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    What does stuff like 11-2. It thought it was the dungeons region and dungeon in the region but it doesn't line up


    • Abeyll-solace-
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      Wait what are you asking for exactly ? What dungeon is 11-2? It’s elrianode second dungeon.

    • Skyress
      Skyress commented
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      First number is region number (Laby-exclusive regions do not count), second number is the dungeon number. Eg 11-2 is the 2nd dungeon of the 11th region, which is Water Dragon's Sanctum.
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    exp buff.png
    What is this second exp buff for? I think it only appear on my main character.
    Heros come and go but legends live forever


    • EchoMercury-solace-
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      Oh a guild buff. That would explain why it only shows up on one character. Thanks

    • Abeyll-solace-
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      I just checked in my main and it's not a guild buff, no idea about what it is.

    • EchoMercury-solace-
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      Edit: It seems it was a guild buff that my guild leader can activate. [Cobo] Training time. I probably should have mentioned the name also.
      Ty again
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    Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild382448}}

    Why is Blaze Wing's tracking so bad but Magic Missile/Ping Pong/Guide Arrow/Shooting Star/etc. can target enemies from across the map? Same question for Blazing Dance compared to Kite.

    What is that skill the 3rd job of Trapping Ranger has that has this ungodly AoE range and snares you similar to picking up a Dyrad's item?

    What exactly does Physical/Magical Attack + X, + X%, +Lv. X mean? Which yields better results at equal numbers and which yields better results overall? Why are stats just shoehorned into the game without any real explanation of what they do? It takes me ages just to search some of the stats and how they compare to each other.

    I saw an Add with 1mil CP. Yes, you saw correctly. 1,000,000. Six 0's. So, anyone mind telling me how in the **** this guy got his CP so high when people are struggling to even get to the 500k mark? Is there a comprehensive guide explaining stat weight on CP? Explaining how to draw out the most RAW DAMAGE from your stats? I'm sick of hearing "it's up to how you play". No, no it isn't. There is obviously some sort of meta stat build that focuses entirely on attack. Sacrificing RAW DAMAGE for Defense/Utility is useless. The only reason to stat defense/utility is if you've reached some sort of damage cap. Why even add those sockets in the game when they don't even help? Except for HP, maybe. Chung is the only character where stacking Red. is even useful. You just suffer immensely trying to do it on any other character.

    (i.e. Els/Raven having red passives etc.)
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    • Abeyll-solace-
      Abeyll-solace- commented
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      Skyress about Demonic Vine Crown, a bit of precision. It's actually a total that lowers CP, you forgot to put the -5% phy/mag into account, it is the major point of the loss of CP, as the 10% buff is not counted toward CP since it's not active directly.

    • Skyress
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      Ah, okay. Thanks for the extra information.

    • CitizenSix-solace-
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      Cool, good to know guys. Already getting a nice spike in my CP.
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    As a Sariel in raid dung (drab, 12-5 - 7) What do you usually do when your pots are on cooldown?
    a. Dodge / run everywhere while waiting for pots
    b. Use command attacks hoping it refunds your mana for another skill
    c. add own option here


    • Tajbun-solace-
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      You want to have all your slots full, always and learn how to cycle your potions and skills. While in 12-5 and 12-6 you can run around and wait for potions or even use commands while doing so, in phases 2 and 3 in 12-7 theres literally not a chance you are able to do that. Actually in phase 2 its possible but you might attract boss near yourself which wont make your partymates happy if youre running around. In phase 3 the attacks are sort of fast and same as in phase 2, you can attract boss near yourself and youre also most likely to eventually get hit and in if you get hit you also heal which makes it even worse. Additionally you can get yourself MPR on ERP and shoes OR even a better idea, get a Bluhen in party, I promise you wont regret it.
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    Level: {{esusrinfo_level382888}}
    Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild382888}}

    Is the Trans Quest lv.90 bugged or am I simply that unlucky?
    I've been running Diceon Mines for the 4/5 (Boss Monster drop) of the quest 30 times already (I know because of the "Unlimited Magic Refill" title requirement) and STILL I'm 0/5.

    Anyone? I was happy when the 15 miniboss runs had been "100% drop" when I did them. But now...


    • Corsets-solace-
      Corsets-solace- commented
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      May be a bit of an expensive solution, but the Ancient Medal of Greed tends to pretty much guarantee drops for this quest.

    • Shirenn-solace-
      Shirenn-solace- commented
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      I've been doing the Miniboss quest on my Devi with little success, which is why I was shocked to find Laby's level 90 passive quest isn't drop-based. Sometimes, you must wait for a day with decent RNG to get any drops at all. I wish you best of luck (and for KOG to stop torturing us).

