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    So it turned out that Camelot LB wasn't destroyed, or something.


    • SolaceLite-solace-
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      this LB turned Wodime to mage ♥♥♥♥♥ to best boi overnight and i'm fine with it.

    • Tyrannicide-solace-
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      Why can’t Wodime survive like other crypters, why DW!?... T_T
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    Maple, is that you?


    There's something about the trend of waifu shielders getting big cannons...

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      I can't believe in my eyes, Dioscuri servant (Castor and Pollux) was just released, and immediately there are already fan arts of them being or implied to be in a romantic relationship!??

      ...I only want to say that if I'm making a game or a manga/anime, then in my work none of the characters would have a sibling. That's the only way to be sure.


      • NepNep9710-solace-
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        people for some reason really like stuff like that

        like for example i've been watching the digimon reboot/remake and when i look for new episode discussions there's usually comments about taichi and his sister
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      I just used 90 quartz + 11 tickets to pull in this banner, got Chiron and a Penthesilea spook.

      Didn’t expect to pull Achilles, from the start I almost only aimed for Chiron. I only regret not stopping when having already pulled Chiron after using 60 quartz and 6 tickets.

      Btw I wonder why I hardly see any art which features Chiron and Heracles. Wasn’t he also Chiron’s student, just like Achilles?


      • Cygames-solace-
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        Probably cause Heracles is more often paired with Illya while Achilles and Chiron appeared in Apocrypha together.
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      Did 1 ticket and 2 yolo multis.

      Oh hi Achillies.

      Only thing worthwhile.


      • Tyrannicide-solace-
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      a bit surprised at how much self control i've had in NA
      pretty close to 400 quartz and there's still another 4 months of saving until bb
      i just hope i'm not unlucky on that event

      i'm on the final battle of lostbelt 1 but had to put it off cause of the apo event
      i enjoyed it but the wait for more chapters is gonna suck


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        ~300+ SQs + ~50+ tickets for another Malter to NP2. Hopefully have some leftover to roll Skadi with the Aniversary update SQs

        ~500+ SQs + ~100 ticketson my alt for idk.. maybe Majin and Izou?


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          my luck today was pretty interesting

          did my usual daily fp summon and got angra
          then i did a single ticket summon and got nightingale

          it's my 2nd 5* on this account so i'm pretty happy
          too bad i don't really have the mats to lvl her


          • Tyrannicide-solace-
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            Congratz .
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          What a rollercoaster on my attempt to NP2 Hijikata...

          Got spooked by Sanzang and Enkidu for the first 100 tickets + 200 SQs, then proceed to waste 300 SQs to get NP7 Edison and company. A very sad day.

          A few days later, today, I got some tickets from the event and thought to risk it again....boop, first ticket Hijikata. He truly is an all-or-nothing servant.


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            looks like my lack of servants is really gonna suck during this event
            almost lost during the first fight againts nobu even after using my command seals cause i don't have a single good lancer

            also used 10 tickets for okita alter or any other banner servant
            ended up getting 2 5* CEs

            my luck with tickets isn't great for what i want


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              ~30 ticks + 120 SQs saved after the Hijikata incident.

              Want NP5 Izo and maybe Okita cuz I'm a dreamer.

              Got Jack, NP4 Izo, Okita Alter, 1 5*CE 4 4*CE and 5 3*CEs

              It can only go up now, NP5 Izo is inevitable.


              • Tyrannicide-solace-
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                Congratulation, that's an insane luck streak you're having over there.

              • CrimsomRayko-solace-
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                Just the variance converging I guess.
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              Tl;dr, was able to pull Napoléon, using only 1 ticket and no quartz. Didn’t bother to do any of the rituals or catalysts, I think Napoléon seems to like me, so he showed up right off the bat.



              • CrimsomRayko-solace-
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                Eh~ /10chars
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              forced supports are so annoying for me
              on the 2nd lostbelt i had a bit of trouble with the 4th sigurd fight (6-4) cause i have no max lvl archer
              and now i'm stuck on the 12-4 fight cause i have no max lvl saber or archer

              i was planning on waiting for the anniversary events for the enhancement bonus
              but that would be 1-2 weeks without being able to continue


              • Cygames-solace-
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                More time to farm embers in preparation!

              • NepNep9710-solace-
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                i already had a bunch saved up from the short time in between gudaguda 3 and lostbelt 2
                so for now i'm just finishing free quests for quartz
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              Ooh boy, it's been so long since I last looked at anything in this game but thankfully that hasn't been the same case for FGO (pretty nostalgic seeing how far I've come since I last posted my support setup in this thread)

              Got one spot left in my friends list at the time of this post 280 181 701


              • Cygames-solace-
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                Just wanted to note that you have your normal and event support list on this one. Just incase you didn't notice.

                Nice Melt.

              • PumfPumf-solace-
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                Yeah, I'm enjoying the stuff that came from this new engine update but I have no idea what this normal and event set does really

              • Cygames-solace-
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                So you know how you have 3 different Support sets?
                You can set one as normal and one as Event.

                So if one of your friends do quests from Chaldea Gate or Story quests. The support list that will show up to your friends is the one listed under Normal.

                If one of your friends were to do an event quest while an event is going on, the support list under Event will show up.

                So effectively you can have 2 support lists at the same time now instead as one.

                So set one as Normal and another as Event.
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              So what were you guys able to pull lately?


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