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I'm not sure but I think i'm Spamming

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    I'm not sure but I think i'm Spamming

    OuO repurposing this thread <3

    By Shirayuki

    By Ouii

    by Hauteclere

    by DarknessShiro

    by Icalia21

    by Unluckyspade

    by KazeToushin

    by Saintmorning

    by suzugamori

    by Kuranai
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    Shira B-2 OP 4 mi.

    Idk if that's actually spam or just copy pastaing stuff from the old forums and therefore part of the whole moving thing.


    • Shirayuki
      Shirayuki commented
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      actually that portion wasn't in the old forum since it was removed -kinda-
      ewe; after 1 hour of figuring out a set up for that, yea lol
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    I promise I'll have something for you to put in those threads... in a few months.

    ... Actually, on second thought, give me 3.


    • SpecterHime-solace-
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      3 months? Please, it'll take me 3 years to ever feel comfortable enough to actually post over there.

    • Shirayuki
      Shirayuki commented
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      Et oki, it took me 4 years to finally decide to do it .
      No pressure o3o

      Only do it if you want do!

    • ViperCrow-solace-
      ViperCrow-solace- commented
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      I've always been planning to update my VC guide and get a BM guide out but... currently no time...

      (I can't wait to get out of high school)
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