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  • Class: {{esusrinfo_class436570}}
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    Will the Elstar event dungeons end next week? That's what they implied in the news, but it wasn't clear.

    I hope it's not over already, because I still need items (LuCiel need double) and will not have time to catch everything even winning twice this week.

    And the fact that clothes and items are not bank shareable doesn't help either. I don't even understand why, after all, the items are not tradable. Why not go through the bank?


    • Chung1e-gaia-
      Chung1e-gaia- commented
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      It will be ended next week (

      This event dungeon started since last year ( ), If you late to start your grind, I think just wait for future update new event dungeon (Maybe)

    • xEclipsa-solace-
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      you have the option of using magic wardrobe. create a filler character to get the pieces and register them to the wardrobe since the tickets are per character

    • mistblewair-gaia-
      mistblewair-gaia- commented
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      No, event dungeons are staying.
      I'd also like to point something out: Luciel dont need double. You can choose whose stats to use, or both. For example you only gear up Lu, and choose to use Lu's stats. That way Ciel will have the same stats.
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    If multiple people use the new musical motion custom at the same area will they sync up or will it sound messy?


    • Skyress
      Skyress commented
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      It will sound messy I believe (unless you get everyone to start at exactly the same time).
  • Class: {{esusrinfo_class436703}}
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    Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild436703}}

    Can someone clarify for me when does the X2 rewards start for the elstar dungeons? Do you clear the showcase and signing dungeons both once first (free entry) for the subsequent runs to give X2 rewards?

    I've played the showcase dungeon thrice only to get 5 rewards each time but when I started the signing dungeon it started me off with 10 rewards. (i hadn't played the signing dungeon at all before this).

    During the event period, I only got normal x5 rewards for the showcase dungeon for the 3 times I played.

    The event page says 'ELSTAR Finale Burning X2 REWARDS! After completing the ELSTAR Showcase & ELSTAR Signing Event'.

    However when I had done the showcase dungeon, I hadn't cleared the signing dungeon before (not even during its initial event period).

    So does that mean I didn't quality for the x2 rewards for the 3 runs I did for showcase dungeon?
    When playing the signing dungeon I started with x10 rewards
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    • Tyrannicide-solace-
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      We’re currently having x2 rewards for Elstar dungeon since Wednesday, it’s an event thing and is only temporary.

    • GreenGreens-gaia-
      GreenGreens-gaia- commented
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      Sorry I think I phrased it wrongly. I did the dungeons during the event period (the clock countdown shows elstar finale), but my issue is I only got normal x5 rewards for the showcase dungeon for the 3 times I played.

      The event page says 'ELSTAR Finale Burning X2 REWARDS! After completing the ELSTAR Showcase & ELSTAR Signing Event'. However when I had done the showcase dungeon, I hadn't cleared the signing dungeon before (not even during its initial event period). So does that mean I didn't quality for the x2 rewards for the 3 runs I did for showcase dungeon?

      When playing the signing dungeon I started with x10 rewards.

    • GreenGreens-gaia-
      GreenGreens-gaia- commented
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      well ok today the X2 rewards kicked in and I guess I've answered my own question.

      You have to have completed both dungeons at least once to qualify for the X2 rewards
  • Class: {{esusrinfo_class436810}}
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    Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild436810}}

    I'm trying to figure out what to works towards next for my Apsara. Currently I'm sitting at 485k cp with 5/5 Mariposa, 3/4 Black Mass, 3/3 Corrupted Set, 4/3 DoSI, Velder Neck, +8 Elrianode with reasonable tears, +8 Void with reasonable mystic stones, and RoF + Bravery Ring. I also have a sealed Vine Crown sitting in my inventory. I have the +9 Void amulet but if it turns out getting a +10 is my next goal I'd rather throw it on my most played alt.

    Here are the next things I can think to save for:

    +9 Elrianode Armor
    +9/+10 Void (amulet or enhance)
    Agate Fragment (I heard ignore defense isn't very strong despite granting high CP)
    Crimson Rigomour Set (the set is super confusing and I don't know how much investment it takes to be better than Elrianode)
    Warrior Bravery Ring and/or Ring of Fury
    Tossing Barrier Fragments for the title
    Head Hunter
    Eroding Energy?
    Save for the Brilliant Knight IB Set in 3 months (the stats look broken beyond belief)

    My goal is 600k cp for the Master Class update.

    Also I don't raid because I'm really, really shy and my computer is a sack of potatoes. Am I just overthinking how difficult raids are? I think my CP is on the low end but I know Apsara is more of a utility class.


    • MyShinyTeeth-solace-
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      1. In my opinion your first step should be getting Head Hunter. You can work towards upgrading while you're saving up for the other items on your list. If you don't have over 100~110% boss damage Unique HH should always increase you CP.
      2. Work towards getting a +10 amulet. If you're doing this with ED just buy the amulet over trying to enhance with fluorite. With your current gear I believe this should increase your CP close enough to 600k.
      3. You could go for +9 Elrianode after this but since you're already capable of doing all Rigomor dungeons, there's also the option of skipping this completely and just working towards a rigomor set like Crimson.

