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10/10 KR Patch Notes : Secret / Heroic Dungeon Revamp

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    10/10 KR Patch Notes : Secret / Heroic Dungeon Revamp

    TL;DR cuz on phone atm

    - Secret sets replaced with new set with uniform set effect.
    - Hamel SD length adjusted
    - SD set upgrading at blacksmith removed.
    - Dual stone crafting moved to Glave.
    - Material tooltip adjusted to match changes.

    - Difficulty adjusted to match new CP.
    - CP requirement changed to 150k
    - Tickets only drop in Elrianode~Rigomor.
    - 3x tickets needed
    - No longer drops equipment.
    ​​​​​​- New material to craft new Dual Stones with (ie. Crit/Max stone or Aspd/Move/Jump stone)

    - Unique tear rates increased in dust exchange
    - Epic Quests give out more tears to use.

    Mystic Stones adjusted to no longer grant certain low use stats (ie Ele Resist or KD Damage Increase)

    Certain effects like Vine Crown, Party Buff el tears, titles etc now affect CP and DP as well.
    Varnymir~Rigomor CP requirements slightly increased as a result. (By around 10~30k, not too bad)
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    Wow.. they are making Heroics relevant again! But x3 tickets just to go in? Entering the El Tower is already a hassle. Excited to see how they change SD gears to make it relevant for early endgame gears.


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      I think we all know the important part of this patch...NEW DUAL STONES POSSIBLY BETTER!!1

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        Heroic Revamp seems completely pointless. If the Duals Stones are not better then Sage Stones, why use them? We don't need another 150K dungeon, we have enough in that region. What we need is something to close the gap between Varnymir and Rigomor. Also what happens to the +9 Heroic Scroll? I assume it will go to SD (Edit: yes, it does) and really hope the new SD weapon is as strong as a 27+ Heroic one.

        SD revamp was need and this is basically what i expected. Hopefully the stats can compare with Heroic Gear. That being said, it's still the most basic approach. I would had preferred a new Hell mode in the 250k-300k CP region. Also, instead of buffing up Heroic and probably not changing anything else about it, new SD dungeons with only the new Hell mode would have been nice.

        While the CP increase in Varnymir~Rigomor is minor, why do this? It means KOG still does not understands the problem. We need ways to reach those CP requirements easier, not make them higher. As such it still deserves harsh criticism. It just adds something to be nullified instantly. If you do not have those things, you are in an even worse position. What are they thinking?

        But hey, I am sure they are working on a new character with it's own regions for christmas. Exactly what we need!
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          Heroic revamp is to give it a purpose again, with Elrianode armor obsoleting the armor (people only used the weapon from it really) ever since it released with it essentially being a DIY-Heroic. Dual Magic stones can be quite nice, even if their max is lower than sages, but that all depends on exactly how much they give. The gear drops being replaced with something that could be useful late-game and the gear instead being put back into Secrets cleans out that part of the game's gear progression as well, which was awfully cluttered with SD/Heroic/Henir/Elrianode gear at one point. Now we're back to a simple SD -> Elri -> Rigo progression, which is much less confusing on newer players.

          Also, to be fair, we have no clue how much CP something simple like +10% Magic Attack Party Buff El Tear gives you. Considering how much a +10% attack increase gives otherwise, if they just took the value as if its always on (which in the case of party buff tears would be the case anyway), then that's way more of an increase than the 10~30k tacked onto Varn/Rigo dungeons. Adaptation being counted is a big plus as well.

          We don't know quite enough about this patch yet to say much until after maint tomorrow, they left a lot of details out.

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          I will admit, it's a bit overreacting. My main point is, that it's solving almost no problems. Yes, there is the "SD thing", but that was really just a minor issue. There is for example still a lot of things to adjust in Rigomor.

