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    /QTDDTOTT/ - Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread Thread

    This thread is created in order to clean up all the junk in general discussion and promote meaningful threads with relevant discussion rather than stuffposting and +1 posts that isn't relevant to the conversation but not against the rules.

    How it works:
    1. Just post a question, any question, that you don't think deserves its own thread.
    2. People looking over the thread will answer said question as best as they can by commenting in the post rather than making a brand new post answering
    3. ? ? ?
    4. Profit

    • Up to forumer's discretion as to whether or not a question is worth asking here or making a new thread. Use common sense.
    • Specific character questions goes in their respective character subsection
    • Events questions should be posted in their respective megathread
    • MOD Edit - Any threads made with questions that could be asked here are subject to lock due to duplicate threads.


    Questions that belong in this thread:
    • "What character should I play?"
    • "What gear should I get?"
    • "How are my stats?"
    • etc.
    Questions that don't belong in this thread (and should have their own thread):
    • "Drabaki discussion thread"
    • "Speedrunning/general tips for 11-4?"
    • "How do I get faster runs? (and willing to post videos+accept criticism+post videos showing advice being taken)"
    • "I found out how something work and I want to get the information out there, how do I apply it?"
    • etc.

    Basically if a question looks like it belongs in a FAQ, it deserves to be put in here. If there's actual discussion to be made about it, make a thread about it.

    If this thread works as intended, less stuffposts will be circulating in general discussion and better posts will be made.
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    Yeah I approve of this thread. In an old (gaming) forums I attended, there was a thread to ask and answer general stuffs. I used to want a similar thread in Elsword forums, but the policies and moderators seemed to prefer making new thread for every questions/discussions.
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      Okay! I'll start.
      1. Is roughly 19,000 Physical Attack good enough for Heroic? It's for Diangelion and my characters are sharing Strength-stacking gloves.
      2. Which of Crimson Rose's skills regain the most amount of MP?
      3. How different is Rune Slayer from his brothers?
      4. Nuclear or Devastating Strike for Reckless Fist? MY ERP is on Strength.
      5. Just confirming, does Solace's damage reflect go through i-frames?
      6. When will Elsword and Aisha profess their love for each other?
      7. Who do you ship Elesis with, besides her own brother? And Rose, aside from her princess?
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      • Chainblades-solace-
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        1. Definitely good enough. Skill-stacking gloves make you feel like you've got an extra enhance if you play it right so you should be fine. If you recognise a carry in your party then it's probably better to play support for them than to compete.

        2. Skills? Moving Shot's extra bullets refund themselves with a bit of MP Cost reduction. I reckon that's pretty neat haha. As for commands, >>X is my favourite, it gains 15 mana on single target for me (Much more in mobs!). If you have enough attack spd+move speed you can loop >>X <<X for some mad mana gains.

        4. I prefer Mod Nuclear for that % damage on bosses.

        5. Pretty sure I've died by using hyper on him so I'm going to say yes but it's been a while since I've run that dungeon.

        6. When Elboy stops being obsessed with his sister

        7. Herself, lmao. BH x GrM does strange things to me.

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        @Coronax Well, half right on BM. More like the girlfriend who snaps cause someone neither of you liked made you stub your toe or go into a coma while she was out on errands. You're about on point with Minerva being that overachiever who really wants that Employee of the Year award for 8 years straight.

      • Coronax-gaia-
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        @ Chainblades

        4. Unfortunately he's still Reckless Fist.

        6. At least his Knight Emperor persona isn't, not sure about Rune Master, and Immortal's more concerned with looking for a good fight to bother with his sister. There's no trace of Elesis in any of Immortal's lines that I know of.

        7. Yuri is best ship, to be sure.
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      Seeing as this is a very useful thread, I will be giving this a sticky.
      Code of Conduct


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        Thanks Skyress :blobok:
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      Ive always wondered why forums dont have a simpler Q and A section, considering alot of threads have a simple yes or no question that only takes an answer or 2 at most


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        If you go up in rank at Ereda, must you re-identify Chronicle, or will the skill dmg increase w/o the need to re-identify?
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        • Peper0chan
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          It automatically scales to whatever rank you are so you don't have to re-id.

