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    i'm pretty happy with my luck today
    used 112 orbs and got both nailah (+spd -hp) and leanne (+res -hp) on the same summon session
    the IVs on nailah made me pretty happy

    i was honestly fearing not getting any of them or being really unlucky when i got to 100 orbs used


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      toss 90ish orbs with two free summoning tickets. nothing yet...god plz not again. new years banner hated me and now this banner too?


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        Well, sitting on 200+ F2P orbs expecting Yune possessed Micaiah as this month Mystic Hero (probably dark blessing). I am not gonna spent on these, especially because L!Tiki also returns. Maybe even Surtr or Loki.


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          Hot Spring theme.Great art.

          But probably gonna skip. Maybe try once for Sakura and/or Elise.

          New Skill series starting at Sakura's C.
          Interesting I guess.

          Also Hinoka's C.
          Just : /

          Also gigantic buns.
          Camilla is Tempest Reward


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            Hey look it's a "I shall skip this" banner. Man IS really knows what I want!


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              well the only one that interests me is elise, mostly cause i like her hair
              i would have gone for sakura but i don't need more healers and i don't find her as cute as her halloween version

              other than that it still saddens me that we're still missing the second half of farfetched heroes as alts
              hopefully on the valentine's banner, a valentine's lute would make me so happy


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                The dislikes on this new trailer is pretty clear that most of us are fed up of Fates Royals alts at this point.


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                  i'm fine with Hinoka alt because its her first real seasonal alt but yeah, huge skip for me. what really killed it was the camilla alt as the TT bonus.
                  it makes sense why they rold us Ike and Roy games will be getting an banner ahead of time. it was for this.

                  like lukas will say "they will never learn!"


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                    Choose Your Legends 3 voting started today


                    i'm voting for lute, well atleast untill they give midway results then change to someone with more chances of winning

                    i thought about voting for ross, artur or garcia but i'm pretty sure alm and marth are winning male side, and l'arachel isn't as popular as lute


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                      Definitely gonna vote for Marth a few times. Other then that, Delthea pls.
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                    I am going for Micaiah, just because I think she has a good chance to win. Delthea is unfortunately not gonna make it.
                    To be honest, I don't want Marth to win. I am fine with Alm, but I really don't like Marth. Doesn't help that his games are bad. His 2nd game wasnb#t even released in the west.

                    Edit: And for the love of Naga, please not another Erika or Camilla.
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                      didn't expect to get lucky on the new banner but i actually got elise on my 3rd summon
                      her IVs are neutral so that makes me pretty happy

                      it's a good thing i can continue saving orbs in case the new mythic hero banner or the valentine's banner have something i want


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