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KR 7/16 Fruehnaum Update: New Dungeons, Weapon Engraving System

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    1 million combat power dungeons. Cheers.

    Train to Capital is hopefully another Elrianode City-like dungeon, so Innocent can shine once again.



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      Praise wave-based dungeons. /o/
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    Originally posted by DreamKR-solace- View Post
    While we're on the topic anyway, another thing that always bugged me is that they say the Demon Realm was created as a reaction to the creation of Elrios, but we also know the world existed before Ishmael came along and gave it life with the El. So then why would a Dark El exist in the Demon Realm as a 'mirror' to the El in the first place, if the demon realm was created as a reaction to Elrios *before* the El was a thing?

    Later it's also made abundantly clear the El is literally acting as a wedge that barricades access from one realm to another, as if created to block off the Demon Realm specifically, something that is almost directly mentioned in the demon realm's children stories and made painfully obvious by it sitting DIRECTLY above a henir rift to the demon realm. This almost blatantly implies that yes, the El did come after the Demon Realm already existed, by necessity: so WHY is there a Dark El?

    Ishmael could've gotten fed up with something in the Demon Realm invading her goddess's realm, and decided to use a stone with dimensional interference properties to block the way, which just so happened to be the El: the people of Elrios would be mere byproducts of this action, as we know Elrios inhabitants have no inherent bad feelings they are born with towards demons...but Angels do!

    Henir Cult having a straight up dark el shard is also super suspect when even the demons don't know if it truly exists and no one's ever seen it.

    There's way more to the world than what the legends say, that's for sure. I love it when games throw their own creation mythos for a loop, and I'm all for the fact that Iserlohn existed ages ago already, one of Rosso's parents had to have been a demon, and heck, even the whole Mythical Beast thing in the northern empire - why are they so abundant there, when it's also the first place demons teleported to? The way Eun reacts after hearing Aegirp's story during the new quests raises some suspicions as well...
    The whole “demon world being created as a reaction to the creation of Elrios” probably was an oversight from KoG. I still remember you praised KoG’s “creative” efforts of retconning by having the characters (iirc it was Ain) casting doubts about that version of the story in-universe.

    That’s actually nothing new, I have seen that type of plot device being used from time to time in other fictional series. Like what happened to the series “Dune” for example. The original books were written by Frank Herbert, but when he died, the license of the series fell into the hands of his son - Brian Herbert.

    The original Dune books written by Herbert were then promptly assigned the status of in-universe stories, penned by the character Princess Irulan, while the books written later by Brian himself had several contradictions to the original books, but were still counted as “true”, because he’s the IP (intellectual property)’s owner.

    So yeah, it was just an example of “unreliable narrator” plot device.


    Also coincidentally your theory is similar to a theory which I came up with... 3 years ago:

    Originally posted by Tyrannicide-solace- View Post
    So when I watched last Elsword: El Lady Episode, Scar said that the demons wanted to destroy Elrios because only when Elrios was destroyed could they attempt to invade Heaven. Which making me wonder did the gods made and nurturing Elrios and its residents and even sending helps so that they could have a barrier against their enemies, the types of Henir fanatics and demons.

    If Elrios failed, the gods wouldn't have the cannon fodders anymore and having to fight by themselves and risked being destroyed. So better making a frontier known as Elrios and feeding the residents, providing them with El stone so they having to rely on gods, so that the living beings of Elrios could occupy the region and fending off invasions by their own strength because it involving their lives and interests anyway.

    Note that Elrios was not created from nothingness, but rather interesting, Henir's chaos, by Elrian. So Elrian "borrowed" Henir's Chaos from Henir and constructed the physical shape of Elrios, then Ishamel threw the El Crystal into Elrios and only at that time could lives thriving there. Also it should be noted that there are other places like Dark Continent where Ara and the Dark Elves were from were not relying on El Crystal (and maybe having their own pantheon of gods, likely the ones from Eastern religions/beliefs), ppl had lived there long before Elrios could sustain life, only later when Ishamel gave it the crystal did ppl from somewhere moved in and settled there.

    So not all parts of the world were created by Elrian or depending on Ishamel's El Crystal, far from that.

    So, do you think the gods (including but not limited to Elrian and Ishamel) forming Elrios, "luring" humans and intelligent beings to settle there and prospered, because they needed cannon fodders against their enemy's onslaughts and ancient fued of demons and Henir's fanatics, who having their own gods to answer to?


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      It has no reason to be an oversight. Why would the characters immediately know how the world and the El were created? Mythos are often wrong, religions and their creation stories inaccurate. Why would all information be handed over to us on a plate immediately? Back in Elrianode, the characters have already been questioning the official story, because things weren't adding up. This is the biggest intrigue in the story, and the fact that the truth has been covered up only makes it more interesting. My advice is, don't take things at face value, and be able to consider multiple possibilities at once. Purely objective stories are boring.