    • st0rmbreaK-solace-
      st0rmbreaK-solace- commented
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      I hope you still have the drop rate medal from the job advancement cube, that affects the quest item drop rate. Don't ever waste those medals.
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    Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild383042}}

    I would like to know the name of the music track which could be heard in this video:
    "I hereby declare:...the remnants of the high nobility who plan to reverse the flow of history and steal by force the rights that the people have established will receive a suitable repayment for this atrocity." - Reinhard von Lohengramm.


    • Skyress
      Skyress commented
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      I recommend giving this question it's own thread in the Off Topic section. The QTDDTOTT is mainly for game-related questions.

    • Allensiah-solace-
      Allensiah-solace- commented
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      However, I can tell you it's "The Bravery" by "Supercell". Also, one of Magi: The Kingdom of Magic's Ending :P -yay for anime helping to recognize songs. Not sure if it's sung by someone else though, or just edited/chipmunked a bit.

    • Tyrannicide-solace-
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      Thank you Allensiah.
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    Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild383353}}

    what gives the most cp?

    also is having a +9 void weapon enough to hit 300k cp?
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    • Abeyll-solace-
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      All skill damage, ignore defense/damage to boss, polarize. Physical/magical % with mystic stones.
      Yes 300k with +9 is doable.
  • Class: {{esusrinfo_class383518}}
    Level: {{esusrinfo_level383518}}
    Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild383518}}

    I am considering saving money towards a +10 amulet so that I can unlock more content in the game (Varnymir). Will I be able to do raids once I have a +10 weapon? I currently have 110% bravery skill damage, 160% crit damage, 10% polarize, ~20% magic attack from bot/mystic stones, 50% boss, and 90% crit and maxi. I want to know whether getting that upgrade is going to make a substantial difference in my gameplay. I currently have a R29 +9 heroic and my class is a fatal phantom


    • Innately-solace-
      Innately-solace- commented
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      I have spoken to my guild mates and I was told that the standard enhancement level for a raid party is +11. Does my guild just have higher geared parties? How realistic is raiding or farming mystic stones in varnymir with a +10 weapon?

      To answer your questions, I am currently using 36% asd gloves, the boss damage includes HH, I just have an old Chung promo costume (perm) that I got like 3 years ago that are saged, and my accessories are 3/3 dimension, 3/3 ignia, and 3/3 elrianode.

      Also, isn't 80% maxi and 80% crit too low? What is your reasoning on choosing 80% both stats? I would like to keep my crit decently high as I have around 180% crit damage in buffs and I feel like 80% maxi leads to large deviations in my damage.

      Thanks in advance

    • Skyress
      Skyress commented
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      1. The average enhancement level for a raid party may be +11 (or leaning towards it) but this doesn't mean that there aren't any raiders who have +10 weapons. Clearing raid is mostly about finding the right people to be able help you since you won't be able to contribute much with a +10 unless the rest of your setup is super good (which doesn't seem like the case), but of course, it's important for you to know the mechanics so you don't end up killing the rest of your party on accident. While I say this, it's also very important not to discriminate people by the amount of experience they have in raid as no one gets good at it on the first go (even with experience in story mode), it all comes down to practice. Farming dungeons (whether it be for mystic stones or accessories) in Varnimyr is realistic, but obviously, the more power the better.
      2. I'd personally recommend to try and save up for 44% ASD for those gloves before you set foot into raid. You might only need 36% to meet the bare minimum but keep in mind that it's overall a nicer experience if everyone can pull their weight.
      3. After that point, the normalisation on both of them is harsh enough that you'd get more overall damage (in raid) by using the socket on boss damage instead.
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    • st0rmbreaK-solace-
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      There are plenty of people who run raid with not-a-+11. More often than not, people are willing to take you as long as you don't slow down the run (constantly not paying attention to dragon HP in 12-5) or kill your party members (12-6 laser + pillar and 12-7 thorns + pillar + tornado). Having the damage will of course help, but I think that having the knowledge to know how to clear it is more important.
  • Class: {{esusrinfo_class383574}}
    Level: {{esusrinfo_level383574}}
    Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild383574}}

    Hello, we meet again QTDDTOTT~

    1. With the new kr henir update coming, I was curious on why do summons die on field areas and not on dungeons (kr update on drabaki)?

    2. What IB set do people go for nowadays? (IB Costumes 5/5 and Accessories 4/4(?))

    3. Are Invisible Suits character exclusives or can one suit be wardrobed by multiple unique characters?


    • xYuzuriha-gaia-
      xYuzuriha-gaia- commented
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      I'm not familiar with ice burners. WDS = White Dragon Servius, SR = Salvatore Rosso(?), MR = Mariposa Requiem, HL = ???, DD = DuskDawn(???), EO = El Officer (?)