          If your rank goes up the stats go up. If your rank went down then your stats go down. Similar to how PvP accessories work if it gives you a better idea.

          Edit: Skill damage stays consistent though, regardless of rank. Re-iding it just changes what the skill tier.
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        Wow this is convenient, I’ve had a few questions but never felt like making a whole thread for them.

        1. Is void dungeon leaving anytime soon? I’ve heard a few rumors but haven’t heard anything about this yet.

        2. Has Luto mode in SD’s always reduced the loot? Someone told me about this and I didn’t believe them until I went on my IDR alt and the results proved them right.

        3. What exactly procs CEm’s passive that reduces all her skills’ cd by 50%?? Wiki doesn’t seem to state it unless I missed it


        • Treasure-solace-
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          2. Are you getting Luto gate in the same room? Getting Luto first available room vs last available room will skew item drop results.

        • MagicShota-solace-
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          2. IDR erp and other drop rate modifiers have no effect in Luto, so the sooner you get into Luto mode, the worse your drop result is.
          3. Using any kind of special actives, except HA.

        • JustFreezer-solace-
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          2. Unless I've been extremely unlucky with my luto runs, it seems like it negates every item drop bonuses from El resonance and gears (can't tell about Burning x2 drop rate events). "Glad" I'm not the only one feeling it, because everyone tell the opposite. :\
          The only way to get more drops with Luto depends on how far you are already in the dungeon, but that means you have to clear more if you accept to get in so...
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        This might sound stupid, but...
        ​​​​​​How do I clear Add Dungeon??? I know lots of people have no trouble with it and many people say it's easy, but I could never seem to get past stage one before dying a horrible death. Even my friend who has the same level AND gear as me could finish it in about 5 minutes!

        I just want to get that sweet void weapon ;_;

        UPDATE: I finally did it. Barely. Had to revive once for bug, and twice for berauk. The boss itself was pretty dang easy though, so at least there's that.

        Also one big thank-you for all those who responded! I never thought I could beat it, especially with how much I relied on being carried in most dungeons. ;_;
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        I'll get there...eventually


        • Firered33-gaia-
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          Huh, I usually avoid mana breaking as it uses up a lot of my mana. I'll try using it more on my next run.

          Most of the rooms seem pretty straightforward...except for the hammer guy. I have so much trouble with him because his duplicates make it hard to use my heavy hitters on him(starfall and ultimate fury, as they lock on to the clones). Anywho, thanks for the tips. I'll keep those in mind.

        • Peper0chan
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          This kind of question could have their own thread cus there's a lot to go through when regarding improving one person's run x:

          Anyways do you have extended quickslot by any chance? If not it helps a bit with survivability

        • Firered33-gaia-
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          I never expected to get this many responses to be honest > _<
          And yes, I already have extended quickslot.
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        1. How much Additional damage makes a noticeable difference in PvP? About 5k? 10k?

        2. What's better in Add's dungeon, Skill damage or Boss damage? Also, How good is Head Hunter?

        3. Has anyone ever found a proper use for the Enhanced trait for any skill? (100% Critical but damage decreases to 80%) I mean, besides leveling up. and when will kog ditch it?

        4. Which class has overall the best [Mod] skills?

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        <---Request log from kog regarding changes from balance patches


        • Treasure-solace-
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          1. 8k is around when it starts being worth it.
          3. It's good in Ereda where everyone has 0% crit rate

        • Chainblades-solace-
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          2. Head Hunter's very good, that's why it's expensive! Yellow Head Hunter would feel like about an extra...half an enhance(?) against bosses. It works a lot better the higher your attack already is.

          3. I've found that Enhanced Eternal Fire + Pandemonium causes the game sounds to overload and it mutes itself temporarily so there's that!

        • Skyress
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          3. The Enhanced trait for a skill is more effective than the normal version if one has under 40% Critical. Depending on the amount of Enhanced trait skills your class has and if you don't have enough gear to have the socket space for >80% in both Critical and Maximise, you can instead pump all of your sockets into Maximise (for 100%) and use Enhanced traits, passives and the guild Critical Counter skill to help out.
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        Heya, I have some questions if you don't mind me asking

        1. How do earn money in the game? And what would be the best dungeon to play in terms of earning ED?

        2. Where do you get those healing pots? And what is the best pot right now?

        3. How do you enhance your equipments without breaking them, without using real currency? At what enhancement would you be "OP"?

