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Elsword KR Summer Updates - Character Re:Boot, New Epic Quests and Dungeons

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    So IN can't go below 4 CP except maybe for the beginning of a dungeon? That's basically -200 MP to get a Bravery out. It does't matter much for DPS, but for MP consumption and iFrames this is huge. What Tenacity did Ciel have again... Soul Extortion, Death Sentence of Marbas and Fantasy Impromptu - 1st Movement. Well, at least one is usable... It should work with the CD reduce from the Combi Skills.

    Edit: From what I see CT also got massiv buffs. Meanwhile the transformers got nothing.
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    • Coronax-gaia-
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      Marbas is Strength.

    • Tsugumari-solace-
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      Of course I meant Tenacity level CP gain. :^)
      Jokes aside, I completely forgot that.
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    New patch notes overview:

    - Vitality nerf for PvP
    - Luna Blade's explosion doesn't linger as long anymore
    - Vertical Slash and Rune Field had Reversed (60% MP / 120% CD) changed to Light (90% MP)
    - Infinity Strike CD reduced
    - Sword Fall and Mod Sword Fall PvP nerf. (Speaking off, do the blades STILL stack on a wall in NA? Since that got fixed like day one of the reboots in KR LOL)

    - Eradication PvP nerf

    Nothing for Aisha hue

    - Unending Rage buffed again, still less than pre-Reboot though.
    - Ignition Crow - Incinerator damage nerfed again. Hitbox changed, so might still be a better skill overall, need to wait and see. Remember what a hitbox change did to Suppression: Specter hahaha.

    - Queen's Throne and Mod Queen's Throne got a hit detection fix, buff is applied immediately upon use.
    - Heaven's Fist - Sweeper, Mod Heaven's Fist - Sweeper, Giga Stream, Mod Giga Stream and Linear Divider CD reduced.

    - MP Gain on ZZZX, XXZX and (Cent's) XZX cut in half.
    - Advanced Metabolic Boost CD Reduction in berserk reduced.
    - Veteran Technique Attack Speed increase reduced (still higher than pre-Reboot amount)
    - Modified Warhead damage increase nerfed (back to pre-Reboot amount)
    - Useful Tactics got a PvP tooltip, much lower values
    - Mortar max installs reduced to 2 (from 3). Damage nerfed
    - Heavy Field/Mod Heavy Field damage buffed, but damage increase effect nerfed
    - Mod Carpet Bombing damage nerfed

    - Nasod Armor Mode - Battle Armor additional DMP chance increased to 100%
    - Enhanced Plasma trigger condition changed from NAC command to on hit with "Direct Hit" skill (Nasod Armor Mode - Full Burst, Quicksilver Accel, Psion Rush, Supersonic)
    - Dark Matter Explosion damage buffed
    - Maximum Strike CD reduced
    - Side Effect buffed to 5% per stack in PvE, split with PvP (same in PvP as before)

    - Awakened Will Dreadlord effect added to increase Lord of Terror double stack chance and Threat of Terror's chance to retain creeping terror stacks.
    - Remnant of Fear reduced to max 2 stacks but increases combination skill damage by 50% per stack.
    - Gaze of Abyss reworked. No longer allows certain actives to turn enemies around nor increases command back attack damage/double hit rate. Instead, all enemies in line of sight are debuffed to take more damage from Catastrophe's commands, actives (20%) and special actives (10%), similar to StT's Eagle Eye.
    - Spectral Spear's tracking spear homing range nerfed in PvP
    - Awakened Will Noblesse effect added to recover 4 CP (2 in PvP) upon using a Combination Skill.
    - Nobility additional CP chance nerfed in PvP.

    - ALL ACTIVES : 35 CP cost, across the board. No exceptions.
    - Needle Sobat damage buffed.
    - Backstep can still consume ECP even in Overstrike. Damage buffed and Enhanced effect changed to x1.2 damage.

