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    Hey, so, long time veteran returner here, except I haven't logged on in a very long time, like the last time I was on the fields were still new. Now that i'm back, some of the mechanics are foreign to me. One thing that is legitimately bothering me is that I can't seem to figure out how to play dungeons solo. Did they just eliminate that possibility or is there something i'm missing? I remember when there was a dedicated "start with current party button" but i can't find it anymore, is that a bug or. . . anyways thanks for the help and hope to see you guys out there


    • Hecata-solace-
      Hecata-solace- commented
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      The "Start with Current Party" button for me is just above the "Queue for Dungeon" so it is there.

      After checking area by area you need to be doing Hamel Dungeons or higher for it to appear. Essentially lower level dungeons have shortened queues and you get a massive buff if you queue and end up playing alone, they also wanted to increase the chance of people actually running into other people in the queues earlier in the game since if you play an MMO and don't see anybody else for the first few hours, you might not think its much of an MMO at all.
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    Just to confirm, do the tier stacking gloves now affect combat power?

    I have a KE alt who had one and his strength-stack glove now gives much higher combat power than a unique regional glove that had 10% ASD on it.



    • MyShinyTeeth-solace-
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      They've always had an influence on combat power. It's just no where near as much as ASD.

      Edit: Well I guess it only felt that way due to my sockets.
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    • Skyress
      Skyress commented
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      This is most certainly not the case, stacking used to have no influence on CP since it counts as a buff that only occurs in a dungeon. Currently it seems that stacking has an influence on CP (the CP difference between me using a stacking glove vs my ASD one used to be about 500k, now it's a little less than 300k).
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    Where should I invest 203 erp into for my raid mules trying to gather as much cp as possible to meet the requirement?


    • Skyress
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      100 ASD, 50 A/A, 50 Boss Damage, I think the rest of the 3 would go into CDR.

    • Niwatari-solace-
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      Skyress It would requires some testing but with the new values... Doesn’t Adaptation ERP giving more than A/A if s/he s looking for CP ?
      Could be wrong though as I can’t test.

    • Skyress
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      I'm not actually sure, but I think an important part is Adaptation gives so little per point, at 50 points one would be looking at 7.5% ASD vs 3% Adaptation. Because of this, I was hesitant in suggesting Adaptation.
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    Which dungeon is considered the best to do for leveling erp during a 2x exp event?


    • Skyress
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      13-3 > 12-8 > 11-4, whichever one most fits your gear level. The main thing taken into account is time:EXP ratio.

    • Sarelith-solace-
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      Ah ok. Ty for the reply!
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    How much CP does the Party Phys/Mag give now after the update? Does it give about as much CP as actual Phys/Mag damage?


    • xEclipsa-solace-
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      i went up about 20k from the update with about 3% adaptation so it is around them same increase as polarize
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    Does IDR affect ED? Or should I go with ED erp? Or both? All I care about is the ED its self.


    • MyShinyTeeth-solace-
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      IDR from ERP no longer effects ED gained. Double drop rate events do however increase ED gained.

    • EnShirushi-gaia-
      EnShirushi-gaia- commented
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      Oh really? Didn't hear of that. @_@

    • Tsugumari-solace-
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      I did actually test that on Solaces Fortress. MyShinyTeeth is right. IDR from ERP is treated differently from event IDR. This includes it not affecting ED drops. So yes, go ED increase if that is what you care about. Be aware however that KoG is slowly shutting down all the "pure ED" grind spots. You don't get much out of it without a double drop rate event.
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    Hi ! I don't think this question deserve this own post :

    I want to upgrade later on my void from +9 to +10

    -Should I wait for an enhancement event and currently stack blessed fluorite ores ( if it's the right choice are the fluorite less costly at enhancement event or more costly than normal time ? )

    - or should I stack enough ED to buy a +10 scroll ?

    For this please let me know the advantages and disadvantages of these 2 ways ( price, RNG for upgrade..... )


    • AbdelLaCraie-solace-
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      Okay thank you for these informations ! I think I ll save enough money to buy a +10 amulet ( like u said ) at the end of enhancement event so thank you for helping me in the choice !
      Maybe just a last question :

      How much is approximately reduced the price for +10 amu ? ( To know if it's a little or good reduce )
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    • Skyress
      Skyress commented
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      Unfortunately I haven't been keeping track of amulet prices during past enhancement events so I haven't give you anything definite as my memory is a bit foggy, but if I were saving up for a +10 amulet to buy during the enhancement event, I'd save as if the amulets are going to drop no more than 500m from their usual price.

    • AbdelLaCraie-solace-
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      Okay no problem u already helped me soo much ! So go for stacking money to +10
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    How to be a proper support ApS in raid?
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    Feli was here.


