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With the Coronavirus flying around, stay safe everyone!

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    With the Coronavirus flying around, stay safe everyone!

    Keep yourselves clean and stay at home. If going outside is unavoidable, stay away from crowded places and don't touch your face until you've washed your hands.

    Stay hydrated, eat your vegetables, listen to the news, and don't die.

    Good luck!

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    Will do! Wash your hands twice if you want to be extra careful.


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      Fudge, I just noticed. Dang it.
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    Staying safe alright, since I'm trapped at home due to town rules.
    Anyway, working from home sure is a mess when you're work normally includes using databases and networks accessible only in the office. Ended up having nothing to do today.


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      Gotta say, ever since there's news about "some flu broke out in Wuhan", my country had already began to take actions, and when it did become an epidemic we all reacted and took actions like as if apocalypse is coming. Plus the hot-as-hell weather in my country made it harder for the virus to spread, and many people are quite well aware about the covid 19, i could say it's quite safe in my country.

      Despite that, though, there were still dozens of cases found around (mostly because of 2 irresponsible people). Thanks to that i had been staying home for roughly 3 months already, and i have no idea would schools and universities be reopened next month or not. Things i learned at school are beginning to fade away from my head now.


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        The funny thing is even if I get entirely quarantined (instead of this partial lockdown my country has going atm) nothing really changes for me.

        I never go outside, I never come into contact with people, I work on software so all I need is a PC, etc.

        The shut-in lifestyle coming in handy for once in my life I guess.

        Stay healthy ya'll.


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          After looking into it quite a bit, my conclusion is that the virus isn't actually life threatening for most people. It's just highly infectious. The problem mainly comes from the fact that no health system in the world would be able to handle all the cases of a difficult progression of the disease. Even if the percentage of these is relatively low, the high amount of possible effected people still means it's more than most countries can handle. That's why the idea is to make it spread slowly. So that the hospital can handle the difficult cases.

          So, there is absolutely no reason to panic. You are very unlikely to die from this. However, still be careful. Not just for yourself, but for the groups who have a higher risk of dying from this disease.

          As for the economical impact... I assume this will be the real threat of the virus.

          Luckily for me, working from home is easy as a software developer. Unluckily for me, I am low on toilet paper. Why is that a thing people hoard so it's often sold out? Is there some secret thing you can do with it to help against the virus?
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            Yep, the economic impact of the virus has been awful and at the end of it all people like me will swoop down like hawks to take advantage of the plummeting markets.
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          No going outside just means more time to play Elsword


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            I really want to like that some people finally remember to wash their freakin' hands, but I just can't.

            Anyway, wetnaps can be just as effective for sanitizing your hands as well as your space.
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              classes just got cancelled today for me so i don't really have much reason to go out now
              though some of my teachers are gonna be doing classes online so i'll still be a bit busy with that
              (and it's gonna be hard to do some breadboard projects i have to turn in by the end of the month without being able to meet up with the rest of my team)

              other than that maybe i'll finally have time to finish some games
              mainly zelda botw, dq11s and digimon cybersleuth


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                Well u don't know what's happening right now in the Philippines right now especially if u live in manila. I am sure you live in other countries that has no quarentine or lockdown especially if president duterte has already implented safety measures for my country

                So read some international news related to the Philippines

                ​​​​​​... Ibig sabihin kami mga tao nag elsword sa comp shop at wala sarili pc sa bahay ay sigurado d na makahabul sa current at next master quest event plus pagdating na vanymir/rigomor changes basag na run attendance event which means goodbye 3rd job change ticket....
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                  What they're saying is that they don't have their own computer and because computer shops in the Philippines are closed due to the community quarantine, they can't play, ruining their chances of getting a 3rd job ticket in the next attendance event.
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                I'm more concerned about this tbh:



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                  I agree, the effect on airlines alone will be devastating.
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                Wow, it seems someone in our town also decided that whoever's confirmed to have the virus will be locked-up inside one of our town's school's rooms solo and will be given food through the door.

                ​​​​​​That's already bad enough until you realize that said school is built on top of an old cemetery.

                Hope they don't go through with it.


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                  stay safe everyone


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                    Breaking news! Prince Charles zi Brittania has just got the Coronavirus.

                    In a way that sounds ironic when you think about it. He's already 71 years old, but only until now has he finally been given a crown (corona).


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