    - Cannon Ball close range weapon hit damage buffed
    - Flame Strike CD reduced, close range weapon hit damage nerfed (Not relevant lol)
    - Grenade Launcher CD reduced, close range weapon hit damage nerfed (Not relevant lol)
    - Laser Rifle/Mod Laser Rifle CD reduced, damage increased
    - Miracle Vision enhanced effect ecp cost reduction part removed
    - Operation Raze CD reduced, Enhanced effect CD reduction slightly reduced
    - FM-92 MK2 Launcher SW / Mod FM-92 MK2 Launcher SW CD reduced
    - Pampero Booster CD reduced, close range weapon hit damage nerfed (Not relevant lol), chill damage buffed
    - X-1 Extruder / Mod X-1 Extruder CD reduced
    - Aiming Strike CD reduced, damage buffed

    - Gun Guard / Mod Gun Guard damage buffed.
    - Moving Shot CD reduced
    - Bloody Road (new skill) pushback and following paths adjusted
    - Bloody Chain rushing damage nerfed

    - G-35L Flash Grenade damage buffed
    - Viper Shot damage buffed
    - EMP Storm initial impact hit damage nerfed (Not relevant), CD reduced and Enhanced effect CD reduction slightly reduced.
    - Servo Nitro effects added that apply on the ground (Crit Rate, Crit Damage). Air effect changed from Additional Damage to Crit Damage.
    - Crossmore CD reduced
    - Battlefield Angel effect split with PvP. PvE is only 1 MP cost for additional boosts.
    - G-18C Freezing Grenade Light trait buffed to 80% (from 90%)
    - Blazing Bullet cast damage buffed
    - Neil Sniping/Mod Neil Sniping damage buffed but MP cost increased to 300 MP
    - Phantom Chaser damage buffed
    - Phantom Shot / Mod Phantom Shot damage buffed
    - Awakened Will Freyja matk increase buff duration increased
    - Viper Shower can be used in midair
    - Key of Proof aerial damage increase increased
    - G-96 Pressure Grenade Gigantic (130%) trait changed to Empowered (120%)
    - Mod EMP Storm CD reduced
    - Musket Master ECP effect removed, damage increase for muskets changed to only apply to specific musket skills (Viper Shot, Phantom Chaser, Phantom Shot), damage increase increased.
    - Enhanced Grenades duration increased in PvE.

    - KS-83 Explosion damage increased
    - Robot Detonation "wave length" casting damage increased
    - G-3 Raptor damage increased
    - Focused Strike! damage decreased
    - G-0 Battleroid CD decreased, cooldown method adjusted (?), traits completely replaced with Empowered (120%) and Light (80%)
    - Armored Tempest CD decreased
    - Magnetic Generator will appear closer to you now
    - Mod G-0 Battleroid CD decreased
    - Mod G-3 Raptor damage decreased

    - Viert Werfen Speer dagger damage nerfed. Spear damage nerfed in PvP only.
    - Edel Lied Rein changed (?) and damage increased.

    - Dream Star changed from only when idle to always active. Additional SP chance decreased.
    - Illusia now triggers whenever you lose HP at all (below 20% in PvP). Reduces MP costs to?/by? 80% for 10 (5 in PvP) seconds, 20 seconds CD.

    Ok phew that's all of it. Felt like I had to translate this ahead of 2na since there's a lot here that's actually really good haha.
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    • DreamKR-solace-
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      Coronax-gaia- Uh, they never post these to the main page actually. You need to go to the menu at the top, left most dropdown, second option ("Updates"). That's where they post these, always. Only the actual maint notes go on the main page.

      At most they add some stuff later (like the Dark Cloud change last time), but what there is now is like 90% what we'll get next week.

    • Coronax-gaia-
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      I see it. Didn't know that. Thanks for clarifying.

    • Kristenxchan-solace-
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      Awakened Will Dreadlord effect added to increase Lord of Terror double stack chance and Threat of Terror's chance to retain creeping terror stacks.

      happy! it was a shame, DL was the only one without a class effect like the other two
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    Looking at the Google translated page again, it seems that things can still change.



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      I know this looks bad for Elboys in PVP especially KE and IM but I wanna see this in action b4 passing judgement

      Signature by Gluecklich


      • Gunz224-solace-
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        To be fair, no sane person would say perma Vitality in PvP was okay. It was just straight up busted let's be honest.
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      New Illusia sounds pretty crazy.

      Also slight RH buff, I'll take it.

      Seems to be a lovely patch.

      EDIT: Babel notes are up.
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        Wait, wait waitwaitwait.

        I'm losing Backstep AND Fake Shot but keeping that worthless garbage Gun Guard?? Are you kidding me!?

        Jesus christ, what the hell is the basis on those kind of changes let alone the addition of yet another soon to be unused bravery skill that wasn't asked for??

        I still don't like you.
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          Catastrophe stacking damage much faster
          I'm so hyped


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            Yikes. It's only been a week and they've killed Centurion in PvP.

            First, why bother giving Modified Warhead +5% damage if they were just going to take it back? Same with CM awakening charge being less than it was before.