        4. What is the best socket for my class? I am a Code Esencia.

        4. How frequent do treasure chests appear? And what would be the best dungeon to hunt for a treasure chest?

        Thank you in advance~
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        • Skyress
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          1. As a free-to-play player, the best thing to do is to know what kinds of things to sell in the market and then slowly and gradually build up your ED. This includes fragment powder, El Tears (good and sellable ones, of course), Heroic Invitations, Alchemist and Blacksmith materials (earned from professions), you could even do things like a Henir or Ereda service. The key to do this is patience because, again, it will take a while unless you get lucky with a ridiculously good El Tear. Best dungeon for El Tears is 11-4 (Debrian Laboratory) on Normal mode (doing it on Story mode reduces the drop rate on every drop by a lot, but it's noticeably easier).
          2. Each consumable has its own way of obtaining. Ideally, you'd like to have all 6 of your consumable slots filled, but if you had to choose which ones to use, they would be the Hard-Boiled Egg, Advanced Vigor Potion, Complete Recovery Potion, Premium Mana Potion (or any variant of MP potion), Spirit Tea and Organic Apple. Out of all of these, you can replace something like Spirit Tea with an event consumable if you wish, or if you want to save money, you can swap out the more expensive ones. As for how to obtain them, I have a section in my guide. Just scroll down to the Building Your NI section and I talk about consumables there.
          3. The only way for a guaranteed 0% chance to break has been during enhancement events during specific intervals of time (sometimes, they'll add a "no break weekend" or something). Otherwise, breaking is something you can't avoid (but you can avoid failure and reset with the use of fluorite ores). As for what enhancement level that makes people OP, it honestly depends a little on your pilot skill as well, and how much power you can really bring out of the class, but it's around +10 or +11 (Void weapon).
          4. For PvE, in order of priority:
          - Attack Speed 20% (Movement and Jump Speed ~20% can also go here depending on preference. I find that it really helps, but it's up to you)
          - Awakening Charge: Enough to sustain 3 bead awakening in a party situation (this should be a value that you experiment around with since everyone has different playstyles, skill builds and levels of gear. You should also have the Ring of Fury to cover for some Awakening Charge and socket if you need more)
          Maximise: At least 50%
          Critical: At least 50%
          Try and balance the amount of Maximise and Critical that you have. Ideally, you'd want to aim for >80% in both Critical and Maximise while maintaining everything else.
          5. Depends on your TH level, I believe. I think it might also scale with drop rate? The best dungeon to hunt for one would be the longer ones as you're more likely to get one per run, so... probably 9-6 (last dungeon in Lanox). Ideally, though, it's best if you grind in a dungeon like 11-4 rather than something outside of your level range so you can always grind for other things along the way such as El Tears and EXP.

        • KuroUsagi02-gaia-
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          I really am thankful for the answers. I was planning on grinding on my TH character which I had spammed with IDR on the resonance, and then use what that character gains on my blacksmith and alchemist char.

          I might try to sell to sell henir crystals once my set is completed. We do not really grind for tears and heroic gears due to the lack of storage, although I just dump those on my new characters which have a lot of equipment spaces.

          About Debrian's Laboratory, my friend and I might try it after our Henir grinding and the hyperactive quest. It's sad on how limited is the time I have left for playing elsword due to work.

          About the quickslot, I have them filled with organic apples, hard boiled eggs, advance vitality pots, wind orbs, a random drink and intermediate mana pots. I have an advanced mana pot on mypet autoconsume, but no heals since they drain too much of my pots before I know it.

          I do not really socket attack speed and focus on max and crit, having 69% on both. About the awakening charge I might reserve some spot for it on the future since it is kind of hard to gain awakening without my summons.

