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On the subject of RNG...

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    On the subject of RNG...

    Hello, everyone.

    A few months back, someone made a claim about problems with the game's RNG. However, I had some doubts about this claim, so I ended up making this video to explore the topic of RNG, explain what RNG does and how it works, and see the truth of this matter.

    Note that I would like this thread to just be informational - I would like to avoid bringing up the name of this person making the claim if at all possible.

    While this video is primarily here to be informational about the state of RNG in the game, there is also a point of discussion I want to bring up from the video's contents.

    This topic will be in the spoiler below the video - you'll need to watch the video in order to have the context for it.

    SPOILERAs shown in the video, there's a disparity that can appear between the RNG you personally encounter and the RNG other players encounter.

    The Arena clip ended up showing a Magnum Shot where all 7 hits did the same damage - meaning the same RNG values for critical chance, maximize, and Wind proc chances were identical. (The chances of this happening normally are extremely rare... having Wind III alone proc on all 7 hits [assuming a 15% proc chance] only happens once out of roughly 585,277 attempts.) This is a massive contrast to the huge variation seen with Magnum Shots used in Free Training.

    Because of this, it means that the damage and procs you see may not be that way for Arena opponents, or hosts of dungeons you are in.

    However... how important is this? In the long run, you'll have enough attacks performed for this to average out. Equally, though, it means that things like the Arena Magnum Shot example can pop up. (Rather than have 1 or 2 Wind procs per Magnum Shot, it would be 7 procs or none at all.)

    Is this a problem important enough to be addressed?
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