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01/17 KR Patch Notes : Henir Revamp, New Common Force Skills

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    Added the values for the new force skills to the wiki:

    Eroding Aura
    For PvE, it's purely for the max MP, and nothing else. You don't care about MP much out of combat aside from using your buffs or something, and at most it'll save you like a few 100 MP pots. The only character that can truly abuse this passive is BQ (you can heal up and get full MP, then let the passive kick in to drain your HP down again to get to your passive bonuses faster on the next screen.

    For PvP, it's entirely useless. It's STILL 3% HP drain and only 2.5mp per second at Unique - you gain less than 100 MP from it before you die. It's great that KoG is considering people clocking but they kinda took it too far the other way...tho again, BQ can abuse the hell out of it since she can just heal the loss back up in the end.

    Excessive Greed
    Surprised they made it be based on Combat Power. Every 100k CP = 1/3/5% more drop rate on top of a 20% base increase. Not bad.

    Entirely for PvP of course, but it looks...slow. Too slow in fact. And 2s stun isnt that impressive due to Light. Oh well.


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      The thing about CEs and the Labys is --- why would you use Eroding then at all instead of anything else? You already get MP from Mighty Laby, or Fox Rain, and CEs gains a lot of MP from her summons. What good will a, at most, 75 MP gain between screens do, assuming you dont just use a potion already?

      Though on RaS's side I'm still going to use it, but only for the Max MP so Fox Rain returns even more of it. I'll be reaching 600+ MP soon on mine haha.

    • Zudosa-solace-
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      I use a Bravery Build on my CEs. The mp on my summons aren't enough to stop me from chugging potions (and I love to horde my potions). I guess I also should have mentioned that I care more about the max mp as well. The extra mp for staying idle is just the icing on the cake imo.

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      From the wording, I assume the Max MP Increase is always active. Not everybody uses pots all the same, so for EW that extra MP she gets via her passiv is quite nice. It's really not hard to pick up the orbs when you use the X command.
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    someone knows if tha VIP membership ticket will affect the new henir mode?


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      Just so people are aware, Head Hunter does apply to all bosses you'd expect it to on KR, compared to Henir in NA right now.

      So stuff like In/Jin, Kayak before Bone Dragon, the mobs next to Ignia, the miniboss rooms etc arent affected, but everything else is.


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        Huh...150k to enter henir now? Guess I'm passing on all future runs of it from then on out.

        I still don't like you.
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