      Optional stuff on your list:
      Agate - It is true that the ignore defense isn't as powerful as the CP it provides but the adaptation is pretty valuable. If you're using 4 DoSI accessories then there should be room for Agate somewhere which will give you more power compared to over stacking DoSI.

      Vine Crown - It will increase your overall damage but it reduces your CP, which is unfortunate if your goal is 600k CP.
      Eroding Energy - Good for giving you a bit of extra CP but not to take priority over getting HH to unique which could take some time.
      Rings & Chronicle - If you have the base versions you can stick with those for now. If you don't, add the base versions to your priority list.

      Saving for a new IB - Only do this if you can finish your priority list. You're just taking steps backwards since you already own an IB set.

      Other Recommendations: Try to do Varnimyr Raids once a week if your computer can handle it. Don't worry about being the lowest damage. 95% of us rely on someone that invested a ton of money in the game to carry us through it. So just learn to not die as much while being carried.

      Edit: To add on to #3. Eventually the rigomor set will make elrianode obsolete in time. So whether you go for +9 elrianode or not, I still recommend getting started on collecting materials for the Rigomor set. Crimson is the strongest, followed closely by Sage (in terms of solo play). However, you won't be winning the dps race with sage since its also buffing your team mates. The others are equally outclassed.
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    • ZephyrC-solace-
      ZephyrC-solace- commented
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      Thanks for the helpful response! Do you happen to know when the Rig set becomes better than the Elrianode set? Is it after a few levels of reforging?

    • MyShinyTeeth-solace-
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      I'm not sure when since it depends on how much you've already invested into the set you're using. I can only assume that it may be in the lower reforge levels since your elrianode gear isn't +9 or +10.
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    Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild437066}}

    Who uses less MP pots for farming, Comet Crusader or Centurion? Mine doesn't have much investment at the moment, he'll be running Elrianode dungeons and below.



    • Skyress
      Skyress commented
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      I've heard Centurion chugs pretty hard so I think CC chugs less.

    • Coronax-gaia-
      Coronax-gaia- commented
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      Thanks, I'll be able to make good use of the 3rd job change ticket!

    • TankFFlame-solace-
      TankFFlame-solace- commented
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      It depends what you're farming for. If it's raid, CT has to chug harder because they have a lot of good skills, but it doesn't mean CC doesn't have to chug either. In terms of solo-bossing, CC has Rapid Guardian, CT has the Mark of Commander Trans Passive, and both have access to ZZZX/X(X)ZX so it's fair game. If you're farming dungeons, both have access to Aceldama which return good MP. Just be careful about teammates that can clear faster. If it's PtH/SotC farming, I'd say they are at the same level, but if you're a Land Demolisher-ZZX spamming CC, then CC wins a long shot.
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    Quick question - what are the methods to obtain gold phoru stamps?


    • Meddle-solace-
      Meddle-solace- commented
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      They are primarily purchased from the Item Mall, or from other players on the board. However, there are sometimes events which give away gold phoru stamps. The Mark of New Power weekly quest that's going on right now for example can reward a gold phoru stamp.

    • ChisaiRyu-gaia-
      ChisaiRyu-gaia- commented
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      I see, thank you!
  • Class: {{esusrinfo_class437201}}
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    Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild437201}}

    Hey, I'm returning after taking a bit of time away from this game, now I'd like to be able to do raids. Does anyone know of a character that i could bring to raids that everyone would need. I'm really looking for something like i'm useful for this buff or heal and then just try not to die is what I'd like to able to do if I'm being honest , mostly because I wont be able to get that high amount of CP for a while, but still need to get a raid weapon. Also if there is a discord or a place to find raid parties would be nice if anyone knows anything about finding parties


    • Skyress
      Skyress commented
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      1. Buffers that have a place in any party include Bluhen, Radiant Soul, Comet Crusader, Centurion and Oz Sorcerer. If you would like I can go into further detail about why they are valued highly in a party.
      2. The NA PvE Discord is a general PvE discord, but it has a raid channel where you can look for parties. The link to it can be found in this thread.

    • Aksun-solace-
      Aksun-solace- commented
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      Skyress if you could go into more detail that would be very much appreciated

    • Skyress
      Skyress commented
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      Sure thing. I'll try and list the most important buffs first. It's also important to note that there are other powerful supports but I have not listed them since they are specific to one attack type (Aether Sage and Metamorphy are great examples of this).
      Bluhen: 2x CD acceleration, HP and MP heal over time (MP is most important), 10% attack (have to micromanage to keep this up all the time though), reduce resists, freezing, (5% all speeds), MP gain increase
      Radiant Soul: CD reset along ASD 20% and MP gain increase, all speed boost, bursts of HP and MP, freezing, I think there are others but I can't quite remember what they are
      Comet Crusader: Super Armor (important for survival in 12-7), 4x CD accel in bursts of 5 seconds, debuff removal
      Centurion: Super Armor, targets take 15% more damage, I think he has other ways of damage amp but I don't know what they are
      Oz Sorcerer: Attack 15% alongside 20% attack speed (also has some movement and jump speed but attack speed is the most important), spammable reduce resists, MP heal, magical defence decrease, able to proc Petrify very well
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    We don't have a 3rd job advance ticket for the new jump characters this time around?



