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    Maint is over and we now have Book II story along with the Weapon Refinery. rip those who used units for Slaying Weapons.

    The Legend banner should be tomorrow or like 3 hours.

    Hope to get at least 1 of the seasonal units cause I didn't get any Bride or Spring units.
    Otherwise hopefully I get more Ikes for merges.

    edit: I'm looking at some Weapon Refinery upgrades.
    Holy ♥♥♥♥.
    Mystletainn can have a built in Fury 3. I assume it should stack regularly Fury 3.
    or people can run DC if they want to.
    Deathly Dagger got a huge buff. Deals 10 damage after combat and Magic users cannot counter attack so Water/Fire sweep? I think. Also debuffs them.
    Now if only Jaffar was not 5 star locked, otherwise I would +10 him already.
    Fujin Yumi can have a built in Guidance and Armor March.
    Staves can be upgraded to have Wrathful Staff 3 built in.
    Theres just so much.

    Also we have a generic Manakete enemy unit.

    New units are Fates Children
    Soleil, Siegbert, Rhajat, and Shiro.

    Pretty eh imo. idk why Rhajat was chosen when Tharja is here while there are other Fate Children like Kanna or Midori.
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      i feel like jaffar's weapon buff should have been a bit different, like effective damage againts magic users
      with that he is only good if you have a dancer or if he can actually kill with a double hit
      i have him and it's like if i want to fight a mage with a dagger i would just use halloween sakura

    • Cygames-solace-
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      I would agree with you to make him more powerful that one, but with Deathly Dagger's introduction, hes just a major chip damage user.
      But we gotta make do with what we have.
      Someone already said with the right build and seals, Jaffar will be doing 20 ish chip damage. Its to the enemy and units 2 space away from him. At least hes viable in some way now.

      Also that most if not all Daggers got a might increase
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    wow, book 2 came with more than 1 chapter, that's a lot of orbs from all 3 difficulties
    well Fjorm was easy to get though i'll just wait for 2x sp before lvling her

    some of the weapon upgrades look great
    they put a lot more than what was shown on feh channel
    too bad i only have 1 5* healer (lachesis) but with this she does feel like she could help a lot more

    i was thinking about rolling on the 8% banner but after seeing what's coming on the next banner i'll probably save for that one (maybe, hard to decide)
    i just like rhajat's design but her weapon really isn't good
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      • Bride Cordelia (-ATK/+someting)
      • Bride Cordelia (neutral)
      • Bride Cordelia (-HP/+DEF)
      • Ike (-SPD/+something that is not ATK)
      • Celica (-ATK/+someting)
      • Ayra (-SPD/+ATK)
      • Brave Lyn (-ATK/+something)
      • Bunny Camila (-DEF/+ATK)
      • Bunny Sander (I don't care)
      200 Orbs spent farmed in the last month. It was kinda worth it?

      Also Fate Children next. Like I care about that stuff, lol. Just as much as a I care about a Awakening / Fate Christmas banner.
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        Nice pulls man. Funny that people say that Spring Xander is w/e. But I'm like I want for one for collecting purposes haha. I really hope for a seasonal banner with people without Awakening/Fates like Santa Hector cmon man. That would be amazing.
        I swear alot of my IVs are -attack or -speed. Oh RNG screwing us over.
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      well decided to roll and it just ended up making me salty
      rate up felt so much like a lie, i pretty much used the same amount of orbs as some past banners and i ended up getting the same amount of 5* as them

      i went for celica but got 2 ike and a brave lyn
      i was ok with 1 ike then came the second one and lyn came in one of the times where there were no red orbs, oh boy so many times not even a single red orb
      i'll probably just use one of the ike to give heavy blade to lute and the lyn to give swift sparrow to someone else


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        To be honest, you shouldn't roll for a specific one on this banner. What you got there are actually pretty good units. I personally got much more out of this then otherwise. On normal banner about 200 Orbs would get me 2-3 5 Stars. Now I can get a +3 merged Bride Cordelia.

        Fjorm is surprisingly good. They seem to go full Norse mythology here. Niflheim, Muspellsheim... So is Fjorms mother Hel?
        Also Celica with her Ragnarok should be efficient again anyone of those. Except Nidhöggr of course.
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          Well I feel dumb... Made the automatic assumption that Fjorm is a summon only unit until I went to do the Book II story after spending 40 orbs...
          Oh well, you grieve you learn.

