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1/24 Patch Notes

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    1/24 Patch Notes


    162/200 erp, lazy grind |s>et3 eve 4/4
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    She looks nice, I like it ' ^'b

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      She looks adorable, although I'm sad she doesn't smile anymore. Stockings like that are kinda a fetish for me so that's nice ' ^'
      Nisha doesn't look like a mirror at all now lol.


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        Wandering Child......I'll grab me coat...
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          I really like the design choice that they went with the first path and hope it goes all the way through to 3rd job (inb4 her hair turns a darker shade of pink or has strands of white)


          • MayGreenfeld-solace-
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            She'll no doubt get the gothic treatment, much like another class from another game that just got it this week.
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          Design for the 3rd path looks rather nice. Though time to figure out what name to give her when she is released in NA.

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            Poor Laby. I hope she gets better off at her 3rd job.


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              she looks like she'd get along with lofty:wanderer...


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                I'm interested to see how they incorporate the summoner theme in her skills and ofc her story


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                  Where's her other boot


                  • ErillePurrle-solace-
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                    There's no boots though?
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                  For anyone who was wondering, yes there is a balance patch (along with an arena patch):


                  Anyway, nothing for Eve today and did I read that right?! Curse of Chaos was nerfed hard?!
                  And if I'm understanding correctly, add damage is pretty much completely useless now (becomes affected by defense).

                  Also, OZ was nerfed. Someone's not gonna be happy with this.

                  Google Translate isn't exactly the most reliable thing.
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                  • Tiano-solace-
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                    Yes Oz is nerfed and Add damage is now apparantly useful for PvE, but we'll have to see how that works out for some classes lol

                  • AngelXapham-solace-
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                    I still don't get what they did with Add damage.

                  • Tiano-solace-
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                    They basically took off a modifier or something for Add damage so its buffed in Pve
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                  Eclipse and reaper are back



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                    Good Oz nerfs. Good EW nerfs that’s a start.
                    I couldn’t care less about the titles coming back.
                    I will wait for the full translation before commenting more. Add damage gets a weird treatment.


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                      i'm interested in how this laby class will work
                      won't give much of an opinion on the looks just yet cause you won't even see much of the first job in game

                      being able to get eclipse again gives me an excuse to grind for NoH (and i'm halfway to getting resistant)
                      oath doesn't matter to me, i have it but don't even use it anymore
                      and reaper never interested me
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                        I'm pretty happy about Eclipse and Reaper coming back. Eclipse is a better Foringay's Fruit and even though I probably wouldn't use Reaper much anymore it would still be fun to mess around with, so I'm happy about that change. Would also have been nice if they reduced the amount of runs required for those titles in light of how weak they are now a days (compared to other end game titles) but this is a nice start.

                        PvP changes are nice. Not nearly enough, but a good start

                        Think that's about it on my thoughts for the patch based on the giggle translate

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