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    Caramel's Elsword Youtube Channel

    Heyo, this is just one more thread to promote my own Youtube channel because I'm not good enough nor famous enough to have other people recommending it for me.

    Huge note: I am gear carried (my Elboys have +10 or +11 weapons in the videos unless told otherwise), so do not take my channel as some reference of what regular Elboys can do and "how broken" elboys are.

    I use my Youtube account mostly for personal reference on my improvement playing the game. I decided to do it after my friends told me to.
    What really surprised me is that apparently other elboy players love to watch them so, if you wanna check it out, please do.


    I may bump this thread sometimes when I upload a new video and I remember this thread exists. I'm not gonna create a million more threads about my channel so anything about it should be in here.
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    Most recent and important videos in my channel:
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      Will you notice me? NOTICE ME, RUSH


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        Matt... You main... Richter...


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          Yes, I do! :P

        • Insurgir-solace-
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          why am I surprised? I just am
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        I support this. Insu is a Luggage-certified carry. Very stronk indeed. Roll2win

        Luggages do not carry people. People carry luggages. Support the luggages in your party. Carry them to safety. #CarryTheLuggage


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          Thank you! I don't remember how I got your luggage-certified carry but thanks.
          Also, as we're talking about Roll, just a casual reminder that my channel has this:

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          ^ this video. also u got my seal of approval from being awesome

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          Awwww, you're awesome too, Luggage! A really great luggage, I recommend, 10/10.
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        Its Insu-senpai !!!


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          It's Doc senpai! *grabs a chair so you can sit*
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        Anyway, an update on my most recent videos:


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          *casually forgets this thread exists*

          My channel hasn't been dead, no worries. Anyway, I'm not famous to get this bumped for me, so I'm bumping this myself.
          I've been uploading a lot of stuff since the last post:Now I should post here in a million years with a long list again... Or maybe I do remember about it and I update it next time I upload a video.


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            A lot of new videos incoming thanks to Harmony Festival event!

            These are the videos posted as of now:


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              More videos incoming but, meanwhile, I uploaded these:


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                As I bought a better computer, which arrived this week, I can now stream my own gameplays in Elsword. I am currently taking requests on what I should stream next (just please, remember I am a PvE only player), so feel free to tell me your suggestion.
                All my streams can be seen live in this place. I will very likely make them as public videos on my channel later, so if you missed it while it happened, you can watch it later.

                My most recent videos were all livestreams about me showing my Laby on KR, from her creation to the moment she hit level 99. You can find them right when you open my channel, which now has its own URL because I recently reached the 100 subscribers.

                Thank you to everybody who contributed a tiny bit for all of this to happen. ^^

                I will keep posting in here about the stuff I upload on my channel, as usual.


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