          About enhancements, I do not really trust RNG since there is a chance to break stuff, and thank you for informing me about the no breaking event, haven't heard of it before. About my equipment, I have a +7 4d drone and an incomplete 4d armor set, having +6 on each. Tonight I might finally get the final piece, yay~

          As on the last dungeon on Lanox, i might try it on the future.

          I really am thankful for your advices. ^_^

        • Skyress
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          All good. I'll just give a response to what you've written:

          Regarding consumables, the main reason why Wind Orbs aren't as popular anymore is because the dungeons most people are spamming (Elrianode ones) have bosses that cannot be debuffed, which means that the handy 50% defence reduction debuff that Wind Orbs applies doesn't work. Of course, in dungeons such as SDs, it's a great help in bursting the boss down when the boss can be debuffed. It's also okay if they're just a filler at the moment if you can't afford anymore consumables.

          As an Eve, 3 bead awakening is important, which is why I recommended bringing Awakening Charge, since it gives you a noticeable damage increase on your core procs.

          Considering your gear, you're most likely going to find Elrianode dungeons quite difficult, so it's probably better for you to make your money elsewhere outside of El Tears, or if you are going to run, have a friend carry you through.
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        Originally posted by KuroUsagi02-gaia- View Post
        Heya, I have some questions if you don't mind me asking

        1. How do earn money in the game? And what would be the best dungeon to play in terms of earning ED?

        2. Where do you get those healing pots? And what is the best pot right now?

        3. How do you enhance your equipments without breaking them, without using real currency? At what enhancement would you be "OP"?

        4. What is best socket for my class? I am a Code Esencia.

        4. How frequent do treasure chests appear? And what would be the best dungeon to hunt for a treasure chest?

        Thank you in advance~

        1. SPOILER
        Theres a how to make ED section in the link

        2. SPOILER Healing pots can be crafted threw city alchemist or from profession. HP pots arent that good as of yet but with future updates we should get that revamped. Complete Recovery Potions, Apples, Advanced Vitality potion as of now are the higher HP healers. CRP can be bought on board with ED or RNG from Iceburners. Advanced Vitality potion are upgraded Vigor Potions (from alchemist profession). Vigor potions can be obtained threw various methods. Apples can be bought on board or from farming AP in pvp and village alchemist. I believe theres info on that in the link above.

        3. SPOILER After +6 theres no way of NOT breaking something.. Unfortunately its RNG. Best way to be sure you'll get the enhancement you want without breaking your gear is buying the amulets directly. "OP" would probably be +10 elrianode 4/4 with 2+e pieces 3% critical damage and a +11/+12 stage 15 Void weapon BUT +8/+9 heroic gear with +9/+10 Heroic27-29 with Void weapon should suffice

        4.​​​​​​​ SPOILER Best socket usually standard socket. 70%-90% critical and Maxi, 20% speeds and not sure about any Specs so ill let a CeM main answer that
        ​​​​​​​Spoilers to avoid walls of text .w. Accidently made a whole new post and cant delete so I just quoted..
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        • Skyress
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          Hello, please make sure that you're commenting to a post whenever you answer a question.

        • KuroUsagi02-gaia-
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          Oh thanks for the link~ About the heal pots i craft em sometimes, but I just usally go and buy some organic apples at the board. I might use some of my sewardship coins for the vigs, I don't really pvp, but might as well if theyre gonna give me pots hehe
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        I have a question about BM's winning strategy passive, does it affect special Actives? (or does it only affect combos and Actives?) and it seems like special Actives can affect the buff? (because when I used a shockwave the counter Went up by one?)


        • MythOracle-solace-
          MythOracle-solace- commented
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          I am not really sure if it did but i'll check later... , but what about the mana gain on special Actives? (or is it only Actives/combos that get the increased mana gain?)

        • Skyress
          Skyress commented
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          The buff definitely affects SAs, just that only combos can build stacks on the buff.

        • NexusRaciel-solace-
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          Special actives are also affected by the buff, which means yes, Critical hit rate and mana gain on Special actives
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        Still looking for an answer for which is better in theory and practice

        Phys/mag % damage or skill % damage? The last time mentioned it made Hitotsuboe explode, kind of

        Since there was a part where it was influential upon each other, and math
        [No longer playing Elsword] Warframe IGN: Nalucire


        • Stratagem-solace-
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          Think of it like finding the area of a square. If you want to throw crit into the mix, think of it as finding the volume of a cube. You're optimizing for the largest area / volume.

