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    So it's Brynhildr banner, I have saved so much so that I can brute force pulling the servant I want. Started with 597 Quartz and 96 tickets, I began to roll, changing back and forth between tickets and x10 pull Then in one x10 pull, I saw gold servant, but it was a Rider... turned out that it was Achilles!

    Then I kept pulling, and guess who showed up? It was Siegfried... What coincidence! I do like Siegfried as a character, no matter what other people say about him. Then I began to use Siegfried as a catalyst, putting him in my team as the only member, equipping him with a max LB Brynhildr event CE.

    Then I kept pulling, got a Chiron. Like I have said multiple times, for some reasons I have a tendency to pull servants in previous banners which I neglected/skipped (was able to pull 1 Chiron previously in Fate/Apo banner, then stopped soon after and didn't bother to pull Achilles).

    Then in a x10 rolling attempt, finally I was able to pull Brynhildr! I'm so happy, the wait is now over!

    In conclusion: total quartz used: 210. Ticket used: 48. Pulling result: 2 SSR (Achilles and Brynhildr), 3 SR (Siegfried, Chiron and Rama).

    Yep, rate up is a lie indeed, didn't manage to pull a single Valkyrie, as well as 1 Achilles spook. But all I want is Bryn, so I have already stopped rolling in this banner.
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