          Also Fjorm is waifu


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            Originally posted by Tsugumari-solace- View Post
            To be honest, you shouldn't roll for a specific one on this banner. What you got there are actually pretty good units.
            i know they're good (but already fed an ike to lute)
            my main problem was that i've tried to get celica on every single banner she's been on with no luck, so this annoyed me
            the problem with lyn is that i don't even use the free one normally, only on the tempest trials (on a backup team)

            i probably would have been fine with anyone else besides the second ike and lyn
            one of the things i enjoy is playing with new stuff


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              Well that's what you do with them. Feed them to someone else.
              I personally use my Brave Lyn a lot. Like every single TT and GHB.

              Originally posted by Librasta-solace- View Post
              Also Fjorm is waifu
              Yes she is a good choice for summoner support.


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                Free pull was a Brave Lyn.
                After starting again, 2nd sessoin gave me another Brave Lyn.

                I also got the brides. Meh IVs so hopefully to pull better ones.
                But just saving orbs for the week and probably gonna do a few summons on the last day.

                Also pulled another -attack Celica


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                  Awwwwwwww yissssssss
                  ♥♥♥♥♥♥ IVs, but w/e
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                  aka Noireth


                  • Cygames-solace-
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                    Nice dude. I'm hoping to pull at least one Ayra just for the sake of getting everyone.
                    also god tier art.

                  • RalZarek-solace-
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                    Took 3 months worth of orbs, but finally got dat Ayra. Fjorm is pretty nice as well, but probably gonna keep using Lucina untill I get good skills to put on her.
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                  Spent 120 free orbs on the Legendary banner and got



                  No spring bunny Camila tho
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                  • Cygames-solace-
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                    Nice pulls. A shame that your Ayra is -speed though but at least you got her.
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                  looks like IS is repeating what they did with ayra's release now with rhajat
                  though it isn't as bad this time because they actually showed what they are doing
                  people who only want her can just roll for her without wasting orbs thinking that she is tempest trials reward

                  (i only wanted her so i don't really care much)


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                    Ya Rhajat is whatever to me so a months orbs to save.

                    probbaly gonna load up eith a friend last day to see who we get for the last chance. I got Spring Camilla so yay for collection.
                    priority though would be Ike and Ayra.


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                      I haven't been here in a while.

                      Legendary Summon Results:
                      SPOILERMy pity rate made it to 12% before this happened. Res+/HP- and Def+/Res-. not spd- or atk-, so I'll take it.

                      Children that aren't Rhajat Banner Results:
                      SPOILER Free Pull. Atk+/Res-. Didn't thikn I'd like firesweep sword, but it's actually really cool. also why is she allowed to have 41 base attack, IS stop.

                      Buff Your Waifu
                      SPOILERaxura buffs, confer blessing buffs and I think hone atk3.
                      put keen blarwolf+ because I just needed something to refine for the dew and I figured why not. I later refined it for the eff+ (ignoring buffs on horses) after I took this screenshot.
                      Will put Dark Aura on her once I get 30 more dew (I have 32 refinery stones, but every refinement is either 20 or 50 stones, so...), and then I'll be able to get Soleil's attack to 68 (41 base + 15 firesweep s + 3 from a slot + 3 from seal + 6 from dark aura). a little bit tempted to summoner support soleil just to hit 70, but I can't abandon Linde like that.



                      • Cygames-solace-
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                        Funny that you pull 2 Ayras here. At least with the Eldigans you pulled you can unleash his Double Fury :thinking:
                        I'm saving my orbs but I really want Soleil for her Firesweep sword. I plan to build a Hana but literally can't pull the IV I desire.
                        Congrats on the Linde build. I mostly use Delthea for my main blue mage. With Refinery Linde is back.
                        I can't abandon Delthea though. Gotta +10 her one day haha
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                      I really want to pull Soleil and Faye, blew up most of my orbs on the 8% banner

                      Mostly want Faye because I couldn't pull her on her previous banner, Faye come home please

                      Tho I've managed to get 2 Ayra, one of them being +spd which is nice
                      Other honorable mentions: Bride Cordelia (sadly -atk), Dorcas (+atk,-spd)
                      and Spring Camilla

                      Anyways, Im liking the weapon refiner, I really want to upgrade my Jaffar's dagger and see how much he can shred with it


                      • Cygames-solace-
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                        Nice pulls man.
                        Jaffar can deal so much chip its insane. Combine that with Savage Blow and the Savage Blow Seal.
                        I just want to pull a good IV Jaffar cause both of mine are -attack and the other is -speed
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