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Elsworf Fanart Contest!

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    Elsworf Fanart Contest!

    I have come together with a few helpers to host a Fanart contest!
    The main prizes are:
    1st place: 100$ each
    2nd/3rd place: 50$ each
    4th/5th place: 25$ each
    (Winners can request different methods to receive the prize money, gift cards or Paypal are both avaiable)

    We have two themes:

    We thought that artists deserve a contest where they receive proper credit for their art, a proper prizepool and not having to guess about any potential hidden requirements to be chosen as a winner!

    Our submissions are open and will remain open for an entire month, after which the judging period will begin.
    (Deadline is the 24th of June)

    If you have any questions, wish to participate or simply lurk for art, feel free to join our discord server:

    We also have a twitter account for the contest, , you can find news in addition to the discord server over there aswell. (retweets are highly appretiated)
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    bumping this post and reminding that the submission period will end in 20 days!
    If you haven't gotten your submissions in yet feel free to submit them anytime.


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