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      Because the whole “demon world being created was a result of Elrios being created” narration was not even in the game but rather on the game’s homepage. I’m not even sure if the beings in the setting knowing about that, since most humans don’t even know about the existence of the demon world in the first place!

      So yeah, the aforementioned narration was clearly supposed to reflect what KoG thought at the time, only later when they retconned it, they made it into an in-universe creation myth instead. See my example involving the Dune series above.
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    Tickets and 1 million combat power. They really want us to make use of that party list system. So what could those dungeons drop so it's actual wroth playing them? The Weapon Engraving System sure isn't.

    So is the final dungeon going to be 1.2 million or even 1.5 million? Because 1.2 million+ is were my limit is until Raid decides to drop some accessoires or I have to make like 5 more characters (I am already in the process of leveling the important ones). Hopefully its a Rigomor situation were the last one is actually lower.

    I bet over the next couple of month there will be some changes so players can reach higher CP numbers. Without actually changing how much damage you do, of course.

    Anyone want's to make a prediction what next years dungeon requirements will be?
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      I understand 1m CP is considered low in KR, but how did we go from 600k to 1m CP in just two dungeons? Bruh. Guess my Herrscher is going on that journey alone.


      • MyShinyTeeth-solace-
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        Yea it's possible that KR would have cheaper board prices since their population is much higher.
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      To think that only a few days ago I managed to get to 800m... feels bad tbh


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        Yikes 1 mil CP. If they add another dungeon to this region it's possible that this will be the first time that my main won't be able to enter a dungeon. I only recently obtained over 1 mil and I can bet that the final dungeon would be 1.5 mil.
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        Heros come and go but legends live forever


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          Behold, the son of a submariner has returned!

          By the way, I used to quite like Add, mostly because I thought he was the anti-establishment type.

          But then later on I realized that I was wrong, and I could finally confirm it upon seeing Add kept calling Eve as “queen”.


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            Am I imagine things or is 15-3 a stupid DPS check? Also, if I believe the drop preview, the yellow Engraving Stones only drops in 15-3? I hope I am wrong.

            At least 15-4 looks kinda fun. But other then the titel (7% ATK/MATK), is there any reason to run this? And as always, 500 runs is excessive.
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              15-3 is basically a boss rush, just the guard captain and then 4x harpies, + boss. That's it. If you have enough dps this dungeon is easily the fastest dungeon in the game to run now.
              15-4 is Elrianode City/Icerite Plant v3.0, so you know the drill.

              Both accessories are likely best in slot. 15-3's replaces Agate frag (gives 5% buff ASD for 20s every 3 SA's, 20s CD) and 15-4's finally gives us an acc to use instead of CoH after a boss passes 50% HP (which was the only reason CoH wasn't used, it had no alt below 50%).


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                Considering Copy & Past is easy to do, I take it you have no argument.
                If I am allowed to say so, I consider people with a mindset like yours the reason MMOs failed. Focusing on a minority of "elitist" driving away other players. A game isn't about "try-hard" being the best, it's about having fun. Your mindset negatively impact people here. You are the poison. Yes, please do not involve yourself in such discussions anymore, if you are unable to provide anything meaningful to it. Thank you.

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                Tsugumari-solace- Such try harding to equip an accessory that improve your overall abilities when required so ! Flabbergasting even. Poison are people that are unable to see positive stuff even if you don't wanna use 'em yourself. You are free to not use them if you don't want to upgrade, but saying it is no good ? Yup, that's where you are totally wrong.
                And yes copy paste is easy to do, that's why I don't do it and you just have to look up to see where it is useful. Raid. You know, the major part of the game besides other farming area. The area most people want to improve on.

                The mindset of refutting every improvements with negative views is the real poison, RPG are all about improving your character. And that's why most people are stuck and can't progress.

                If you also think I'm an elitist it shows how disconnected you are. Since I'm the first one to not use these things due to sheer laziness (lazyness ?), but I'm not as blind as to dismiss what would BE an improvement. You are also not the one to talk about what is meaningful or not, you should abstain about that and get off the high horse.

              • Tsugumari-solace-
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                I was not aware of you specifically meaning Raid. That's why I asked.
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              Let's put that outside of the comment of the post. The topic kinda evolved. I will also try to refrain from more hostility, as this doesn't get us anywhere. I would like you to do the same as well.

              Anyway, I was not aware of you specifically meaning Raid. That's why I asked. This something we can talk about.