    • Skyress
      Skyress commented
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      A couple of things you need to maintain as a support Apsara, and these are Mod Trigram Palm's debuff, normal Fire Lotus debuff (on Rosso, you need to communicate with your party so that there are at least 3 people standing on either side, otherwise the Fire Lotus will push him), Tiger Arts and Fierce Tiger Strike. As long as you regularly use both Arts, Fire Lotus and Fierce Tiger Strike, you're all good to go.
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    Hi !

    I have 2 questions :

    - what is the best place in rigomor to farm ? ( Farm in general, XP, ED and obviously, glaciem )

    - can someone give me the raid NA discord ? Thank you ( and the PvE general discord server if there is one )


    • Hitotsuoboe-solace-
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      1. 13-4, the Icerite Plant, is the best dungeon if you're gunning for Glaciem. 13-3, Trosh's Nest, is the best dungeon in Rigomor experience-wise, primarily due to how relatively short it is compared to the other Rigomor dungeons on top of its high base experience value.
      2. This is the general PvE Discord:
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    • AbdelLaCraie-solace-
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      Okay thank you for your answer and the link !
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    This is a dumb question, but is Tree Knight a viable pet at all? I like it a lot but I'm not sure if its worth buying over grinding for one of the event pets available. (This would be on a Diangelion)


    • Breadooo-solace-
      Breadooo-solace- commented
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      Oh wow, never knew that about Mellow. I use Mellow on my main and it's great, but I had no idea it proc'd effects too, thanks a lot.

    • JustFreezer-solace-
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      Mellow is one of the best pet you can get, and the fact that he's free makes buying pet in the ED shop less attractive. The pets are not worth 200M imo. Uniel is decent to use if you have one already, but Mellow will be a better investment in the long term.

    • RoscoeXVIII-solace-
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      Man... wut?? Mellow actually DOES that?!?!
      That is... insane.
      I've had that pet since day *one*... but put him on the shelf just for the collection, SHEESH!

      Sigh... guess it's time to halt my Fennec progression and put dat Mellow to work, lol!
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    Can anyone give me some tips on how to make runs easier to get the title Man Against the Sun?

    With Bloody Queen, in this case. What the best skills to use to clean rooms, best elixirs to use, etc.

    I've been trying unsuccessfully to reach the time of 5:30, but I almost bump into some exploding mob or I fall off some platform... it's been very frustrating.


    • Hitotsuoboe-solace-
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      I can only state so much, since I hardly touch Bloody Queen's gameplay myself, but as for what I can say about the dungeon itself:

      -There's a lot of split paths in the dungeon. Having at least one other player with you to split up tasks will speed things up immensely.
      -Many of the rooms are gigantic and have you running down separate paths to get to enemies. Using a Ventus elixir and the Gate of Darkness buff will save you several seconds.
      -The first shield mob in the first room tends to get its shield burst off (or at least get close) by the time you reach it, so you may want to bring Soul Harvest to deal with it (or the invulnerable mob) swiftly.
      -Don't touch any of the vertical lasers - besides doing a lot of harm to you, they also add a room to the dungeon (they're the alarm system).
      -Consider prioritizing the spear cores as attack targets when you're near them - they're immune to black hole effects, and can only be damaged if you're nearby.
      -At the start of Copy Maya's room, if you use a move or command with enough forward momentum, you can drag yourself off the platform while the miniboss warning is playing, saving a couple of seconds. BQ's Dark Wave active might be able to pull this off.
      -In Copy Maya's room, just aim straight for the core in the room. Just be ready for Copy Maya to teleport up to you and attempt to put you in a black hole; being in a lengthy special active at this time will help.
      -When you get to Herbaon's room, this is the only time in the entire game you actually want a cutscene to play out: Herbaon's 45 second timer ticks down while that cutscene plays.
      -It's possible to skip phases in the Solace fight by dealing enough damage in one hit to kill him, if you have the means to do this. This would imply either doing enough damage to kill him outright without triggering his second phase, or killing him outright with one hit before triggering his invulnerability during phase 2. (Note that doing this in phase 2 wouldn't work under normal means due to the damage reflection and Solace healing whenever a player dies, but Bloody Queen has a revival passive that prevents this from being a problem.)

    • Phantinni-gaia-
      Phantinni-gaia- commented
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      Thank you for the tips. I tried again and reached the time of 5:54...

      I'm still caught by the mobs that explode on dying, but I hope to get better results.
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    I wanna ask the out of pocket question of where do i suggest to kog to add Seighart as a playable character.


    • Chung1e-gaia-
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      Just go to this link and start any suggestion that you want
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