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Hello, how are all of you?

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    Hello, how are all of you?

    Hi guys it's Juni visiting the forums to see how everyone is doing! Hope all has been well for all of you in the forums and in-game. Most of you know me and some of you don't, but as some of you are aware (or been aware that I havent been in the forums or online) Elsword has kinda died for me. Since most of my friends stopped playing Elsword, it then kinda stopped me from playing the game too.

    (I do pop up online to check whats new, but its only for 4 mins before I log off.)

    But I do wanna see how all of you are doing, even if I don't recognize a few.

    My old forum name JuniSeven17 this time it's without the numbers. Wanna hang out message me anytime
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    Hello there, we all have to move on at some point from this game (and I think I'm nearing that point already).

    Anyway, Knight Emperor currently became a god of war, so there's that.


    • Volfogg-solace-
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      Wow. Not only KE. Daybreaker crits in Siege Mode are so enormous I'm almost able to get that 1:30 clear achievement with mere 100k CP in Add's.

    • JuniSeven-solace-
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      Nice so KE got buffed sweet.

    • CrimsomRayko-solace-
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      We can be hiatus buddies later.
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    Hello there Juni! Long time no see.
    Not sure if you remember me, but it's nice to hear from you again!

    I'm sorry to hear that you no longer play Els anymore.. I too had the same problem for a few months. Guild was dead, all my friends were too busy to play, so I took a break and only logged in for events and stuff. But now I'm back playing almost everyday or when I get a chance to. Plus a few of my friends returned too, which makes it better since I actually have people to talk to haha. Now I just have to focus on helping revive my Guild, which is unfortunately a slow progress at the moment, but I'm hopeful it will be lively again in the future.
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    • JuniSeven-solace-
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      I remember everyone that I know sweetheart, though your name throws me off because it was different in the old forums.

      Maybe sometime in the near future maybe I can join your Guild whenever I come back to Elsword. (If that feeling ever comes).

      Your guild will revive just dont give up!

    • Beeble-solace-
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      Aww, I'm happy to hear that haha. And yeah, my name is completely different now, but I'm thankful for the change since I hated my old name with a fiery passion.

      And that would be awesome! If you ever decide to come back, we'd be more than happy to have you!
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    I'm just doing well,
    Long time no see, Juni. Wish you good luck for your life there.

    It's common for me to see most/some of my friends quit and hearing no longer of return for Elsword.
    Well, kinda looking forward Kingdom Hearts III release next year.


    • JuniSeven-solace-
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      Glad to hear your doing well. Some return to the game some don't we dont know what the future will hold, but there is a bright one for you guys I'm sure of that.

      And I think we've all been waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 for sometime now...about 2 years give or take.
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    How have things been~? I remember you from the old Phorums and wondered about alot of peeps from there that I haven't seen on the current Phorums. OuO

    For me, I've effectively retired from actually playing Elsword as work commitments don't leave me with much time to do much gaming with. I still log onto the Phorums from time to time just to see how everyone's doing and to have fun with some long-running Phorum games (Read: Ban the User Above you). Other than that, I've been doing all kinds of random things from maintaining my two-year-going-on-three-stock portfolio to watching random YT videos and--if I can spare the time and monies--a daytime casino trip (I've become something of a Blackjack enthusiast over the last few months). OuO

    Hope things remain awesome for you always--even if it's time to move on from Elsword. OuO

    (At the moment, the only thing that would get me back into playing Elsword is if the JP Gym Uniform Set was released on NA Server and sadly if that was going to happen, it would've already taken place. OnO )


    • JuniSeven-solace-
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      I've been fine. I remember you pretty well from the old phorums, even your sig gives the hint Chibi. Things have been well, I think playing Elsword since Chung 3rd job release is enough for me actually. Elsword died down for me because friends dont play it anymore, which really is about playing with others and having good gear.

      But Alas things change (and this forum change wasn't a good one in my opinion, I liked the old one better, it was more lively.)

      But I hope you stay safe Chibi! And thanks for remembering me.

    • GunnyBunny23-solace-
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      Thanks and you're welcome~! I ended up making the sig as a way of helping peeps identify me from the old Phorums after the switch to the current Phorums went live. Wished we could've kept our old Phorum names but that wouldn't have been possible under the current Phorum setup, although I do like how the Phorums are more mobile-friendly now--for those that check messages throughout the day. OuO

      I still remember the simplicty of Elsword back in the day. Fields were a nice concept but I loved the idea of just running dungeons with three other peeps and not having to worry about much else other than having fun going Shooting Star, Comet Crasher, and Heavy Railgun on everything. DC also being one of the few characters that could one-shot Type-H was a thing too--all by getting a bunch of Spores to spawn and bunch up near Type-H and letting loose with a single Heavy Railgun shot. OuO
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    4 mins -- just enough time to avoid the first event reward after the stewardship coin, I see what you did there :wink:

    I've currently started on a ~1 year hiatus. I'm bored from spamming SAs and having to put up with climbing the grind ladders to end up not having too much fun anyways.

    Uni's been happening for a few weeks and I'm busy with that. It's nice to see you from time to time, "The one who had the memorable Magi avatar before Phorum Ragnarok struck".
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    • JuniSeven-solace-
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      Pretty much lol.

      1 year hiatus, its been 7 months for me, I'll reach a year soon.

      Thanks! It's nice to see you too. And Im pretty sure alot of phorumers knew me because of the Magi pic LOL. Yeah the freedom to change your profile pic...good times...gooood times..

    • CrimsomRayko-solace-
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      Let's hope that the devs don't mess it up again when Rayko returns from the annual content-skipping slumber.
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