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How did you get into Elsword and why did you pick your first character?

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    i joined when luciel was still new, so around.. 2 or 3 years ago i believe i was looking for some new mmos to play, and i happened to find elsword. i chose luciel because the playstyle looked fun (and i also may or may not have a bias for lolis lololol), and ended up doing nb~ i mained it for awhile, then switched over to yr after quitting and coming back. i still have nostalgia when i play nb again ahhh qq

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      Someone was talking about it on grand chase so i had to investigate. 1st character was rena


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        oh man. I joined in 2015 when luciel was new. I've been seeing some ads about the game on other websites so I decided to look into it (youtube) and thought "eh, its free so why not"

        At the time I was playing another game Mabinogi and I was getting bored of it and was looking for something else to play. I think NB was just released at the time I started but I didnt pick them as my first character. As I'm sure as almost everyone else did, I picked elsword as my first character. At first I went with IS cuz who dosn't like duel weilding swords. However I didnt like the look of IS as it looked too...femenine to me. (I didnt care for playstyle at the time) I deleted him and made an RS and stuck with him untill I ran out of stam for the first time but I didnt want to stop playing. then I made a MM I think played him for awhile and just started experimenting with classes. do I like it? keep it. do I not like it? delete and try another class or wait for a free class change event. (my rena and elsword went through the most changes. rena starting as WS-> NW-> GA-> NW and my elboy starting as RS-> IS-> LK planing with class changing back to IS come next free event)

        Now about 3 years later its to the point where I have atleast one of everybody. (not one of every class I need more slots for that) I have yet to max lvl everyone but it keeps me busy and I always have something to do.
        Pure PvE only player.


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          Former GC player and that's how I knew this game existed. Was biased back then though, so I was hesitant to try this game... I eventually downloaded it around Asura's release. Played Base ara for 10 levels and quit~ Played again when Luciel's 1st job advancements were released, levelled a luciel, got them to Royal Guard, and quit. It was around early 2016 (post-renewals) where I became slightly more engaged with the game... I made many characters but didn't really do much besides get them to level 70-85 and give up because SDs were hard and I was a noob and early game had a smooth progression. Around October was when I decided I should stick to one character and decided on BM, but felt like I should give LP another chance, so I tried maining LP but it didn't go so well. Around early 2017 I took a break from the game for like 3 months or so... Then I started to play more actively during Elrianode's release. I remember the pain of having only SD gear and a +9 henir weapon lol. When school started again I became less focused on the game, but I decided to make a SD and immediately fell in love with her playstyle. She's also easy and that helped me a lot in doing things like heroics/elrianode. Right now, I'm just focused on the 3rd job events so I'm spending less time on her.


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            Way too long ago when Grand Chase was a thing I heard about Elsword. I didn't care much till around when Eve was first released in Korea. At the time there was only Exotic and Architecture and I wanted to play Exotic really bad, somehow I got into the Korean server and played till lvl 15. At that point since I didn't know Korean I ended up picking Architecture despite wanting to play Exotic. I quit at the time since getting to 15 back then was actually difficult. Then when Eve's 2nd classes Empress and Nemesis were released I played again, got to Empress and loved it, still my main to this day. Since I didn't like playing in a server not my own I waited for a long time till it got released in NA and the rest is history.


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              Originally joined around NA's OBT but I didn't really know anything about the game (or MMO's in general) back then, as I had only seriously played FlyFF before that (dabbling in other og stuff like Ragnarok, Maplestory, and the massive slew of 2008~2010 f2p MMOs).

              I played....Rena -> Combat Ranger back then? Whew, hard to think that far back. Quit for a while (mainly for Dragon Nest, which came out a little earlier. Amusingly played Acrobat there, because of Combat Ranger in Elsword) then came back when Eve was a thing already and more seriously played Code Nemesis, though I still didnt really feel comfortable with any specific class (and I was still far too busy with DN) so I mostly just hopped back and forth. Had a good amount of playtime on Code Battle Seraph, who was my main for a while and was the only time I lead a guild at the time. REALLY got into the game when Yama Raja came out who ended up as my longest standing main until mid 2013, at which point I switched servers to EU. There I mained DC until the server started having issues and just ended up falling so very far behind it wasn't worth it to stick around anymore. Even PvP still ended up lagging due to having people from all over Europe flock to the UK server, and well...a few countries in the EU dont have the best internet...

              Came back to my YR for like a few months at best until early 2014 when I switched over to the KR server instead.

              I still initially went and mained YR initially there too, but quickly ended up 'main hopping' or rather bandwagoning the newest releases. 'Main' Asura, DE, CAv...yeah right. I guess this is also around the time I became an Elwiki editor.

