 85
    I joined Elsword in May of 2012. I enjoy running dungeons for EXP and drops.

    Any character is okay, however they must be around the same level as I. PST timezone preferably.
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    IGN: JustTaehyung
    Character/Class: Ara, Yama Raja
    Level: 95
    I'm usually always looking to play Secret Dungeons, Henir, and Heroics. I also rarely ever pop up in spar but when I do, I dislike being alone.

    Any character except Chung and Elsword. Prefer Ciel or Ain. Reference IGN to BTS is a bonus and would make me super happy. Must be around the same level as I. Fairly active. Discord would be great.
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      Like a tindersword thread?


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        Originally posted by MeenaLea-solace- View Post
        Like a tindersword thread?
        Yes, exactly. That actually gave me an idea. You're a genius.


        • MeenaLea-solace-
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          This should be interesting xD
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        I quite like the idea of this thread *strokes chin*

        Signature by (And Massive Thanks to) stelar


        • JustTaehyung-solace-
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          Ohh! Thanks so much, Rush! Just wanted to be a little creative.

        • GM Rush
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          It's definitely creative... Though the humble Potato is the only one for me

        • Ashleyrose45-solace-
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          #RushApproves XD
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        time to get sexy


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          o cool

          what if im just looking for a sugar daddy to fund my ciel

          only the truly unfortunate will understand


          • JustTaehyung-solace-
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            Oh my goodness-

            If that's what you want, add that to your preferences. Where's the harm in trying, amirite?

          • Genetalias-solace-
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            LF> sugar daddy :whale:
            no prior experiences required.
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          Put my own request up. Also bumping this thread to aid others.


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            Looks interesting for me to lurk in the background. As if I'm not for any thread.

            It's a shame that I mostly only do 3 runs a day and stand around Ignia with my Ignia and amuse myself and bystanders.


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              This RH ^ available for marriage I ain’t payin tho LUL


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                Things you guys get inspiration I am just specchless. Gotta lurk around here I guess creative idea anyway
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                  It’d be nice to see a Discord server for this too!


                  • JustTaehyung-solace-
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                    Hi hi!

                    I'll be taking your suggestion into consideration. Thanks so much for the idea!
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                  IGN: XxPlaz2xX
                  Character/Class: DoomBringer
                  Level: 99
                  I just want marriage for the benefits, I'm a pvper who does pve as well.
                  I don't mind who I get matched up with, but I'd like to be able to train with them in pvp if they're cool with it, and I'd prefer a veteran like myself. I'd also prefer someone who's in college like me, since it's still kind of weird if I "marry" someone younger even in game and not seriously.


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                    Info: not that funded only looking for a buff and IDr mule, preference a Code Nemesis, Elemental Master or Wind Sneaker that can enter all Elysion dungeons that doesn't mind being carried by a geared Day Breaker

                    Times that I am ingame is 4 pm to 5 am pst so an EU or Aus/Kiwi is nice, but shouldn't have noticeable lag difference. Pet must have a fetch aura because time is money.

                    Probably will not pay until I get a job.
                    [No longer playing Elsword] Warframe IGN: Nalucire


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                      Sure, why not it might be fun.
                      IGN: Specter991
                      Info: Looking for mostly the benefits. Also I'm mostly a night owl tho i do tend to be online during the day from time to time. I mostly do Pve Dailies. I doesn't matter who i get paired up with all.

                      Edit: Forgot to mention I already have a couples ring. The free one from the Valentines day event.
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