              Crimson Tower of Howling Flames
              I can't see this being useful against the 4 heads. They die fast enough and switching it for every head would be highly inconvenient. I can see it being used from the start for the soul, as it get's stronger with lower HP, but only for low damage parties. If you have trouble here, you probably won't clear Cradle anyway. Otherwise just burst it down from the start, the 2 seconds or more spent switching are quite valuable here.

              Never-Ending Darkness
              First of, I consider this one the easiest dungeon in Raid. Heat Release Engine has no use for the thorn phase. On the 2nd boss, you could switch it while it's doing the charge up where you have to kill all the mini flowers. Questionable if that's worth it. You als have to switch back latter. If you just want to burst it down, same issue as with the soul. For the third boss, I don't see an easy way to switch gear. You could do it, but there is a risk involved. Generally speaking I don't see a reason for switching here. The DPS boost, if any, would be insignificant in terms of contributing towards the clear. Maybe you are a few seconds faster.

              Crimson Cradle of Flames
              To start off with, for bursting down the bosses, we are again at the same issue as with the soul. I can see you being able to switch during the bullet hell attack. If that makes a difference depends on the party. You are also at risk missing a bullet and die. The the second and third boss is were I think it makes the most sense, as the bosses are not that aggressiv. Especially for the third boss with it's large HP pool and downtime when hit by the debuff. Second boss I generally see just getting burst down without issues.

              So out of all the bosses, I say there is one were it's definitely useful. There are a couple of others, but it involve taking a risk. That risk does not seem worth it unless you are going for ranking. Considering we are talking about a once per week, per character dungeon with only one of nine bosses it beging definitively useful (given that's the most dangerous one), I call that the definition of niche.

              So in conclusion. Is it an improvement in certain situations? Yes. Should you sell it it to buy gear useful in any dungeon? Probably. So it comes down to being an item for people, who have basically everything else already and want a potential improvement in a few specific situations. Hence it's niche.
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                Alrighty, so I'll comment here so like that we get a specific post for it

                For raiding : I should have clarified I was speaking about Cradle last 1 ( or 2, depending on the kill speed) phases. As you stated the 4 heads are going down way too quickly, or you need to manage your damage so it's useless/redundant here and the Eye also go by fast with little downtime.
                For Rosso though, the 2 seconds "wasted" can bring up a lot on the table especially in the longer runs. Speedruns too but we can both agree that the more the fight takes, the better a damage boost becomes.
                We can just forget the rankings as (speaking for you and me) we both don't care about Raid ranking, but I'm mostly seeing that in the eyes of standard or slower raiding parties, a slight improvement can bring up some eases, even if the use of it can be clunky.

                It being niche ? It sure is, at least at first since to access it not that much of people can (on NA at least) and farming it will be a super slog thanks to the wonderful ticket requirement. But slowly and slowly it'll be more accessible, and if someone can spare the ED or Grind for it (And yes as you said, after getting the essential stuff), it can be really rewarding. Well ""really"", we speaking about Elsword after all !

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                I fully agree on the Rosso part. No need to argue about it. I think we are actually one the same page now? Probably a misunderstanding about what we call "niche". Good thing we could clear that up.

                To me it was important to point out were it's useful and where it's not. That's been done, so I have nothing to add.

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                Tsugumari-solace- Yes, I guess it's due to my bad habit to write little and expect everything to be understood by it since I hate writing a lot, my apologies.
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              The best boss theme in the game is being remixed.

              edit: story quest part 8

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                Story part 9:

                Aegirp was a half-blood. Naturally, both sides don't want anything to do with half-bloods. Also a nice little scene of Raven and Elesis being commanders for Tyrannicide to gush over.
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                  Aegirp: Able to switch between human and beast forms at will due to being mixed Nous/Garen

                  Me: "IS THAT A GAMEPLAY MECHANIC I SEE?"

                  Aegirp confirmed for next character :^)

                • Tsugumari-solace-
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                  Considering how much effort they put into that character, I wouldn't be surprised. Not to mention it would balance out Lu beging the only person with knowledgeable of the demon realm.
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                Aegirp continues to break my heart. Her story is so tragic, and her soul is still kind and gentle. I would be happy if the next character was half-Garen and half-Nous, Aegirp or anyone else (Nichel's friend?).


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                  Story quest 10:

                  Lmao at the innocent kid and the shonen protagonist being told to keep their faces straight..
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                    Originally posted by Coronax-gaia- View Post
                    Story quest 10:

                    Lmao at the innocent kid and the shonen protagonist being told to keep their faces straight..
                    They tried the good cop/bad cop strategy... except that they got the order wrong: bad cop should be the one who interrogates first instead.


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