              Wasn't long until Luciel released then of course. And they've been my main ever since, I loved every single bit of their kit even back then when their tenacities cost 150 MP and their strengths cost 300 mp. It was No other character or class since has clicked in my head as well as they did. Even now, after having played everything, I still wouldn't ever switch. I do have a softspot for Metamorphy nowadays though but Innocent will forever by my main. owob


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                I actually got interested because some dunce on a Facebook Group took a pic of Eltwit in Harmony Road i believe, looked interesting enuff to play.

                Went with Elsword because lel swords, since the very beginning I loved the beat-em-up and comboing mechanics, I remember I was so invested that I leveled until Lv15 or so just on Lake Noahs (It was in 2015 if I remember correctly).

                Went with RS because I like swords and magic, unfortunately, gameplay-wise, it was pants, Runes were impractical asf and you can only get so much out of Runecopter.

                During a PvP session, fought a DC who would be perma-Siege so I couldn't find a way for the life of me to get close, I was 2 dumb to know Iron Body existed.

                So I went on a grudge trip and made a Chung, he was slow asf, butt I got 2 much enjoyment from the Heavy Stance, and also his Cannonball management.

                Reached DC, and realized dis was a real ranged class with gud melee capability and stuck to him ever since.

                He had decent melee capability, gud ranged moves, was pretty
                [Removed] fast and also SS was there, and I love being Support, so he was checking all the boxes, and such I hath kept my loyalty to the DC/FP master race, even through him being crap during S3, he was still too much fun to play.
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                  I started with one of the EU servers between the release of Chung and Ara, soo around 2012.
                  I was in my massive weeb brat phase, so when I saw an ad with the slogan "Play your Anime!" I just had to download it.
                  I picked Aisha, Void Princess more specifically because dark mages were cool and edgy and stuff. As lame as it sounds, a determining factor was also that her scheme was purple, so. Plus, she reminded me design wise of Etna from Disgaea, and that was awesome in my lil eyes. Dumb kids will be dumb kids with their silly reasons.

                  Skip a few years, and I moved to NA in 2016 because of friends and because of the faster updates, and been stuck here since then. My first character here was still an Aisha, even though Noblesse had been my main on eu, I just went with her because of nostalgia reasons I guess.


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                    By friend a old friend he make me play Elsword and i loved play Ara -yama raja because my friend was play her lol. So i main aras 3 .


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                      It was one of my friends who talked me into it a couple years ago- I had just joined when Ain was first being released (he was JUST released I believe, but it was after his intro event)

                      I wasn't really sure what to pick, so I just went with Ara, bc I like spear or polearm based classes. I dont really remember much about my initial experience. I didnt get very far, and fell out of the game, since my friend stopped playing aswell, for whatever reason.

                      It was just last year during the 1st path 3rd job event that I got back in. He showed me the bear costume you got at level 99, so I immediately jumped back in with him, along with another friend, and we grinded to level 99 in like, 3-4 days.
                      In terms of path, I had originally only gone down the Asura path due to her being the only one with fox ears when awakened (i dont know, i guess it just seemed odd for me for the other 2 paths to have the tails but not the ears), and now, shes my absolute favorite character. Her playstyle is my absolute favorite, I love her speed, when she runs on air, everything.

                      I even tried the other 2 paths, just out of curiosity, and neither of them compare to Asura.


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                        Someone promoting this new game in an internet cafe that i always goes to so i decided to play it with my seniors (they're the ones who encourage and teached me to play Grand Chase, boy i miss that game). the first reason really is because it's pretty similliar to Grand Chase (2nd is because we can get bonus playing time), thus we tried it, then actually liked it.

                        If you counts my old account, then Elsword. Why? because he's the only swordsman (even Raven haven't been released back then)
                        If you don't, then Elesis for life
                        Survivor of 3-4 Hell


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                          Well, i was watching sword art online about 3 years ago when I saw an add(pun intended) for blade master raven, after about 3 of the same ad I clicked on it, and then having never downloaded a game before did a ton if research to make sure that I wouldn't get a virus from downloading it , after finally deciding it was fine I logged on for the first time and fell absolutely in love, the music, the character, the graphics, I spent a long time looking at all the characters and settled on reckless fist raven. Which is still my main character now


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                            So close to a one year necro. Please check the date of the last post before replying to the thread. If there's no activity for more than 30 days the thread is considered dead.

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                              Originally posted by vgeitovskiri-solace- View Post
                              Well, i was watching sword art online about 3 years ago when I saw an add(pun intended) for blade master raven, after about 3 of the same ad I clicked on it, and then having never downloaded a game before did a ton if research to make sure that I wouldn't get a virus from downloading it , after finally deciding it was fine I logged on for the first time and fell absolutely in love, the music, the character, the graphics, I spent a long time looking at all the characters and settled on reckless fist raven. Which is still my main character now
                              Hi, please don't revive threads that have been inactive for 30+ days. Such is considered a necro and is not allowed on the forums. If this forums was a baby it would've started walking away.

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