          For the CP thing I think I was't clear enough. It's not what you might get as out of those stats. It's the fact that they were already there. Your power level doesn't change, the number is just more accurate. So why require more power now? There was no reason to increase the CP requirement, regardless of how much the number increases. What do you achieve by doing so? Nothing. It's the wrong mindset and it doesn't matter if it's just a minor increase, the mindset is still wrong.
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        I hate this game's pve so much more and more. Each content update we get ends up in having basically no form of uniqueness when it comes to build diversity or kills whatever we previously had.
        IDK why they bothered with making more than 2 rigomor sets when everyone is just gonna make the polarize one for pve or purple for pvp.


        • Coronax-gaia-
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          While I would definitely prefer if we have more choices in gear, I think a simple SD>Elri>Rigo progression system like this isn't too bad. The problem is the grind and RNG.

        • CrimsomRayko-solace-
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          Pretty much why I'm bored because I don't find my options (or option) interesting when I want to switch from Henir 5/5.

        • Tsugumari-solace-
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          Diversity for what? To deal damage and... deal damage?
          In Elsword you can very simply identify what's the best. Just measure whatever gives the best DPS. There can not be diversity in gear without diversity in content.
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        Originally posted by Tsugumari-solace- View Post

        But hey, I am sure they are working on a new character with it's own regions for christmas. Exactly what we need!

        I'd love to see a new character tbh


        • Tsugumari-solace-
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          We still don't need one, thought. Enough chaos as it is.

        • ElvenEleven-solace-
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          Me too, we need more characters

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        I hope they don't make the Heroic revamp too difficult. These 150K CP dungeons almost always feel like they need twice that amount in order to clear them effectively.



        • Tsugumari-solace-
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          Isn't this always the case? Except for maybe Rigomor.
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        That slight CP increase seems rather, random.

        If anything, it's overkill for Rigomor. Rigomor really is not anywhere as hard as to require its CP requirement. Like 13-1 is not anywhere near deserving of a 370k CP requirement, hell, not even sure if that dungeon would even constitute a 250k CP requirement. Honestly, they should just cut all of Rigomor's CP requirements by 100~150k CP if anything. These dungeons really aren't that hard.
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        • Tsugumari-solace-
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          The CP requirement is probably due to the demon world debuff. Also, recently KOG has the tendency to think that CP requirements solves problems. See raid which they increased to 400K, not 350K and 400K, all 400K. I don't get it either.
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        New IB Set: Brillant Knight.

        Actually pretty dope looking.
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        • xEclipsa-solace-
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          i will admit the black and white parts are awesome but the yellowish-green kills it

        • MayGreenfeld-solace-
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          Holy ♥♥♥♥. Now YOU TOO can be an Eternity Winner!
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        All I wanted was an Elysion secret dungeon but that's never going to happen.


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          The only interesting about this update are the new dual stones and QoL changes to mystic stones.

          They should have added more of the older stages to the heroic cycle am really bored of repeating Elysion dungeons. I would have loved to see some of the Feita or Elder dungeons added. Perhaps using some of thier older extended layout so that the dungeons have more rooms.

          Now that party buffs increase CP, I wonder how much CP the Support Rigomor set will give compared to the others.
          Heros come and go but legends live forever


          • MyShinyTeeth-solace-
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            Oh... I forgot about the solace dungeons. No pls (._.)

          • Tsugumari-solace-
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            They removed the pre Velder dungeon in the past because they were considered too easy. Also, currently (NA) more difficult dungeons mean higher chance of drops.

          • MyShinyTeeth-solace-
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            I'm sure they could have thought of an idea increase the difficulty of the older dungeons. Such as adding an extra copy of the boss similar to henir for the pre-Velder dungeons. I would have loved to play a heroic Heart of Spire with a second boss to shoot out of the sky.
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          Wait they're discontinuing Heroic gear? Shoot, I guess I better stock up on Elrainode-gear-for-alts while I can. Thanks KOG.


          • MyShinyTeeth-solace-
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            It would have been nice if Elrianode gear was finally able to be bankshared with a change like this.
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