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03/14 KR Patch Notes : Laby Mod Skills, Wedding Renewal

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    I wonder how that Mont Blanc mod would far ... :thinking:
    Flower Garden is pruuuuuddy... But too slow for my taste.

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      mod poke it looks like it could be useful on straight paths
      mod flower garden looks interesting but the damage over time is kinda slow and i prefer the black hole effect on the normal version way more


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        Mod Milky Way is woke af
        RaS took notes from Devi - it's Rakshasa Inferno in disguise.

        All of those stars (even the small ones) do collision+explosion damage, that's 16 in total. And the summoning cast ALONE, with absolutely no star damage, is already more than regular Milky Way.

        RaS top tier bossing now bois.


        • Abeyll-solace-
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          She needs way more than a measily ok bravery to be called top tier lol

        • DreamerVG-solace-
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          Abeyll-solace- Lighten up, it was just a joke. It does make her undeniably better though, since it can reach all the way up to 24k% (though you're usually going to do like 12~14k%) which is by no means a mediocre 'ok' bravery.

          No reason not to use it since regular Milky Way is terrible anyway.

        • Tsugumari-solace-
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          That was a really bad joke.
          This game is in real time. Execution matters as much as damage and too many people are fixated on damage output of a single skill instead of what you get as a whole. Feeding that misconception is what makes the joke so bad.

          Other then that, good points. Unless of course you already one shot everything anyway...
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        now, we just need a baseball player outfit for laby and nisha can finally live the dream of playing ball as she swings with her tree log lol

        so flower garden lose its black hole effect for a station aoe? so like poison cloud from NW?
        looks pretty but looking at it, its not a wall off area and you can escape from it since there's no hit stun. if it was an lock off area, it be perfect to keep bosses/players in

        i thought poke it was a beetle by its claw but nope, just thorns. still looks useful


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          There's no same character marriage, but you can have someone else sit in your couple chair to make it seem like it
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            Concerning Flower Garden, it could be useful for bosses that don't move a lot, I'm not sure on its damage output yet, so can't say for certain how effective it'd be. I'm just grateful we can turn off mods unlike skill notes.


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              Nisha is confirmed to be the strongest of all in raw strength, as her Go Away Modded literally throw you as a homerun hit. You'll fly 10km up in the air when you're hit by it.
              Obviously bugged but it's funny as hell to see.

              0:37 sec hit -> 1:43 to hit the floor, nice.
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              "Let justice be done, though the Heavens fall."


              • Kristenxchan-solace-
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                move over yoshi, we found our home run queen lol

              • xEclipsa-solace-
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                just enough time to recover the mp and swing again lol she wants you to stay up there!

              • ErillePurrle-solace-
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              Ok but what's with [Mod] Hide and Seek??? (skip to 1:50)

              Like what the phoru... the range is insane. I think no other homing skill has that range besides Bravery skills like Requiem, but still, I'm not sure if C:S skills reach that range, especially in pvp. Of course the damage is another thing, but for utility, it's way too overpowered.


              • SeraphZX-gaia-
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                C:S' homing is only a little larger than a screen wide at most (not sure about GS and LD though, who would even use those for PvP). The real super homing skills in the past were renewal Grand Archer's pre-nerfed arrow skills (forgot the names).

              • Kristenxchan-solace-
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                Guided arrow right? Remember that one was super busted

              • MyFriendPoco-solace-
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                Yeah, Guide Arrow and Wind Blast. Particularly Wind Blast because it was a guaranteed catch (, now it was nerfed to only hit once. I'd say [Mod] H&S is basically an unnerfed (and stronger) Wind Blast.
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              Not really sure where you would want to use Mod Mont Blanc over normal since you lose out on the two things that makes Mont Blanc good (damage + clearing) cause of the wonky hitbox ...

              If Mod I am Stone retains certain properties of normal I am Stone then it's going to be down right busted (normal is already Guard 2.0).

              Screw Punch turning into Sharp Fall is interesting, gives it more uses at least. Not sure if it'll end up being used still but we'll see.

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              • Gunz224-solace-
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                Pretty sure [Mod] I am Stone doesn't retain pretty much any attribute of the original. It was completely changed from a defensive counter stance to a buff skill.
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              RaS this patch be like:

              or something like that


              /* */