    • Skyress
      Skyress commented
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      HL is Henir Lord and DD is Dusk/Dawn. Everything else is correct.

    • st0rmbreaK-solace-
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      IIRC, your summons as an Empress only have unlimited duration and HP in dungeons and nowhere else. A field is not a dungeon.
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    Level: {{esusrinfo_level384231}}
    Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild384231}}

    What are some commands do you all Laby players loop?


    • Abeyll-solace-
      Abeyll-solace- commented
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      ^x. In pvp ? that too or the simple zzz loops with some dash jump mixed in to switch side. Simple really.

    • Tsugumari-solace-
      Tsugumari-solace- commented
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      ZZ Dash Cancel or simple XX from a distance.
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    Level: {{esusrinfo_level384310}}
    Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild384310}}

    I've seen people use skills just before the 'clear' appears on their screen, usually in aft/henir. My question is, the skill teleports to the next room with the player. How?? I've been trying to do this but I can't get the timing .


    • Skyress
      Skyress commented
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      You have to time it right so that your skill begins casting right as the room ends. If you're familiar with how to cutscene skip in Add Dungeon, it uses the same concept.
      You can see this video, which teaches you how to do the cutscene skip (focus on learning the second method listed):

    • Feliciele-gaia-
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      Alright, thanks a bunch, haha.
  • Class: {{esusrinfo_class384363}}
    Level: {{esusrinfo_level384363}}
    Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild384363}}

    Hey guys I wanted to record some stuff playing Elsword, but I was wondering what software I can use to record gameplay? Would like to know what you guys use so I can try it out. I was thinking Bandicam would work but not sure.

    Thank you!


    • Skyress
      Skyress commented
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      Personally I use OBS, though I've found that the recording has FPS lag spikes (even when I don't experience it while I'm playing, though I'm not sure whether I'm experiencing this because of the stream settings I have on). You can also use the in-game recorder but I highly recommend getting an encoder if you use it as the game tends to make the video files quite large (and it will therefore take forever to upload if you just put up the raw video).
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    Level: {{esusrinfo_level384471}}
    Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild384471}}

    What is the Max value of each stat using mystic enhance system?
    I know that "All Mystic Stones can attain all possible effects; however, each color has specific stats that's more effective." (like ElWiki say)
    ManaStoneRed1.png Red
    • HP Increase
    • Physical Attack Level
    • Magical Attack Level
    • Physical Attack Base Stat
    • Magical Attack Base Stat
    • Physical Defense Level
    • Magical Defense Level
    • Physical Defense Base Stat
    • Magical Defense Base Stat
    • Max MP Increase
    ManaStoneBlue1.png Blue
    • All Element Resistance
    • All Skill Damage (except Hyperactive) (Dungeon)
    • Physical Attack %
    • Magical Attack %
    • Physical Defense %
    • Magical Defense %
    • Fire Element Resistance
    • Water Element Resistance
    • Nature Element Resistance
    • Wind Element Resistance
    • Light Element Resistance
    • Dark Element Resistance
    • Elemental Activation Chance
    • Damage to Knocked Down Enemy (Dungeon)
    • Skill Cooldown Decrease
    • Damage to Enemy with <30% HP (Dungeon)
    • Damage Dealt to Boss Monster (Dungeon)
    • EXP Increase
    • Double Attack Chance
    ManaStoneOrange1.png Yellow
    • Critical
    • Attack Speed
    • Add. Damage
    • Awakening Charge
    • Red. Damage
    • Movement Speed
    • Jump Speed
    • Awakening Duration
    • MP Recovery Attacking
    • MP Recovery Attacked
    • Maximize
    • Critical Damage
    • Item Drop Rate (Dungeon)
    ManaStoneGiant1.png Giant
    • Stronger than Red/Blue/Yellow Mystic Stones

    But what is the max posible value for each Stat using unique stone.. for example what is the Max All Skill Damage that I can obtain using Blue Shining Mystic Stone..


    • EchoMercury-solace-
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      I found this table that a few players created:
      Not my work, but hope it helps
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    • Abeyll-solace-
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    Level: {{esusrinfo_level384851}}
    Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild384851}}

    Does the [Luriel] Magic Wardrobe Ticket have a larger pool of IM items than the previous set of Magic Wardrobe Tickets (which allowed costumes all the way up to around the 2017 Winter Casual Set), given it has a different item name? If so, does it include recent IM costumes? I can't seem to find information about it, unless I'm missing something.


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