            But now for the real issues:

            First off, they halved ZZZX and XXZX/XZX mp gain. Honestly, by itself I wouldn't have any issues with this. At least I can actually build MP off of my other combos with Comman-


            CM now only gives +12% MP gain on a class that has historically struggled to build any mana before they smacked mp gain on CM. Then immediately buffed it, what, twice? Now it's only 1/5 of what it was, and now with less mana gain from the nerfed combos. 20 seconds of more than doubling your mana feed is a raw detriment for what it gives back now.

            MW now only reduces knockdown by 1 point, on a class that otherwise has very high knockdown. This used to be -8. -4 I could work with. Now I feel like I'll be lucky to get 80 mp before my opponent is on the floor.

            So here we are.
            Bad mana gain.
            High mana feed.
            Fast knockdowns.

            ​I feel like this revamp was just to get my attention so I wouldn't miss the part where they pound my class into dust.
            I guess once I get bored of his PvE again, I'll be back to playing other games. Playing Centurion in pvp after this is going to be bad for my health.
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            • Treasure-solace-
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              Commander Mark into Gravity Shelling into >>^xxx is dumb and needs to get killed to tbh
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            I didn't want to open a new thread about that because it is still "summer updates" and concerns characters reboot balance too, but here is the latest Q/A done in KR, with a lots of nice infos about the game overall :
            -For one specific Blazing Heart user, your prayer or broken record as we call it is maybe answered : Improvement to Normal Dungeon, Secret and Heroic Dungeons incoming.

            -Bad thing for a lot of player : Raid CP limit increase to 400k CP

            -SOLO ENTRY TO SNEK, YES

            -We will be able to choose our character portrait and quick voices


            and way way more.

            "Let justice be done, though the Heavens fall."


            • Niwatari-solace-
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              DreamKR-solace- Oof I see. Well there'll still be hard carries anyway, between 400k CP or 1mil+ players and buffing characters and such. I don't think that's a good solution.

              And thanks, I had a little thought about that dungeon but wasn't sure.

            • Coronax-gaia-
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              Sounds like Bethera Army.

              EDIT: They're not raising the difficulty of raid too, are they?
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            • CrimsomRayko-solace-
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              Who's that? Never heard of him.

              We'll see what they do.
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            Interesting. I'm aware of the Shadow bug in Luciel (they should just make that a feature in PVE), but what other bugs are there in the character?

            It looks like even some KR players are angry at how they treated Rose.



            • AllIAskOfYou-solace-
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              KR players are still angry about Rose? Seriously? I can't anymore

            • DreamKR-solace-
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              AllIAskOfYou-solace- Angry about how bad she got nerfed, mind you. Not angry about her existance, that's just a meme.

            • AllIAskOfYou-solace-
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              Oh thank Ishmael then, I'm glad. I'm happy to know there are players that still care about her
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            Patch notes for thursday already out. They're a day early with this one...


            Final Rigomor dungeon 13-5 is a mini-raid like Drabaki. 3~6 player entry, only open at certain times of the day. Requires 450k CP


            They (finally) fixed Time of Enlightenment on Apsara to act like its (KR) tooltip describes, as it currently applies the CDR effect on *any* energy consuming skill, regardless of what the passive actually said. Actually a big 'nerf' to Apsara's cooldowns, even if it is a bug fix. They also fixed Magic Resistance Training having a different duration from its tooltip (no mention on if it's the tooltip they changed or the actual duration tho... lol)
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            • Coronax-gaia-
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              Pretty big damage nerf to Ignition Crow Incinerator. The skill pattern change better be worth it.

            • Niwatari-solace-
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              :crabrave: Hello Flame Lord :crabrave:
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            Nerfing Werfen Speer and not buffing any other skill for RI is a ♥♥♥♥ move KoG
            I sell El Tears
            How to Train your Ball of Light: The PvE Manual (Arme Guide)


            • DreamKR-solace-
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              Oh please they didn't even nerf the part that's actually good about it. The spears still ignore 100% defense and do a ton of damage, all they nerfed was the extra daggers, and those are still doing splash damage too. The interview even mentions every single rep (including the Ain reps) mentioning it at some point, so don't go blaming KoG on this entirely, the players wanted it too. This is deserved.

