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    rip me, i never learn to not use so many of my orbs

    because i've been so lucky lately i decided to go for minerva even though i'm only a bit interested in her
    58 orbs later and not a single 5*

    welp, now i'll probably have to skip tempest trials banner and hero fest
    well atleast until i see what's in the next new banner


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      Summer Gauntlet is over and we also got the arena update.
      After Elise lost, just went to Corrin for free feathers. Coming up to 100k.

      Got a few 5 Stars from the Life and Death banner while trying to get Hana or Jaffar lol.
      Got a Olwen and Athena.

      Need more orbs.


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        Did the free roll and got 5* lilina and finally got him
        now to save up for his mom and ike.
        their both -atk/+res


        • YoursAlways-solace-
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          Lucky! Still praying for Roy to come home~
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        What did you guys got with your free roll? I got Sakura on the summon gate..

        Then I was just gonna try to snipe Barst for Reposition or Life and Death Minerva



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          nice man. Never know when RNG might come to you.

          I just got Lon'qu again. more Vantage for me.
          Decided to make/plan a dragon team. I just need Ninian. Hero Fest 2 is planned to start in 3 days sooo I'll pick a god and pray.

          Just need to decide either to gamble on Life and Death or Hero Fest 2 Banner.


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            So I'm just about to get into this game again and haven't played since its first month of release.

            Any new units I should aim for?


            • Cygames-solace-
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              Well the usual good units are still like Hector, Ryoma, etc.
              But its more on the player as alot of people play to get their favorite characters regardless of how they excel.
              Horse Emblem is pretty dominating right now. You missed Xander's GHB probably? but I'm sure they will rerun his in the future soon since that is what they are doing. Along with Camus.

            • AegisXIII-retired-solace-
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              Nice to know that the old units still have good use. Not a fan of games that quickly make them useless.
              I'm also one of those people that would rather use my favorites over optimal units. I'd rather not ditch my F.Corrin and Roy. '^'
              Anyway, thanks for the news, I appreciate it.

            • Cygames-solace-
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              Theres also Skill Inheritance that make basically any unit in the game well good.
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            Banging my head to the wall on the new squad mode. Stage 4...I can't see a way to beat it...tried like 19 times. I need a Hector to take that GH unit on the left out(only reason I'm having trouble). If he dies first, then the mage will be easy to kill but then I saw the next level...I need tiny hands or his sister or brave bow units....


            • Cygames-solace-
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              Time to open the wallet?

            • Kristenxchan-solace-
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              Nah. I'm f2p player for gacha games(bc I know will toss too much money). Just hope I get Hector one day and the def +1 seal is not worth tossing money into
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            i got a 4* henry from the free roll
            though i don't really mind it too much, wasn't interested in the banner
            for now i'm just saving for the next new units banner

            took me a while to be able to do the bound hero battle on lunatic
            but i'm not planning on touching infernal difficulty


            • Class: {{esusrinfo_class23834}}
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              Rng left me for this summer, 20 rolls and not even a 4 star.


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                told myself i was saving but rolled anyway for celica
                my only thoughts while using 40 orbs were "yeah, rates changed for 3* and 4*" while i was getting non stop 3* units
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                  I tried twice for Delthea. Got nothing.

                  Uuugh 3 banners I want from and no orbs.


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                    Hero Fest!!

                    Used my 150 orbs saved up since the last hero fest and got:

                    - Ike x2 (First one was -Atk so I tried and got a +Res -HP which is fine)
                    - Julia +Atk -Res, good stuff
                    - Sanaki +Res -Def, I have a Lilina with the similar setup so I'll be putting her down for awhile....not gonna be a TA3 fodder though....she doesn't deserve the cruel treatment.

                    I'm happy that I got these guys in 150 orbs....still have ~350 left from all these orb grind.....Hope everyone who's rolling good luck!


                    • Cygames-solace-
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                      god like spoils of war.
                      Saw some unfortunate people on Reddit. Gacha is a scary thing.

                    • CrimsomRayko-solace-
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                      Now let's hope this isn't a bait for another new banner~ I want Micaiah to come in later~
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                    I tried rolling in the Hero Fest banner for Genny and still at 5%
                    after rolling like 10 times exclusively at colorless summons...
                    There wasn't any noteworthy units that I got from those summons too


                    • CrimsomRayko-solace-
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                      Colorless is a trap....I rolled for Pineapple but all I get is Wrys~
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                    Level: {{esusrinfo_level28581}}
                    Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild28581}}

                    i was almost going to roll hero fest banner cause i'm interested in genny
                    but the next banner is probably coming in some days so i'll just wait


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                      Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild29413}}

                      Came here to brag that I finally pulled an Ike.
                      +attack and - Res.
                      Perfect IV.
                      Though I spent some to get here. 4 Sessions today and got Ike on the last one. Spent a bit...
                      The last 3 got nothing so my Hero Fest percentage was like 6-7%

                      Also Tempest Trails.
                      I don't have a 40% bonus so I gotta use Berkut for now.
                      Clive is the Tempest unit reward.


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