        • st0rmbreaK-solace-
          st0rmbreaK-solace- commented
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          The same comparison for Skill Damage (base 100) and Crit damage (base 150) applies here, except that you'd be comparing Skill Damage and All Attack Up instead, with both starting at 100. Pumping one of them will give diminishing returns to the point where investing in the other will give you a higher overall damage boost.

          For example, say you already have 4% All attack up from Ignia's set (and no other sources of Skill damage and All attack up) and want to determine if getting 5% more skill damage or Attack up will give you more overall damage output. If you were to increase your 4% Attack up by 5% to 9%, the overall increase is 109/104 = 1.048 = 4.8%. If you were to pick 5% skill damage on the other hand, you'd get the full benefits of the 5% as 105/100 is 1.05 = 5% overall damage increase. This means that at that specific point in time, you would want Attack Up over skill damage. For additive things, the more you add on, the less overall percentage increase you'll observe.

          There are 3 sources of Skill damage that are multiplicative and are an integral part to building a character, which are Stacking Gloves (Heroic/Elrianode stacking gloves), All Skill damage (ex. Salvatore Rosso 5/5) and Skill tier damage (ex. Ring, Chronicle, ERP, Destruction El tears). The same thing applies here as well. You'd want to pick the stat that you have the least of to get the most amount of overall damage increase. Heck, you'd be comparing all 3 types of Skill damage, Critical damage and All Attack Up to see which one benefits you the most.
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        1. SD vs Opt vs DD (Demonio) vs MM for my last character slot for PvE. SD from a post I made then this god sent thred appeard. Opt, aside from her lag, looked interesting to play. DD cuz I loved thier skills and playstyle but the transformation skills kinda killed it for me gameplay wise, but I'm willing to give them a second chance. MM, He's fun to use and strong if you know how to set up your skills. Who to pick? (note: I might not go for 3rd job with anyone since the quest line takes awhile to complete and I'm still grinding for heroic gear to use which brings me to my next question)

        2. I'm considering dumping all my ED on a character for fetch aura for maybe my Fryja and make her an Item Drop mule or second trans slot for my IS. IS is currently my only character with fetch aura so he's currently the only character I use for heroic grinding, but it would be helpfull to have a second mule to grind with a fetch aura. since I use IS alot I got thinking if I should use the ED for a trans slot for my IS instead. what should I get?

        thank you kindly for reading.
        Pure PvE only player.


        • MyShinyTeeth-solace-
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          1. SD is pretty underwhelming compared to other Aras until her 3rd job, so since you don't plan on going for 3rd job right away I can't recommend her.
          Most DD players see the transformation skills as not necessary. So if you don't want to transform you don't need to. Personally I use those skill because its the only reason i made that job.
          MM is fun but he requires tons of mana pots. I haven't played Opt but i heard its the same as MM in which you need tons of mana pots.

        • Vermittler-solace-
          Vermittler-solace- commented
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          1. Please note that Optimus/Prime no longer lags dungeons since the issue that made her cause frame drops(Magnetic Guard) was fixed on the 5/16 patch. No, you do not need a lot of pots to function with her as long as you use her guns, mechas and buffs properly. Her muskets have high mp gain on groups of mobs, each mech on-field gives 6 mp/sec, and can get 20% mana reduction.
          In terms of pot usage(minus speedrunning), i'd say the order would be: SD>OP>DD>MM.

        • Skyress
          Skyress commented
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          2. I'd go for the second Transcendence slot, since it affects gameplay noticeably (and you already have an item drop mule).
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        (dum question)
        But is the Christmas Velvet Dress costume suit based on anything?

        SPOILERjust wondering cuz Saiki Kusuo's new ED is basically a meme with saiki in yuzuru hanyu's skating outfit so i was wondering if aiura's was meant to parody something too.

        only the truly unfortunate will understand


        • NexusRaciel-solace-
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          A generic dress design that could be googled easily

        • Genetalias-solace-
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          (face of neutral disappointment)
      /* */