              With Heavy, it goes from 5.9k% 100% Defense Ignore + 17.3k% dagger damage (that splashes) to 5.9k% 100% Defense Ignore + 13.8k% dagger damage (that splashes). Hardly a terrible skill now, especially since not only do the daggers splash, they appear for every enemy hit. It's busted.
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            • Niwatari-solace-
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              DreamKR-solace- I agree Speer is totally busted. BUT there's 2 things about it, is that for one, people that don't have mark of Inferno needs to use Bravery chronicle + Bravery rings, which makes RI strength skills even weaker so far that except mod Aushauen and Dreimal (even so it need to be stacked to be really relevant) which are all overshadowed by Bravery. And since Bravery RI is for now a kind of one trick pony. I can understand the frustration of Richter if you don't help them a bit by giving a bit more punch to their other skills.
              Speer deserved the nerf though.

            • Xecharion-solace-
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              Gunz224-solace- DreamKR-solace- Yeah it was busted. But then why is Shakti practically untouched again when she can stack force Fox Fire like three times? To be honest I expected the nerf. That's not what I'm irritated about.

              Niwatari-solace- has the right idea as to why I'm so peeved. I'm tilted about the fact they nerfed his Reinforced Projection, and then didn't rebalance the rest of his skill %s around the new values for Reinforced Projection. Ain players complain about Richter being a one button class now but they don't do a ♥♥♥♥ thing to fix it. Werfen speer was so broken, and still is so broken it makes using anything BUT bravery just stupid. And since it's only one skill that's doing all the DPS if you nerf that you nerf his damage. And if they nerf Werfen speer back to nothing so Dreimal and Mod Aushauen are meta again, it's back to the same thing before reboot but with like 3/5ths of the original dps because they nerfed reinforced projection.
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            No duh of course patch notes arrived a day early, good job dream.

            MAINT is a day early. The 15th is a holiday, so they moved maint a day ahead to the 14th. It just started, so we'll be seeing the new dungeon 'n stuff in a few hours.


            • Niwatari-solace-
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              Big Poggers ! Do you know when the servers go online ?
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            Guys, people complain about raid and stuff. Well, let's increase the requirements then. If you are better geared, you complain less, right?

            Also, if that is just some random giant boss, I am calling this region a joke in terms of actual content. Add about 2-3 more dungeons with some unique rewards please. At least KOG is good at making bosses. And luckily it's not a stupid 8 people raid, but hopefully more in terms of Drabaki.
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            • DreamKR-solace-
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              I mean in terms of total content, is this region any different from say, Lanox, Elysion, Hamel, etc?

              We can't always have Elrianodes and Varnimyrs, and the only thing that salvaged Varnimyr as a region is the raid anyway. Elrianode was the big set up so of course it was a big thing, introducing everything from new special Armor, El Tears, Force Skills, Mod Skills, an entire new story arc, and Void weapon releasing at the same time. Now it's just build up, build up, build up. We're not getting another climax of a story arc at any point soon. Besides raid, Varn's only unique thing was Mystic Stones, so Rigomor introducing a new set above Elrianode armor already has it more than beat in that regard.

              Also as for raid, yeah, that's exactly what Korean players complain about, CP entry being to low. Lucky they didn't listen to the KR players entirely or it'd be 600k LOL.
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            • Tsugumari-solace-
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              Why can't we always have Elrianodes and Varnimyrs? I see nor reason not to.
              Varnimyrs has at least a theme going for it. First dungeon has red stones, second blue, third yellow. Forth is useless, that's right. IT also has both better titles and accessories in the dungeons. Elrianode is basically the same as Rigomor just more. You might as well say Rigomor is a turned down version of what we got in the Elrianode era.

              If you compare those to Lanox, Elysion, Hamel, etc (including SDs), those still have more dungeons. Not necessarily better ones. I mean, the first three are really just your standard dungeon. The fourth can be called a turned down dungeon. It's just twist on sanders enemy spawn points and still kill all mobs. Just like in any other dungeon, but with less maps. Elrianode City in comparaison was kill a much as possible with rewards for doing so. The final one is a better Drabaki. It's well dungeon but still something like and extra content comparable to past SDs, Henir or Raid updates. It overall seems strange considering one of the main complains was the lack of content.

              Don't get me wrong, I like the ideas they did in Rigomor. It just seems very little compared to the past. Like they purposely reduced time spend developing new dungeons. That's just a guess of course and I still hope there will be more until the next region. The rumored improvement to Normal Dungeon, Secret and Heroic Dungeon might be that something and the reason why this region feels so "short". Hopefully that isn't just a early game revamp.


              So KOG just listened tot Elitists. Well, why think internationally when you act internationally or make the game accessible...
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            [No longer playing Elsword] Warframe IGN: Nalucire


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