    • Class: {{esusrinfo_class437345}}
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      Originally posted by Coronax-gaia- View Post
      We don't have a 3rd job advance ticket for the new jump characters this time around?
      I think it starts tomorrow? since 1-15-2020 23:59 Event.JPG
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      • Tyrannicide-solace-
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        The 23:59 applies to the date it ends only.

      • Ussurix-gaia-
        Ussurix-gaia- commented
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        Oww mb so does thwt mean I just need to create a new char? I wasn't able to see jump event option awhile ago or I probably just saw it wrong

      • EmeeEms-solace-
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        At first I didn't see the event option either but it's there when you go to name your character
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    • Class: {{esusrinfo_class437414}}
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      Hello Elmig@s, i'm really been thinking in downsize my Alt characters on some of my alt accounts (time) and i remember see before om the Old forum ( a really long time ago) some one selling/radin Names. my questions:
      1) is it againts the ToS? (the really important one)
      2) is this still a Thing, people do it?
      3) it is ok or is Frown at it?
      not thinking in actually do it, but if its and option, maybe i will, since now we can buy Character slots with ED, now is not that necessary to have that many alt accounts to try job paths.


      • xEclipsa-solace-
        xEclipsa-solace- commented
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        you're good but it still depends on the ign. you can only sell them for ed though

      • TenkaiKen-solace-
        TenkaiKen-solace- commented
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        that's good to know, of course i will only be interested on ED / tradable tiems. Well, like anything "beauty is in the eye of the beholder", if someone like the IName my want to negotiate. No planning to (try to)Sell anytime soon, gotta decide if i will reduce my alt gallery XD
    • Class: {{esusrinfo_class437427}}
      Level: {{esusrinfo_level437427}}
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      what amethyst type sells for the most ED? at base enhance level.


      • MyShinyTeeth-solace-
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        Crimson is the most desired because of it's damage output. However, you may want to look at the board first to see how many sellers there are so you won't have to compete with pricing.
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      Lo que paso esque me cree un ain con el evento de leveleo rapido del master class
      pero no me gusto mucho y lo elimine, quisiera saber si lo elimino permanente me pueda crear una gaby con el mismo evento de crecimiento
      ¿Saben si se puede?
      Quisisera saber


      • MyShinyTeeth-solace-
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        Puedes crear una personaje de evento de crecimiento en este momento:
        01/15/2020 – 02/11/2020
        02/12/2020 – 03/10/2020
        03/11/2020 – 04/07/2020

        Mucha gente no habla espanol aqui, si es posible habla ingles
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      I am an NL, might switch to EtW.
      If I decide to stay nl, then how should I increase my damage?
      I currently have around 100m ED, and will take advantage of the jump event, resulting in around 300m soon.
      My CP is 271k, including free Salvatore Rosso unfortunately. I have around 10 days left. I already have 2 DoSI accessories, a velder necklace and some trash accessories.
      Considering the above info, what things should I save for in order or priority? Any tips on earning ED? And if course, increasing damage. Also planning to make my event char(Noblesse) my IDR mule.
      water has a taste


      • xEclipsa-solace-
        xEclipsa-solace- commented
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        i swapped back to nisha from EtW and didn't really notice a change in damage.

        i am around 510k cp with a purple +9 elrianode set.

        +10 void weapon.

        top: polarize 9%, crit dmg 3%
        bot: buff party phys 10%, crit damage 3%
        gloves: ASD 44%, crit damage 3%
        shoes: boss damage 10%, crit dmg 3%

        i have 3 piece elrianode and DoSi accessories, ignia set, ring of bravery, magic necklace, ring of fury.

        costume set consisting of 4/4 evil tracer zumyu. no hair piece/costume suit. elstar weapon

        my pet is always fed and equipped with 2 15% recovery gems
    • Class: {{esusrinfo_class437645}}
      Level: {{esusrinfo_level437645}}
      Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild437645}}

      For the jumping event, if I make a character to jump now, am I allowed to keep progress and gain my rewards my own pace until April 7, or does those rewards end when the second period begins (feb 17)?


      • Class: {{esusrinfo_class437879}}
        Level: {{esusrinfo_level437879}}
        Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild437879}}

        In which sections of the inventory and how many spaces do you need to open the cobo-new power cube(1)?
        I'm a bit short on space and I can't figure it out.
        Please and thanks!


        • FluffNeko-solace-
          FluffNeko-solace- commented
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          The box takes up 6 special slots and 3 consumable slots.
      /* */